Windows Phone 8 display-size comparison chart

Windows Phone 8 device screen sizes

Another day and we have another comparison chart to help you folks maybe decide which phone will be yours.

This chart was once again made by reader Munkeyphyst who was kind enough to take the time and share his work with our site. The chart is simple enough as it compares all the screen sizes of the five new Windows Phone 8 devices expected in a few weeks. We especially love the Tile comparison, which puts into some perspective what a larger screen will get you.

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Reader comments

Windows Phone 8 display-size comparison chart


I really have my heart set on the 920.  185 grams and the thickness have me a bit concerned. Nokia support and apps is tough to give up.   

If you look ate the picture you can see that even though the screen is a little bigger, the physical size is about the same. The weight isn't a big issue. It's not that heavy. If you are worried, just go to the store and look at the 900. It wiegh about the same.

I have a 900. Whether it is heavy or not, is relative to the individual. Just saying that the 900\920 are weighty. Not saying I won't end up with a 920, it's just "weighing" on my mind if I want thinner and/or lighter.

I think I will love the size and wieght of the 920.  The light feel is the only thing I do not like about my otherwise excellent Focus S.  First thing I did was buy a thicker case to add some "oomph"  to my phone.
Boy, that ATIV S is sure going to be tempting, even tough I think Nokia is in the lead right now.  That is a going to be a great screen experience...

AWESOME as always! I'm leaning towards the 8X I think the slimmer screen will be more one hand friendly.

The lumia is 5.13"x2.79"x10.7mm. The 8x is 5.21"x2.61"x10.1mm. I think the ability to use one hand will be the same between the two. There is hardly any difference in dimensions.

I personally think a thinner more narrow phone would make one handed use easier as far as not having to reach as far across the screen with a thumb,,,it might seem similiar on paper,,but I think in actually use it would be more obvious.

Why would you want to slide across the screen? There's no slide to unlock y'know? :D (Well, swiping up is different than sliding across) ;)

The 920 is 79.8mm wide, the 8X is 66.2mm wide. That's 3.6mm per side plus the .6mm difference in thickness, or 7.8 mm in total. It doesn't seem like much, but take into account that the measure of my thumb tip to index finger tip 32mm more than my wife's measure and those little numbers can add up to a phone that is either usable or not.

Only thing I would change in the chart, is that the 8s and 820 have the x/y numbers swapped... Whereas all the others are listed as (Height x Width) these two are listed as (Width x Height).
Minor yes, but it jumped out to me as I was trying to compare specs...

Yeah, idk why, but for some reason when I typed "800 x 480" it looked wrong and I thought maybe the standard was 480 x 800. Idk. Brain fart.

I still believe the 920 is the appropriate size. Its close to Focus S size, but screen is slightly larger. Definitely heavier, but its not like its as heavy as a brick or something. 8x looks to narrow and home screen looks funny. If I didn't go for 920 I'd do ativ S.

Yeah but at least the 8s has a more balanced look as opposed to the 8x.But they are still sexy none the less.

I am on the fence between the Ativ S and the Lumia 920. I like the 920 with all it's unique features and support but I like the Ativ S 4.8" screen and lighter weight.
Since using my Titan I got last November, I am used to large screens and the others just seem tiny to me.
I will have to wait and see how each of them feel in my hand...

Initially had that same problem (and also using a Titan!); but all the Nokia benefits outweigh the .3" additional screen space. And the above chart makes it easier to see.

A lot of people are concerned with the size (thickness) of the 920. Sure it's slightly heavier, if we can really call 25grams heavy lol.. But for any of us that already have the 900 do we really look at our phones and say to ourselves "wow this is a thick device!". I know I don't. People still look at my 900 and comment how thin it is. And the 920 is actually 0.8mm than our current 900's. How can I possibly complain about a device thinner than the one I already own? Personally I can't.

Does anyone know how wp8 will address the different aspect ratios within apps? On scrolling screens, the 8X will show a little more information, but videos and photos won't be larger. Obviously the higher pixel count will improve the appearance, but it's not really a larger display...

everytime I see these pictures of the phones, something bugs me, and now I know what it is... give me a pic in actual size for each phone... I want to simulate holding one in my hand.  It's just not fair you guys get to play with them while we sit here on the other end of the internet drooling over the images...

The HTC 8X really looks too long with all that extra bezel at the top. It's even taller than the HTC Titan, but only has a 4.3inch screen. Hope it's not as noticeable in real life.

I like what I heard about the ffc on the 8x, I bet that 920 is going to be an excellent cell phone to own, even though it's a bit think. I was in love with the thinness of the ativ until HTC shocked with phones. I think it will be very helpful for anybody to try each phone in the stores before buying...

I'm getting a 920 but did notice that the capacitive buttons are pretty close to the screen which may not be a good thing. 

Right? People act like a few grams really makes it unusable. Do they have to remove a few threads on their clothes to make them a tolerable weight, too?

I dunno why, but the limeyellow 8X is still calling me with its sexy siren song, even after all of these comparisons.

Hell Yeah! That limellow has a sexier edginess to it that the banana yellow 920 doesn't. I'm still leaning towards to 920 though for other reasons (screen size, camera, memory). I'm not making a solid decision until I'm holding in hand though.

is it just me or does the 8X look the most like an actuall phone?
I remember back in the day when a phones earpiece was at your ear and the mic was at your mouth and you didn't have to move the phone back and forth between listening and talking to make a phonecall.

Then there a lot of insane people walking around where I live lol
I work in a rather large retail store in SoCal and always see people moving there phone back and forth between listening and speaking,,,I even do it sometimes if my GF is having trouble hearing me lol

Well you didn't say you were in California. That requires a different scale for sanity. Nothing but fruits and nuts out there.

If Nokia make a phone with the 920's features, but with a Titan sized screen, I'm in. Looks like i'll be waiting for the next gen wp8 phones...

Guys, do you think there would be some form of letterboxing from apps because of screen dimensions of 1280x720 of 8X/8S and Ativ S.? They got diff screen ratios compared to WP7 devices and the Lumia devices

why does "small" have to equal "low end"? I would like to know. Weight doesn't concern me in the slightest. My 7pro must be clocking in at a couple of Kg at least (exaggeration I know). But i would like a high powered but similar sized phone. The smaller size just makes more sense for my work. But why should i have to compromise on power?

The weight is the big issue for me with the 920. Its now even heavier than my 900,which is already heavier than I would like.Its not that it's too heavy to hold or use but its already too heavy in my shirt pocket or even my pants pocket. I loved the weight of my Focus Flash.