As we start to come to the end of 2013, we figured we would have a little site celebration and say thanks. Just a few days ago, Windows Phone Central hit the 3 million unique visitors a month threshold.

To put that number in perspective, it was just 11 months ago when we hit 1 million uniques—that’s a healthy 200% increase in less than a year.  One-third of that is US based, while the rest, we’re proud to say, is the rest of the world...

Site traffic as counted by Quantcast

We’re also hovering at 14 million page views a month, attributable to our front page news and the largest Windows Phone forums around. Likewise for Twitter as we’re nearing 100,000 followers (we’re at 96K today, and should reach 100K in less than 10 days at our current rate). Finally, our fantastic app built by Jay Bennett has nearly 230,000 installed users (and yes, an update is on the way along with our Windows 8 app).

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WPCentral App installed user base

There’s no doubt our explosive growth is keeping pace with Windows Phone adoption and at times exceeding it. We know that’s due to the fact we have a sizeable amount of our audience who are looking to jump to the Windows Phone platform in the future, so for now they’re lurking and learning.

None of this could be possible of course if it wasn’t for you folks, who come here every day for the latest news (and lovingly grumble when things slow down on the weekend). Through your tips, recommendations, comments and general enthusiasm, we’ve been able to grow and shape this site according to your wants and needs.

And it’s been our pleasure.

Twitter growth rate for WPCentral (via Twitter Counter)

Every day we’re humbled to see the passion of our audience and we’re privileged that for a few of us, this is now a full-time job. With new device launches happening every few weeks, the Microsoft-Nokia deal on the horizon, Windows 8.1 and next year, Windows Phone 8.1, we have a lot planned for this site.

We’re not perfect and we’re constantly learning things ourselves, but we’re promising to keep trying harder every day to make this the best Windows Phone site on the planet.

Thank you,

The Windows Phone Central team