Windows Phone 8.1 Preview updated to version 12393

It’s just after 1PM ET, and Microsoft’s servers are blazing with a hot new update for Windows Phone 8.1. The update will bump the OS to version 8.10.12393.890 and it's about 21 MB in size, though what changes the update includes is currently not known. This is the second update to come out for Windows Phone 8.1. The first update for Windows Phone 8.1 came in mid-May and introduced battery improvements. 

Want to grab the update? Head into Settings > Phone Update > Check for updates to get the latest.

We’ll update this article as more information comes in!

Update: For some, the Windows Phone boot screen has now changed from left to right (as seen above) for some users, which matches the Lumia 630. Other previously had the boot screen on the right, so may not be new for some of you.

Thanks, everyone for the tips!


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Windows Phone 8.1 Preview updated to version 12393



C'mon...''IT SEEMS FASTER" is no a terminology everybody uses....becoming a common term with no meaning here nowadays...smh

That's the joke. Everything "seems faster" whenever anything is released anymore. Even if they tell us they intentionally slowed an application down for whatever reason it may be, the WPCentral community must claim that it's faster with every update.

So, that said... it seems faster ;)

It, indeed, was funny at first. Then it wasn't. Now it's freakin hilarious due to the reaction it gets.

Humor is funny that way.

+925 Spot on. The original would have gone away ages ago if people wouldn't have reacted. Now it's almost sport to see how many "it isn't funny anymore" posts an article will get.

Half way through the update, seems smarter. On a serious note, I love how these updates are coming at a fast rate. Wish they would do this with regular OS updates too. But I could see how the average person would get annoyed by the time it takes.

I just love the fact that we don't have to reconfigure out lock and start screens after each update. Love my start screen with 8.1.


Yep, I love MS. Everything just works. Even using pre-release software, I've never even really had more than a small problem. LOVE IT

                        Much helpful

     So settings
               Many quiet hours


You do realize US Local settings aren't considered global? Global in term of the rest of the world...

on mine, still tells me to turn cortana on :(

And, my startscreen still the single windows logo.
so those changes aint for all

There's a good news for lumia 1520 owners.. Finally the drivers for the video card have been updated(i think so) games run very smooth with high frame rates... Before it is to hang like lagdroid now its super fast.... daniel plz update the article with this changelog.... Now am going to install asphalt 8 !!! yipeee

other changes include
* Calender opens very fast, before it used to take like 1-2 sec to open.
* The performance has increased beyond my expectaction. Before apps used to take 1-2 sec now its very zippy...
* still quite hours doesnt show up unless cortana is on

Definately microsoft is working really hard... am very happy thank you microsoft and thank you wpcentral for updating us... it was worth 21mb and was worth the while!!!!!

1. i feel the screen response is better now,

2. 1520 became a little hot during the update process.

3. Whatsapp doesnt have the message now when you open the app.

Yup the screen response has been better now but my 1520 dint get hot during update and i used 3g data pack to download... and what message you used to get in whatsapp?? i dint get any previously 

Good. I was worried it would have mines. Mines are bad - especially land mines. Although, I wouldnt mind a gold mine.

Modern Combat 4 is still as laggy for me. Granted, I have an old 920, but I read that even the Snapdragon in this is capable of reaching frame rates like that of the 4s. Part of these type of improvements will have to come from Gameloft getting off their butt and quit lazy porting, but Direct X improvements are important as well.

If you change the background color to light than the numbers disappear in the calendar (week view)

Same for the Lumia Icon! No more lag when playing games! Subway Surfers, Asphalt 8 and many others are quite smooth.

+1 Whatever has changed on the GFX end has made the games lag-free. I can finally play FIFA14 without any lag whatsoever. Loving this. Bring it on.


I have a 1520 myself, recently upgraded with AT&T here in the USA from my former Lumia 920.  I've installed the developers preview and have all the recent updates installed on my 1520.

Have you noticed any "flakey" behavior in your 1520 relating to network connectivity?

I used to connect to my employer's GUEST wireless network, and no matter where in the building I took my 920, it would keep the wireless connection open.

Now with my 1520, I've noticed that once I connect to that same network with my 1520, it will drop the connection at times, whether I have Wi-Fi Sense on or off.

It's not a big deal, but I don't like having to worry about whether I'm using my 4G data connection or using the Wi-Fi.

Your experience?

Am I the only one haveing a slow experience with the last update?  Random freese ups.  As if the phone isn't working and then buttons stop working and then screen fully frezzes up.  So i hold down on power and volume controlls to do a reboot? I hope this update fixes this issue...  I hope it seams faster... edit - nokia lumia 1020

I've had this problem alot here the past week for some reason on my 1520 (ATT). Maybe this update will get it lined out.

I have seen it multiple times on my Icon.  When it does happen, my Icon gets pretty warm, like there is a hung process and then the battery power drops like a rock.  Usually I just hold the power button in until it shuts off.  Leave it off for awhile, turn it back on and the issues subsides.  It happens almost daily.

Guys its a beta ...

When you get the Cyan official update with the firmare updates then
you have the full update.

We dont have the piece from nokia yet so intil we all do there may be a few quirks.

Heres a easy explanation and its true for all platforms.

Beta- is bleeding edge

release version - leading edge

couple of patches later -really quite stable

Just pick the spot you can live with and be happy.

Good point Mark, but we are on Windows Phone partially because it is a rock-solid stable piece of software. We have got to keep them on their toes. I'm more than happy to gripe about it here with others to make sure that we keep that fire lit under MS's behind by inspiring each other to gripe about it directly to Microsoft.

Not to mention developers. We complain to each other but seriously, use feedback to complain and request updates every once in awhile. Use other services, whatever it takes.

But yeah, its beta/preview and we know that but they need to know where the problems lie so they can fix them.

I have to say that I have not had any problems so far since the update on my 928. I actually feel like the battery life is better than it has been since the original 8.1 update. It had originally dropped off significantly and now it's getting back up. I'll of course have to monitor this for longer than a day but we'll see how it goes. 

swizzlerz, i recently had the same experience. Randomly I'd get little lockups like that but it was very rarely. Only within the last month or so though. Which is odd since nothing but app updates have been released until today.

My phone freezes every morning and i am really sick of it. Only way to fix this is reboot. I am using ativ s, and if this isnt getting fixed, it will be no different to android...

I get the same thing. Happens every morning. Only started to happen like a week ago or so. Are you charging your phone wirelessly or plugged in?


My 1020 was almost unusable after the last "update".  Unresponsive, constant freezing up , could not pull down notification bar and frequent need to reboot.  On the positive side, my battery lasted longer because I could barely use the phone.  Hope this update fixes it.

Update did nothing to fix my issues with my 1020.  After sitting idle awhile the notification bar does not resond.  Can't slide down.  Everything is slow and will just freeze up.  Have to reset to get it moving.  Eventually it just reverts back to my unresponsive 1020.

It was like that since the update to 8.1. Certain apps only get suspended by the back button until you press the X.

Never happened with mine.. Even fb is suspended.. Apart from calendar, fb and settings page is showing the same behavior.. Have to hold "back" to show that they are suspended.. Positive thing is that the opens faster the 2nd time.. But not sure how it affects memory and battery

If you've recently reset your phone (for any reason) go back into the Dev Preview App and set it to recieve updates again. More than likely that's the reason it isn't showing up.

Yeah I had that same problem with the last update. I forgot to go re-activate my developer preview. 

MS is calling these Dev preview releases but, in reality, they're pretty stable. I'm guessing that's what all those Android rollouts were as well, but they were only called them full releases?

That's exactly what I was thinking. I have had a Android based phone ever since the beginning, and even though they call them full releases, in all reality, they are only bug fixes, and there sure have been a lot of them. Sure new features are added, but then they are full of bugs, so a new version is released and so on and so on, etc...

Now if MM, or MS, would fix the touch screen issues on my 1520, it would be PERFECT!

I have to second that. Love my 1520, but the sensitivity is all the way down and I still have the issue.

I got an error the first time I tried to update, on the second try it appears to be working fine. It's currently migrating my data.

Available in india....just updated... Nothing newer yet....bud fixes i guess....tip me if you guys find something new!!

is quiet hours available on your phone without changing region means after update Quiet hours is available for you as global settings as region set to india

I hope this fixes everything the last update broke on my 1020.   Initial release: smooth as silk.  First update, lost text messages galore and terrible battery life.  I can forgive bad battery life, no tolerance for lost text messages that then randomly get sent out at 2:00 in the morning when my phone gets plugged in.   Just say no to spamming friends with an afternoon's worth of texts at the crack of dawn. 

Crazy. I havent had any of that on my 1020. I've had a few random hangs and long app resumes, but nothing that crazy. Good luck.

I got to playing with the settings, with double tap to wake off, the touch was more responsive, but I got the lag you mention, with it on, the lag was almost gone, but the touch would open up any app I had my finger even near.

Opposite of you. When I got Windows Phone 8.1 my battery life reduced to only 4 hours. After the first update it's even better than Windows Phone 8 at 2 days!

well strange my battery life was about 12 hours only after winows phone 8.1 after update 1 it reached to about 20 hours or 22 hours. lumia 520 here

What settings do you use? My Lumia 520 runs out of battery in just 7-8 hours.(even after the battery improvement update) :(


When you say to do a hard reset, do you mean reset, then do the restore with the auto backups, or reset then start from scratch?  I wondered if restoring everything like it was would re-introduce some of the problems.


You can try restoring with auto backups and if that doesn't help you can always use Nokia Software Recovery Tool. It will wipe all data on your Lumia and install latest firmware and OS. 

doing a reset and then restoring with my auto backup worked perfectly for me. i had to do it after the 8.1 initial release and again after the first update. after both updates it ruined battery life but after the resets and the auto restore it was fantastic.

"no tolerance for lost text messages that then randomly get sent out at 2:00 in the morning when my phone gets plugged in"

This sounds like a combination of a couple of problems - first that you have your text messages being sent via data connection (perhaps because it's a group text and you're using MMS?), second that you have Battery Saver enabled, and when your battery gets low, it's stopping these MMS texts from being sent to conserve battery life?

My 920 was good with all of them but my 620 went to crap.  I went back to WP8 on my 620.  Plus it has the XBOX Music hub which is what I use it for anyway.  I'll probably keep it as is for the life of the device.

Is your 620 from Aio? Does it have the Black update? Aio only has amber on the 620 and battery was horrible with 8.1. I flashed a Black rom and it now works great.... there are instructions in the forums.

my 1020 was randomly freezeing up with the last update.. sometimes in the middle of night sometimes in the morning.  just would lock its self up and die.  i would do a forced reboot. power and 2 volume controls.  only way to make it work again. no i didn't refresh my device. I am unsure if it was an app. i was just atempting to figure out what may be causeing the problem when this new update was released. i hope it fixes it.. :D:D:D

Mine was doing the exact same thing after the WP8.1 update and continued after the last update.  I couldn't find anyone else posting anywhere that had the same problems, though.  I couldn't understand it.  It would happen in the middle of the night and, of course my alarm wouldn't wake me up.  Even while charging, if it locked up the battery wouldn't take a charge until it was reset.  Sometimes it would lock up during the day just sitting on my desk while I wasn't using it or charging it.  I hope this update fixes it.  I wish there was a way to find an error log and send it to Microsoft so they could figure out what was the cause, but unlike apps, there's nothing I found to do that.

Exactly the same thing happened to me several times. Just freezes up, dies, nothing works, not even trying to hold the power button to turn the phone on, have to soft reset by using the volume keys and lick button simultaneously. I thought it was just me having the problem.

I use the wireless charging plate, I might try the cable to see if it makes a difference. I had a few buggy apps and thought they might be causing a stuck process so I uninstalled then to see if anything changes.

Hope this update fixes the problem, I got quote worried

I have a 1020 that randomly freezes as well. Last night while charging with cord. After second update I have to soft reset twice to make it boot to launch screen (power + volume down)

The same with my 1020. I only had 3, 4 reboots in 6 months of usage. Just the same day that the last update was released, I didn't installed it, and I noticed the phone was dead, no response switch off and no. I didn't remember how it was done the hard reset. I tried the soft reset, and no response, after some combinations, finally wake up.

I notcied the date was changed automatically to one month before, from 2 of june to 2 of may, and appeared several notifications of sms, calls and so on the notification center. I changed the date, reset the basics, and at home, I updated the phone to the released 8.1 version.

I cross my fingers, the phone during these six months worked perfectly!!

Make sure the Dev Preview App is set to receive updates on your phone. If you reset your phone it isn't setup anymore and has to be redone...

I will bravely predict the change log, even before I download the update:



  1. Performance improvents; and
  2. General bugfixes.


(Luckily for the world, I've sworn to use my psychic powers only for good )

installing on my 1520... funny I got this notification as I was watching wwdc iOS 8 intro...hilarious timing

My NL925 & 920 were perfect after the last update so I'm expecting nothing less.

I'm hoping this update solves my friend's NL1520 WiFi issues as I made him ditch Android recently.

Great job Microsoft !!!

What WIFI issues? I had an issue where I would lose connection all the time however changing the frequency on my network solved solved that issue. Most likely related to firmware and drivers.