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Windows Phone App Review: Smartboard Calculator

Smartboard Calculator for Windows Phone

Smartboard Calculator is a Windows Phone calculator that should cover all your mathematical needs. Calculations include algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistical problems. Smartboard Calculator's units cover not only numerical but also units of time, distance, velocity, weight, temperature, energy, pressure, volume, angles, energy, power, and a handful more.

Even if all you need is a calculator for basic arithmetic, Smartboard Calculator is worth a try. The calculator acts much like a blackboard that you can scroll around by touch. This gives you the capability of displaying multiple calculations at once.  It gives the calculator more of a worksheet feel to it than a straight up calculator.

Smartboard Calculator screens

In addition to all the calculator features and functions, Smartboard Calculator has:

  • SkyDrive support to back up and restore your data
  • Grid support with downloadable templates
  • Export data to Excel
  • Embedded functions
  • Alpha keypad for labeling problems/grids
  • View/recall calculations history.

Smartboard Calculator comes across a very thorough, comprehensive and nice looking calculator for your Windows Phone. The only thing missing is the chalk dust and erasers.

There are two versions available, a free version that has some limited functionality and a $4.99 full version that brings the export to Excel, backup to SkyDrive, favorites, templates and history into play.

You can find Smartboard Calculator Free here and the full version of Smartboard Calculator here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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Reader comments

Windows Phone App Review: Smartboard Calculator


Back on Windows mobile there was an absolutely superb math app called SpaceTime. It could even do moving 3d plots and symbolic integration etc. It was the closest thing you could have to Mathematica on your phone. Unfortunately the last time I checked, they only support iOS and when I asked them they said they didn't have any plans for a windows phone app :(