Tip: Bored and want to try a free Windows 8 app? Download Gravilux - free for a limited time.


This week, Gravilux for Windows 8 showed up free in the marketplace (but it will only be of no-cost for a limited time). The app is an “interactive musical star field visualizer”; simply touch the screen and simulated stars are whirled around and began to change color. You can even set the stars to react to music or other audio files in a custom playlist

Gravilux is a fun tool to amuse your friends with and show them what your fancy Windows 8/RT touch screen can do.

Download the app here.

Let us know what you think. Gravilux is also Microsoft’s Windows 8 App of the week.

 Source: The Fire House


Reader comments

Tip: Bored and want to try a free Windows 8 app? Download Gravilux - free for a limited time.


No, I am looking for visualations that go with the music you are playing, like windows media player used to have.

I need to figure out how to get my music to be playable through the app. I go the file, but then it says the folder is empty.

Wish there was a music activated screen saver like on Windows Media Player. LIVE Music in the WP store is the only thing I've found and it doesn't really react to music, kinda simulates it. Someday.

Utterly pointless and no doubt a huge battery drain on the already weak 920 power management. I'll pass.

It lags like a motherducker on my Acer Iconia w510. And its not even pretty, cant get it to look anything like that screenshot. Is just a bunch of pixel graveling to where i put my finger, even when music is playing.

Click the Attract/Repel button on the toolbar. The above screenshot was taken after repelling the dots. Adjust the number of dots by clicking "Customize" so you can fix the lag.

For how long is it free? My Surface is upstairs so I need to know whether it can wait until later or I have to run up and get it.

Where do we report bugs?
I've found a couple of quickie bugs:
Swich away from the app, then back, resets the star field. On RT after, you will get no more syncronization with music, you have to uninstall/reinstall the app.
Would like more "help" on customizations in the music options.
Would like better intigration with existing playlists, and/or being able to select multiple songs for the their playlist.
But it is a fun app. I've always liked music visualations.