Windows Phone Facebook AT&T Nokia Lumia riddle

Windows Phone Facebook Riddle

Ran across a Facebook posting by Windows Phone saying "Our Live Tiles may be trying to tell us something". The posting pictures a magenta AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 with the Phone Tile is displaying "10", the Linked Inbox an "11" and the Messaging Tile a "12".

The obvious thought is October 11, 2012, which is today. But so far all is quiet on the AT&T news front.  But many format their dates day/month/year which would put the date November 10, 2012. Up until this little riddle, the strong school of thought has the new Lumias landing on Sunday, November 4th. Which fits AT&T's launch habits (the 10th is the following Saturday).

Could this be the new launch date for the AT&T Lumia 920 and 820? Or are we reading too much into things and the Live Tiles simply telling us that it's 54 degrees in Redmond? 

We'll poke around and see what we can come up with but in the meantime, there's a discussion going on over in the WPCentral Forums on what this riddle could mean. Feel free to chime in and let us know your guess.


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Windows Phone Facebook AT&T Nokia Lumia riddle


10- October, phone announced.
11-November, available with VoIP integration
12-December, Xbox new dash with DLNA

Well since it's the 900 in the photo, and it seems the new Lumia's will come out on Nov. 4th, I would say its more suggestive of the 900 getting the 7.8 update on November 10.

I would expect not since MSFT has said that 7.8 won't be coming out long after 8.0 drops. I'm expecting January 2013 for 7.8

This was my thought too. Id they were hinting the Lumia 920 release, why wouldn't they use that in the photo?

It's funny how people read meanings to everything they see. Today is October eleventh, 2012 (10-11-12) and many people are displaying this on their Facebook, even some Radio stations are making some noise about it because they the sequence 10,11,12 as it appears in the American date format is cool. This definitely has nothing to do with any phone release date.

Pretty sure it has to be October 10th. AT&T is an American company. Why would they do a date format virtually not used at all in the US.

This was posted on there Facebook page and soon after the app was pulled from the marketplace, maybe there is a big update coming.

Wow, you are really working this one.  It was 10/11/12 as in Oct 11, 2012.  Period.  It was just cool.  It was all over the web today.

Extra functionality, obviously. That should be easy enough for a child to realize. Or even me, who doesn't have a Facebook, yet it's still as obvious as the sun in the sky.

It could simply be an annoucement of a mangenta colored lumia 920 on 10/11/12 at 5:40 PST. 
Or it could just be a quip about the date today being 10/11/12

I doubt if it means anything. If it were a European carrier, it probably would mean something due to how dates are written. However, it's simply today's date in the customary way people in the US write dates.

The carrier is identified as AT&T which would suggest one is speaking of the US market.  While "many format dates differently" the US convention is neither European nor British Commonwealth, it is Month/Day/Year.  If Nokia can't figure that part out, they shouldn't even try the make it in the US market.  It would also make very little sense for Nokia to announce anything regarding the new phones on the screen of the old one.  There are already a lot of irritated people (unjustified though they may be) regarding the fact that the 900 series is not upgradeable to WP8. 

C'mon guys... Everyone knows that 10+11-12=9 which when divided by the #of cores in a snapdragon s4 processor but added to the screen size of a 920 minus the 8.0 megapixels of a lumia 822 times the 41 megapixels of an 808 subtracting the maximum volume of a 710 =the 11th day of the month that starts with THE SAME LETTER AS THE WORD... NOKIA. Boom!! November 11th: lumia pure view tablet. You're welcome.

Hmmm...based on the shadow behind the phone, I think they're hinting at the fact that Nokia is going into the window blinds and shades business, lol. Seriously though, I think you guys are reading into this too much. Happy 10/11/12!

There's also lightning on the weather tile... They're going to send out a signal to the phones to electrocute people talking on the phone using Xbox's Internet Explorer! :-O
You're welcome.

The lightning is representative of Tesla's proposed wireless electric grid...which is seen today in a far less grandiose scale as the wireless charging on a Lumia 920.

"But many format their dates day/month/year" - yeah duuuh, like every sane person. Month/day/year just doesn't make any sense.

Sure it does, that's how we say the date in the U.S., so that's how we write it too. We don't say the 11th of October, we say October 11th. It makes perfect sense.

No, it doesn't make any sense to write those numbers in the wrong order. Your are writing it wrong and you should feel wrong.

Silly European vs North American fights. There is a thing called cultural differences and we should just accept them.

By "European" you mean "The rest of the entire world", as the US is the only country to write their dates backwards

I already explained why we do it and why it makes sense, if my explanation was too complicated for you then I'm sorry, but I don't know how to explain it in a dumber manner.

We're a teenage nation rebelling against our lame parents, which is why we insist on being different.  Also, we're pregnant and we took your car out last night and scratched the passenger-side door.  No, no, not that side...

I don't think it's a hint. Their Twitter account posted the same pic but said something like "you realize its a working day on 10-11-12".

Well it seems today, that is 10/11/12 is National Coming Out Day here in the US. Also, it's when 10.11.12 consecutive numbers come one after tge other naturally.. :)

It's an AT&T Lumia, so... 
10 + 11 + 12 (the tiles) = 33
54 (the degrees) - 33 = 21, hinting that Lumia 920 pre-orders for AT&T will start on the 21st.

You're reading way too much into it. It's just a kitchy post they made on their Facebook page - nothing more, nothing less.

If u don't like WPCentral, leave. You don't have to pay to come here, so stop complaining. Go read the crap WMPowerUser or AAWP.

Posted by MS with an AT&T device.  Both American companies.  Why wouldn't that be using the American date system again?  If this were on the Nokia Facebook page this might hold some water but it isn't.

If this turns out to be nothing, then at least we had some fun. U at least get to see how creative the mind can be :-)

Well, at least we know that At&T can count from 10 to 12. The next time that will happen will be on Nov. 12 2013 (11-12-13).

They prove something new every year... Wonder what they'll do when they need to prove to us they can count to 14.. :/

redmond is PST
the facebook post was at 10:11PST on 10/11/12
now... either that is all it was intended to mean, a cute photo of a unique time and date.
Or... 10:11PM PST isnt for another 30minutes yet.
but I cant fathom a company making any significant announcement at just about the worst possible hour for both US and Europe.  

Could it have anything to do with AT&T dropping the Lumia 900 price to $0.99 from $49.99?  I saw they changed the price on a new 900 since yesterday.

10:11 forms on every rounded analog clock an happy face (smilie) thats an psychological and marketing trick.

"But many format their dates day/month/year which would put the date November 10, 2012."
MAny? EVERYONE EXCEPT THE US! At least everyone who uses the metric system. I said it before and i'll say it again: the US sucks big time for not using the metric system.

Everyone claiming MDY or DMY order is wrong. You just don't want to admit it. The one true correct order is YMD, both for consistency with standard time order (largest to smallest unit), and because text representation sorts without pesky conversions.

Now move along; nothing else to see here.

YMD is indeed best (and how I have the date format set on my WP). Sad to see this doesn't look like an option in WP8 anymore.