Windows Phone app for Mac updated with mystery changelog

Windows Phone for Mac

Microsoft has updated its Connector suite for Mac computers with unknown improvements. The app was previously bumped to support Windows Phone 8.1, and since this release shares the same change log, we’ll assume there are minor bug fixes and optimizations included.

It’s a neat little app, enabling OS X users to connect and sync their Windows Phones with content loaded on their PC, be it music, photos and more. Own a Mac? Download the app today to sync your Windows Phone.


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Windows Phone app for Mac updated with mystery changelog


Don't know if I'm the only one but anytime I see or hear #Windows_Phone, my heart skips a beat....out of excitement :)

Just install classic shell...and set the computer to boot straight to the desktop...
You essentially now have Windows 7, but faster and more secure! What's not to like?!

no need to do that too...with windows 8.1 update 1...if you are using desktop PC , it will boot directly to desktop instead of start screen....

But if you're using OSX you are already used to having no start menu and using search to run everything

Yeah, ha. People that go "I hate Windows 8, I am getting a Mac" and get a system that has even less options. I swear people hating on W8 are 99% just doing it cos they think it's cool to hate on Microsoft.

Hopefully this fixes the bug that removes metadata when transferring m4a audio to the phone using the sync tool

LOL! Expected replies. I bet the amount of people using Android phone with a Windows PC is the highest though! I'm eager to see what WP has for us in store in the near future (2-3 years I mean). The 8.1 update gave me a positive indication though.

I have a Mac because, as a developer, I have to bring iOS apps too and Apple requires you to use a Mac in order to publish them, but mostly I run Windows on it. Its funny because Windows 8 runs better in this Mac than OSX Mavericks

Why? Serious question. Hardware wise I can understand people buying Macs, they are beautifully built, better than most PC manufactured devices. But as for OS X I've always found it confusing (probably because I am too used to Windows). I do genuinely wonder why people use OS X over Windows, esp if they are into WP phones.

I love OS X. I've been using it since Leopard in late 2008. I only use our family PC when I feel like playing SCII where I can run it at high to ultra settings. For all my vector and photoediting needs, I prefer to work on OS X. Plus, I've already invested much in the Apple ecosystem. If I had the resources I'd actually get an iPhone. But I don't yet so WP is the next best thing out there as I just can't seem to see what's appealing with Android. 

Thanks, but can you say what you prefer about it more specifically? After all both OSX & Windows have Photoshop, opening and editing files is much the same. Finder is pretty nice, but searching (esp with Windows 8) is more powerful. So I don't see what OS X gives that Windows doesn't.

As for iPhone vs Windows Phones, that's a bigger discussion. Both have their pluses, with wp8.1 I feel it's taken the lead on most things; removed some rough edges and added some much needed features. Some apps are still a bit rough (Xbox Music a prime example) but they are not complete so I am reserving judgement until the final release, after all it's just dev preview right now. For me I am fortunate enough to have had the choice between a Lumia and an iPhone and went for the Lumia due to the bigger screen, far better optics, Skydrive integration (and Windows integration in general), and just because I think the OS is light years ahead, it's much cleaner, more futuristic, simpler and easier to get things done. iOS is despite many revisions at it's core a 7 year old OS, WP is 3 years old, it's been built as the next generation on from grid based systems. I believe if Apple were risk takers again (unlikely under Cook) they'd dump iOS and start afresh with something far more like WP. I am sure there are a lot of engineers at Apple who are envious of WP and see it as the product Apple should be working on, it feels more like an Apple product than an Microsoft product in the sense it's simple, elegant, different and just works. Ooops there I go ranting and preaching again; I just love my phone, what can I do.

True, but I just like how I go around OS X. Especially with all the little touches that the OS has to offer like tapping three fingers on a selectable word and getting its definition, how I can just mount a disk image file and drag the app within to my Apps folder to install it, third party apps like Alfred and BetterTouchTool which allows me to add many personalized gesture and keyboard-based functionality to my Mac. 

I actually prefer iOS 7's approach to "flattening" the UI. I agree that WP's approach is simple and elegant (and even refreshing), but for me everything's just too flat and 2-dimensional sometimes. Still, I like how easy it is to use and how some apps are designed. 

It's all a matter of preference, bud! Jedem das Seine. 

Thanks for the detailed response, it's the first time I've actually heard a good reason to use a Mac. Most people I know who use one, don't know one end of a mouse from another, so their reasoning for using a Mac is about as valid as the rest of their opinions on technology. Whenver I use a Mac I just get confused cos I don't know the little ins and outs and find things flying around without that being my intention. I'm sure if I ever had the time to use one properly and for an extended period of time I'd get along better with it.

I am so used to Windows I doubt I'd get any benefit from a Mac though, plus I like where MS is going (going being a longer journey than it should be) with touch and merging a tablet and desktop OS. I don't have much use of a tablet, but having the option of simple touch optimised apps as well as the desktop on one machine seems like the right final solution for computing. I don't want a laptop and a tablet.

I actually agree with you about "Metro" at times it is too simple and one dimensional. iOS was never bad and iOS 7 is a good improvement, but its paradigm is still old fashioned (in tech terms anyway) whereas Metro is fresher. I think it is easier to take something designed for a purpose and fine tune it, than something old and try to make it fit a new look. It is after all why MS ditched Windows Mobile and started again. Right now I can agree with you that iOS is better on some levels, but I think WP has more potential which is why I use it. That's my preference anyway, though tbh I think all three phone OSs have matured to the point I'd be happy using any of them.

I've actually given various flavors of Linux a try before I got my first Mac. I guess I just like learning how other OSs work. It's fun and you get to know why it has its fans! 

Nah, I think most people don't really care about the most that they can get out of their computers (and phones). Most people just browse the web and make homework on it regardless of brand or OS. I've never even seen anyone use Snap, which is one of my favorite Windows feature (and I've brought to OS X via BetterTouchTool). At least there are people like us who know better and use those features given :D

forst thing, they fixed the "small bug" that the app didn't have any window when launched on a lot of Macs with 10.9... so at least now i can actually sync....

That was the exact same bug I was running into as well.  I mean, really, how does that even happen?!

I still cannot get a preview of my music on my mobile device via this app for mac. Neither can I play the video on my device. Just a bunch of features and limited functionality. 

Yeah, I think so too. The previous update wouldn't start for me, so I contacted the support team. They said the problem was that iTunes and iPhoto must be set up for the WP Connector app to work, and that an update would be coming out soon that would at least not just fail to start if the user had not set those up yet.

Since the last update my mac wouldnt startup the app, even when i uninstalled etc. With this update, i dont have that problem anymore, so i guess its this

Wait....this isn't the article that I clicked on from the home page.....different writer.....different article.....different comments.

In the mean time, may I have Word Flow with Shape Writing on Windows 8.1 on my Dell Venue 8 Pro please. Cortana on Windows 8.1 would be nice as well.

I noticed that too...they pulled an okie-doke on us.  This isn't the same article I read like 10 minutes ago. 

The update still doesn't fix my syncing issues with WP 8.1 DP. The "Enable Sync" button still doesn't do anything. Maybe I can resync once the final 8.1 releases.