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Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 rolling out to Developer Preview users

Microsoft is rolling out the Update 1 release for Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview versions, as Microsoft promised they would do last week.

WPCentral has received a number of tips from readers who have installed the Developer Preview version of Windows Phone 8.1 on their smartphones, telling us that they have a new update to download.. These reports are collaborated by similar reports in posts in our message board forums.

update 1

One tipster send us the screenshot of his update, shown above, which shows the versions numbers of what looks like two separate updates: 8.10.12400.899 and 8.10.14147.180. It would appear that the latter version numbers is in fact Update 1.

As we have reported before Update 1, also known as GDR 1, adds a few new features to Windows Phone 8.1. The biggest feature is Live Folders, which allows users to dynamically create folders on the Start screen. Other new features include the Apps Corner, SMS merge and forwarding and much more. It should also add Cortana support for the UK and China, and India, Australia, and Canada residents can check out the US version of Cortana officially for the first time.

What do you think of Microsoft releasing Update for Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview users and if you are one of them, what do you think of the new features and improvements.

Thanks to all of our readers who tipped us!


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Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 rolling out to Developer Preview users



I know you're probably quite annoyed with all of these responses, so I apologize if I am adding to that. I am an Xbox fan and so was quite disappointed when I wasn't invited to be a beta tester (I strangely seem to miss out on all of these things), so an invite would be outstanding if it is not too much trouble. Thanks! My gamertag is HarbingerOfAres

I was supposed to have gotten an invite from widergod. Never came. Would still like to get one. GT is ljam2003. Thx.

I've been trying to get an invite too, been asking but no one has done so.... gt is wonder1070 if you're able to. Thanks

Hi Friend,

I'm in India and facing freezing problems with my Lumia 920 purchased last year in December 2013. The phone is currently with Windows Phone 8.1 Cyan update. Since then the screen freezes once a week or sometimes once in 2-3 weeks. Please suggest how can I install 8.1 Update 1 Developer Preview in case if it has addressed any of the issues prevailing.

Please suggest.




I think on the contrary we should thank wpcentral team for educating us and making us aware of these things..

Thanks Guys!!

Well, they do help some of us. I, for one only recently did a hard reset and just now realized that I forgot to sign in through the developer preview app. :D

1020 is updated. Most of my issues have gone away. Much faster overall, WordFlow is even faster.

Live Folders are surprisingly good! Quick and smooth to open, and the animation of the micro-tiles dropping out is cute too. Beats the pants off App Folders, but that was always a stop-gap.

This makes playlists much more useful: you could always pin XBM playlists, but for some reason the small tiles had no title, so you couldn't tell them apart unless they were at least medium-sized: daft. But now I can put a bunch inside a folder, and not have them take up the whole screen!

Games! By putting all my games in one folder, it's like having the old hub back! Way the hell faster than using the Games app, which is totally pointless now.

There are no settings for the folders.  You simply drag one live tile on top of another live tile and it forms a folder, just like in iOS and Android.  You and resize the live tiles within the folder as well, and all live tiles show the number when you get a new message.  Also, still shows up in Action Center.

Example:  If you get an email for Yahoo, Yahoo icon shows a 1 on the small icon in the live tile folder.  You will also get a notification in the action center.  Tapping the live tile folder expands the folder to show all the live tiles within it (Yahoo Live Tile shows email if set to "wide", shows number of emails if set to Med or Small).  Tapping the Yahoo live tile opens the Yahoo email and  you can read it.

To move a live tile out of the folder, just tap the folder, expand and drag the live tile out of the folder onto your start screen.

Hope this helps.

Yes they are very...very nice!  We just need the ability to create any size tile we want and the circle will be complete.  I'd like my folder to take up the entire row and a 1 to 2 tile wide vertile tile option at least.



Not working, it downloads ok, starts installing then stops with the error cannot be opened, tried 5 times, this sucks donkeys.

My login at developer mode could not connect do to mail account fail ! my backup account is not in order anymore ! 30 day waiting period ! And other steps as found on google also no good outcome ! So now i have to wait for the update for regulars .


I'm guessing you're taking about a paid developer account. But if your a casual user, just create an app studio account. Search wpcentral for "Preview for developers". You'll get the answer.

Press and hold a tile like you're going to resize it and drag it on top of another tile. Give the folder a name, resize the tiles in the folder if you want. Play around, have fun.

I have a 1520 with official AT&T 8.1 + Cyan. I had to rollback to 8.0 to get that. I knew this update 1 was coming this week, so I reinstalled preview for developers, and I have the update plus kept cyan and all the rest. Beautiful.

I know this wasn't confirmed but rumored but does anyone know if double wide, double height tile is in this update?

According to Daniel, it was a faked rumor. Then again, several Nokia Facebook pages published different pictures but with the same double-height tile.

I think that the apps have to specifically enable the double wide/high tiles with an update when the SDK has support for it, if they included the new sizes.

Yup. Its an app. Download directly from the store and when installed, accept the terms and conditions. Go to settings then check your phone update. Bam!

You're lucky! Here in Sweden WP is growing fast (according to one of the biggest SPs polls WP was the best mobile OS available) and Cortana will never get here probably, like Bing Rewards, Siri, TellMe or any real voice command or PA. Wouldn't mind if Cortana was speaking English as long as she understand Swedish, specifically å,ä,ö.

Yeah.. Just drag a tile onto another tile and let go. Folder opens which can rename. Tap folder to open folder view and again to close. Live thumbnails toi. Very nice!!!!

Yea that's defintely not working and neither is mulitple select on text messages for forwarding or deletion.  Hmm interesting it looks like it failed to update on the HTC 8X

In the post it says there might be two updates at the same time, maybe you only received the first one and will get the other one later today.

I'm not getting much in the form of voiced responses. All seems a little lame at the minute but I'm sure that will quickly improve.

I did. You HAVE to use the UK speech settings, and the voice is BLOODY ATROCIOUS. UGH!

I'm swapping my phone right back to US regional settings. I swear to God, they better make it so you can choose which voice you want. This shit is TERRIBLE.

Yay! Download in progress on my 620.
UPDATE: The update's size is 173.9 MB.
UPDATE 2: You need 375.98 MB of free storage space to install it.