Windows Phone Central: Three million strong and growing, thanks to you

As we start to come to the end of 2013, we figured we would have a little site celebration and say thanks. Just a few days ago, Windows Phone Central hit the 3 million unique visitors a month threshold.

To put that number in perspective, it was just 11 months ago when we hit 1 million uniques—that’s a healthy 200% increase in less than a year.  One-third of that is US based, while the rest, we’re proud to say, is the rest of the world...

Site traffic as counted by Quantcast

We’re also hovering at 14 million page views a month, attributable to our front page news and the largest Windows Phone forums around. Likewise for Twitter as we’re nearing 100,000 followers (we’re at 96K today, and should reach 100K in less than 10 days at our current rate). Finally, our fantastic app built by Jay Bennett has nearly 230,000 installed users (and yes, an update is on the way along with our Windows 8 app).

WPCentral App installed user base

There’s no doubt our explosive growth is keeping pace with Windows Phone adoption and at times exceeding it. We know that’s due to the fact we have a sizeable amount of our audience who are looking to jump to the Windows Phone platform in the future, so for now they’re lurking and learning.

None of this could be possible of course if it wasn’t for you folks, who come here every day for the latest news (and lovingly grumble when things slow down on the weekend). Through your tips, recommendations, comments and general enthusiasm, we’ve been able to grow and shape this site according to your wants and needs.

And it’s been our pleasure.

Twitter growth rate for WPCentral (via Twitter Counter)

Every day we’re humbled to see the passion of our audience and we’re privileged that for a few of us, this is now a full-time job. With new device launches happening every few weeks, the Microsoft-Nokia deal on the horizon, Windows 8.1 and next year, Windows Phone 8.1, we have a lot planned for this site.

We’re not perfect and we’re constantly learning things ourselves, but we’re promising to keep trying harder every day to make this the best Windows Phone site on the planet.

Thank you,

The Windows Phone Central team


Reader comments

Windows Phone Central: Three million strong and growing, thanks to you



I am one fo those who complain on the weekend :P


aside from the great news you deliver, i like the way your write guys.

Glad to be on board. I've actually dropped a few other forums because of you guys - if thats not a compliment, I don't know what is : )

WPCentral T-Shirt giveaway is in order. Everyone loves T-Shirts. Everyone in college loves T-Shirts even more.

Congratulations, guys! Looking forward to seeing this community grow even stronger.

Thanks for you WPCentral,
WPCentral is part of my life and feeling like a family here... Thanks for the staff, thanks for the members. Congrats WPCentral :)

No spare time goes by without checking what's new on WPCentral. I check emails the most, followed by WPCentral and then SMS and then anything else.

+925 to that. First app i load in the morn and last before bed, and a billion times during the day everytime j pick up my phone, for any new app updates or news

haha true, grats guys! keep up the awesome and hardwork :). Come to think of it I think I am an addict!, I have WPCentral to load up as a tab on both my work and personal account, I check the app after I wake up, read the news whilst brushing my teeth, having my breakfast and on the way to work. Sometimes at lunchtime I browse the forum, aswell as on may back home and before going to sleep.. now that i've listed everything down.. I think I need a detox... then again I wouldn't last such a detox LOL.

Looks and feels like more bezel than I would have wanted. Any Win8s out there with minimal bezel, would love a 8" form factor having ultra thin attributes overall.

That tablet has small bezels. Don't go by that picture.
Check the official pictures by Lenovo or check the Amazon listing.

Hard to see, but the graph on the display isn't taking up the entire display. That's why it looks like it has insanely wide bezels.

So where's my free phone. I get a free Windows Phone of my choosing with everyone from WPCentrals autograph right?

Lol no, although it would be nice. I have become to used to BB10, and it's predictive keyboard, unified "hub", best in class security, and amazing swipe gestures. BlackBerry just works for me, but if I ever had to switch it would definitely be to wp.

They just got a billion dollar investment, a new and dedicated CEO, and recently made a cominment to continue making hardware. I'm pretty confident they're going to be around for a little bit longer. 

That´s another good thing we got going on here. Even if someone doesn`t own a windows phone he can still voice his thoughts (respectfully) around here and not be trashed by ten thousand fanboys who think you`re an idiot if you dont "follow the leader". I  was "stalking" WPC for weeks before i finally decided to ditch android and buy a Lumia920. I would say WPC had a BIG part on that decision.

So true, I have never been bothered about my device choice once on wpcentral, but ironically I have been trolled on multiple occasions on CB. 

Go figure lol

This site and app is part my daily routine and therefore life. Don't always agree but do always keep reading.

Great work, take the weekend off and celebrate, no wait, don't do that. Might get complaints about the lack of articles.

Hey Dan is the interview still going to happen? I sent an email.. You might be busy with 3 other million people email you lol

I too have been with the site since the early beginning, I remember when Daniel did almost everything himself and how excited we were when Jay got the app up and running, its truly a testament to Daniel and the entire team for all they have accomplished in so short a period of time , congrats guys

My favorite site. Love this community. It is kinda stupid, but even though I love me WP, WP Central really adds to the WP experience.

Wpcentral on my 920 is the first thing I look at every morning... and lunch and dinner and bed time, oh dear! Keep up the great work!

Congrats! You've done a nice job with this site and I'm looking forward to what you'll do next...

I must say that I researched a lot by reading articles on WPCentral before jumping onboard with Lumia 1020. Coming from iPhone 4 i couldn't have been happier. Yes there are some niggling issues but I hope they will be ironed out in due course of time.

How do your numbers compare to those of the evil empire's Droid site and the drone's iPhone site (assuming that the red headed stepchild (BB) is out of the mix all together).

Oh they do more, but they do less than their market share would suggest. Translation: proportionally speaking, we do more than iMore and AC, so if/when WP market share grows, our site will be very large. We're more like CrackBerry in terms of domination.

If every news site was run as well as WPC, this would be a better world! Congrats!

Any thx for the statistics. I've been wondering for a looooong time.

And just the fact that it shows that 2/3 of the readers are non-US, you Americans can stop talking about how the US is THE most important market for windows phone.   ;)


(not trying to start a war, just feeling a bit silly today.  Don't take me seriously)  

Agreed! It's also ammunition against those that say "this isn't in the US, therefore it's not important" (in regards to non-US apps, releases, or news)

Although I agree with your overall point, I have to point out that unless another country has more than 1/3 of the readers, then by that metric the US is actually the most important market for WP.

Well, everybody else said it so I'm not going to say anything ... ahhh who am I kidding, love your work.

I came from webosnation be4 it was called that Tim wrote an article that convinced me that a switch to windows phone would be good Os for webOs lovers and for me it has been since I'm not crazy about IOS or Android so though I miss Derek I've grown to love Dan Rich Sam and our favorite app developer Jay

Haha that's what I do too! I'm actually reading this in bed now, contemplating going to work soon (it's 7:30am)

Celebrations are in order, we should have a promotion going on to have WPCentral app on Windows Phone store free for 24 hours please :)

Keep up the amazing work! Best site ever for Windows Phone, it's great having a passionate community who believe in the success and growth of Windows Phone!

I've used all the mobile operating systems, but WP8 is my preference by far. The downward scrolling and the tiles which fit into into each other make it a truly beautiful, clean, and smooth operating system, and I love the SkyDrive integration over all my devices, that's something iCloud can't do. Well done, Microsoft, keep up the good work.

Congratulations! You're one of the only tech blogs I consider with reading, and that's saying something.

Now a free WPCentral app would be great for thanksgiving celebration. Lol. Anyway, Good job WPCentral. 



There's no difference between the trial or paid version... Except you get to show Jay your appreciation for a buck with the paid one ;)

As Nokia said, we should aim for the next billion people that doesn't know WPCentral and WP :P

I appreciate that the writing has improved as of late. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

If it wasn't for WP Central, I wouldn't have been using a windows phone at all. WP Central keeps me updated.

I think this app needs a massive overhaul when wp8.1 cones out. It still got the wp7 designs elements all over the place. And better commenting systems too.

I absolutely love the site and this is my most used app outside of the dialer, internet explorer and messaging. Absolutely amazing site I have learned so much from.

Thanks WPCentral and everyone in the forums community, you guys are doing an awesome job! I cannot wait for the Windows 8.1 app!

Best app on the WP market. Would have easily left WP if it wasn't for this app keeping everyone in the loop.

Congrats guys and keep up the good work. Its what brings us back day after day and hour after hour. Now, anything you can do to get ATT to put 16GB and wireless charging back in the 1520? Hey, its worth asking.

Well, that was quite an emotional article, love it here with all the latest and greatest news, simply awesome. Thanks to each and every one of you @WPC and that includes the members. Jay, it's good to know that the Window 8 app is on it's way finally, although I never really find the need to use my desktop anymore after getting a Windows Phone.

Your app should be highlighted in 'Must have apps' column :) your app is my source of knowledge about windows and windows phone updates :) thanks guys..... :) i have suggested this app to many and will continue to suggest new chaps to win phone :)

A huge virtual fist bump to you Daniel and everone else involved with this site. You guys do an absolutely wonderful job!

Only suggestion would be a more regular podcast, but I'm not telling you anything you do not already know needs addressed so just keep up the great job!

I've been on here almost everyday since spring 2012. I saw an offer to get an app for free to a site called WPCentral, and from then on I've been hooked. I guess free offers do work. :)

 WPCentral is the first app I recommend to friends buying WP.

Great job guys!! This site is a treasure trove for WP users and hats off, for that.

This site and all information you've provided is the reason why i am now a proud windows phone owner. Bought my L625 two weeks ago and looking forward for L1520 and L1320 release.

I just looking at the Alexa rankings. WPCentral's global ranking is 4296 and iMore is a 4193 but WPCentral's growth curve is much steeper so WPCentral will be passing iMore soon if it hasn't done so already.

Achievement Unlocked: The first 3 million is easy

Awarded for attaining 3 million unique visitors in a single month.

Keep up the awesome stuff! Meanwhile, I'd like an XBox One WPCentral application to be available on the XBox One / XBox 360. Hop to it! The Windows Phone application is great.