Confirmed: AT&T launching the Nokia Lumia 920 on November 4th

The Nokia Lumia 920 - Coming Sunday, November 4th

RUM: 10

Recently Windows Phone Central went on record that AT&T’s plans for the Lumia 920 (and presumably other Windows Phones) was to have an in-store sale date of Sunday, November 4th. We now have had another confirmation via a well placed source in AT&T that this is information is accurate.

We also previously mentioned that on October 21st AT&T is planning to finally announce the above release date and the pricing of the Lumia 920. That info is also still precise.

Presumably a pre-order date will follow on that Friday the 26th, giving just over one week time before the phone can be bought in stores. Much like the Lumia 900 release, we assume that if you pre-order, you will get the phone on Friday, November 2nd before residential deliveries stop for the weekend.

Since we ran our story, Microsoft had sent out invitations to the media for its official Windows Phone 8 launch. That will occur on Monday, October 29th in San Francisco and it is expected Microsoft will finally show all of the OS, announce new features and display all of the new hardware that it will be running on.

With all of those dates, we can see a nice run up to announcing Windows Phone 8:

  • October 4th – AT&T formally announces the Lumia 920
  • October 4th – Microsoft sends out press invites for SF
  • October 21st – AT&T announce pricing and availability of the 920
  • October 26th – Possible pre-order for the Lumia 920
  • October 29th – Microsoft announces Windows Phone 8
  • November 4th – In store sales of the Lumia 920 begin

From our view, all of that makes sense for a build-up campaign for launching Windows Phone 8 and the Lumia 920.

Unfortunately we do not have word on pricing as of yet. 

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Awesome, I'm just concerned that it won't be available outright.  I'm from Winnipeg, so I may be driving down to Fargo or Grand Forks to pick one up.  Does anybody know if I could purchase one off contract?
  • You can walk into any AT@T store and buy a phone out right no contract.
  • Except the iPhone. So I really hope they don't do that nonsense with the Lumia. Hopefully I have the money to preorder.
  • They refused to sell me the 900 off-contract without service at a local AT&T Wireless
  • Did you know for sure if it was a real AT&T store, or an authorized reseller?
    If it was the latter, then yeah they probably wouldn't let you buy it outright because they only make a profit from signing new contracts. My friend ran into the same problem, and later realized it was a reseller and not a true AT&T store. It's hard to tell, but keep an eye out and it should say it somewhere.
  • I work for AT&T retailer and it is AT&T's policy that not to sell off-contract unless you have wireless service. Doesn't matter what store you go to. If you already have service then you can buy any phone off contract with no problems.
  • I talked to at&t this morning and they told me that I could buy the phone unlocked at the store or online or on the phone with them and be able to bring it back to Canada to use compeltely UNLOCKED!
    They told me I miht have to call or go in the store to get around the need to select a plan...But that if you buy full priced its totally unlocked and they do sell unlocked to anyone.
    Both the person in sales, and the person in the unlocking department
  • I'm thinking of getting one off contract. But if it's unlocked how do you get a Sim card if you've never been on ATT to use their network?
  • Go to a prepaid company like H2O Wireless. They use ATT towers and the phone doesn't necessarily have to be unlocked, the sim is about $30 bucks and I think you can order one offline.
  • Ahem *online
  • Thanks for the info!
  • I'm from Fargo and we have the "poor man's spring break" in Winnipeg... only 18 to drink!  In other totally unrelated news, I'm drunk.  =)   *rabble rabble 920 AT&T Exclusive rabble rabble*
  • I hope you are kidding.
  • Cheers!!
  • I live in Fergus falls and we do the same. Lulz. Cops on horse for the win.
  • 18 to drink? Welcome to 99% of the world :P
  • If they have them in stock you should be able to buy it without any contract but it will still be locked to AT&T. Is the 900 even unlockable? You may have trouble unlocking the 920.
  • Unlockable? Yes. Easily and for $20 or less? Yes. All of that on AT&T? Probably not :P
  • Incase anyone is interested in WindowsPhone news "OTHER" than nokia.
    WMpoweruser is reporting that the 8X just passed through the FCC.
    Microsoft is / may be working with Huawei to manufacture the "Surface"phone and is reportedly supposed to be a midrange device.
    There is also a POLL whether people will stay with there curent carrier and get a different WP8 phone or make the swithch.
    Also 8X pricing has been revealed for the UK market.
  • Is that you, Surur?
  • NO! But since WP/Nokiacentral seems to be so focused on only talking about Nokia related topics I figured I would mention other WP8 news going on around the interwebs.
    Don't believe me? 4 out 6 of the new articles are Nokia related.
  • You'll be stuck with the ugly AT&T logo on your phone. :(
    But the bigger issue could be that AT&T is notoriously bad at releasing updates. I'm not sure if an unlocked AT&T phone is still subject to the AT&T's approval, but I'd imagine that the device would still look like an AT&T phone to the update servers based on its unique ID.
    Rogers sucks for carrying it in black only.
  • As aslong as it is still running AT&T branded version of Windows Phone doesn't matter if its locked or unlocked it will still check with AT&T for an update.
    Unless it gets flashed with an international unbranded straight from Nokia ROM whether official or cooked (custom rom) then it will directly check with Nokia.
  • OTA updates people!
  • Doesn't matter, remember the enthusiast update program?
  • WP8 allows "enthusiasts" to bypass the carrier
  • +184
  • I actually prefer having the AT&T logo, it makes my phone unique from all the Rogers, TELUS and Bell branded handsets here in Canada.  It's definitely a conversation starter on my current device.
  • What about unlocked, not just off contract?  I am thinking about running one on T-Mobile and hoping they bring their 3G 1900 to Boston sometime soon.
    (As an aside, does anyone know if they have schedule posted anywhere for their rollout?)
  • If this is confirmed, then why is it on the rum o meter?
  • A 10 out of 10 basically means it's a fact, or damn near to it.  But by definition since AT&T did not officially announce this, until it is proven true it is still technically a rumor--even if we're 100% certain of its accuracy.
  • Kk
  • I'm glad to hear that Daniel. Now is there any word on an announcement for Verizon?
  • Wait for CES for a new Nokia phone.
  • Not sure about Verizon but I expect T-Mobile on Monday or early next week.
  • With a new Nokia phone? Nokia Lumia 720?
  • 8X date confirmation
  • I just talked to one of T-mobile sales ref. and he said they will be carrying HTC 8X but only two colors and it will be coming out this Nov. He confirmed one is black but doesn't know the second color. I like any colors of HTC 8x but rather like the 920 better.
  • I hope its a 920 version for mobile
  • Maybe T-mobile will release a Nokia phone. But, I'd be willing to bet that the 920 is and will remain exclusive to AT&T with no other variants available to any other US carrier.
  • finally, now the only piece of the puzzle missing is the price.
    while i'm guessing it will be 199, it would be nice if nokia surprised everyone with a $149 price tag
  • Dude. 199 dollars is a killer. For 32gb phone
  • Yup that's what I'm guessing/hoping for too. No word though, that's being kept a close secret (or hasn't been decided).
  • Be nice if AT&T surprised the 900 buyers with an early upgrade opportunity. :P
  • I hope.
  • Ain't happening.
  • My contract will be up in 10 days... I am so ready for a 920 and Surface RT.
  • I think releasing it at 149.99 would be a great price. Under the price of the new iPhone, but close to what the Galaxy SIII (at some point soon it will get a cheaper price, its been out since summer). But i wouldn't feel jipped or be surprised if it's 199.99.
  • 199 Is way to cheap. Even $400 phones are free after the carrier subsidy. Im guessing it will be $600 or $650.
  • They mean $199 subsidized on contract not full retail.
  • $99
  • We need Verizon insiders! :]
  • lol +1
  • No shit!
  • Angry non-AT&T customers in 3, 2, 1 ..
  • They will always be angry. But I do think the 920 will come in December for verizon just in the for the holidays
  • I honestly doubt it. But, for the sake of Nokia and Windows Phone, I sincerely hope I'm wrong.
  • Windows phone will be fine. Verizon is advertising the ativ S and 8X. I actually got a feeling that the ativ s is exclusive to verizon.
  • I think we have a right to be. Even if we arent all certain who direct the anger at. I personally direct it at Verizon. I dont think they showed much interest in the 920, for some dumb reason. Why in God's name you wouldnt want the best WP8 phone in your line up is just mind boggling. It makes NO sense whatsoever.
  • Well maybe they want to advertise the 8X and ativ S first then do the Nokia o e. know....... Verizon is an htc and Samsung carrier than a Nokia one. We all know that Verizon is all in for wp8 and windows 8. So they are advertising each device. They are giving their wp devices a chance to get awareness
  • I would not be surprised to see the ATIV S and 8X to be the hero devices on Verizon. People here seem to count out Samsung, but remember they are the ones who sold 20 million phones in 100 days. And the ATIV S is actually better than that phone in terms of quality and design.
  • Angry non-AT&T customer reporting. >:[
  • Dammit, Yellow, why can't you be matte? You'd be the best if you stopped glossing. 
  • 1200 grit sandpaper will fix that =P
  • +100000. Matte might push me to Cyan.
  • I will buy it off-contract and use it with Solavei -which use T-mobile spectrum- 1900 hspa+ bands so yay finally 3G speeds
  • I would buy the international pentaband version and use it on T-Mobile's AWS HSPA+42 network.
  • Is there one?
  • Appears to be. Check out all the bands in the Hardware section:
  • Are you sure?  I think we'd need "GSM 1700" for 3-4G on T-Mobile USA until they roll out their 1900 partitioning (which right now I think is only available in Las Vegas).  Or does the "WCDMA Bank IV (1700)" or  "LTE 1700" (bolded) do it?
    Here's the list: GSM 850 GSM 900 GSM 1800 GSM 1900 WCDMA Band V (850) WCDMA Band VIII (900) WCDMA Band IV (1700) WCDMA Band II (1900) WCDMA Band I (2100) LTE 700 LTE 800 LTE 850 LTE 900 LTE 1700 LTE 1800 LTE 1900 LTE 2100 LTE 2600
  • Yes, Nokia's international site shows both the 920 and the 820 with the AWS bands support. Edit: oops I guess mystictrust beat me to it LOL!
  • gotta start saving up for this..finally i get to use my upgrade
  • +1 You and I both love AT&T and Nokia. You are just like me. :-D
  • I also love pizza! And thank you at&t for fighting for thr device
  • Chose AT&T back in 2005 for no reason other than: they weren't Sprint, and they weren't CDMA. During these 8 years I've read more than my share of vitriol directed at them and duly noted all of it. All the while the inescapable conclusion is that: LTE is here and it is fast; AT&T always seems to get THE best phones (arguably), my personal experience with their customer service has never been found wanting. The 920 will be my next phone even though my Titan is the best phone I've ever owned.
  • Uh, are you serious? The titans lack of any updates as well as the camera flash not working properly imo, sucks balls. I dont know who to blame for lack of updates, HTC, MS or att. Doesnt matter, I bought a used white 900 for 150 that im rocking now. Gonna give the titan to my son and get the cyan 920.
  • +1000 I'm very happy with AT&T and those who are complaining I do understand but it's getting old I mean if u can't understand that AT&T has supported WP since day one more than anyone other carrier that's on you. I suggest you stop drinking the Verizon Kool-Aid...
  • AT&T!!!!
  • I've had AT&T now for several years now and honestly I've never had any problem with them. I don't get why so many people complain about them. They have treated me and my family well and provided excellent service and products. We actually switched from Verizon to AT&T. Verizon also had good service but we just liked the phones AT&T offered.
  • $199 will be the price.
  • I hope they stock enough Cyan.
  • That is where pre orders come in. :-D
  • I hope they bring gray in a couple of weeks past launch like they did with the white 900
  • Verizon is probably testing the market with the 820 first to see whether they can foresee a possible reason to get top of the line for the 2nd Gen phones. As for me yay AT&T. Verizon still gets Samsung's 4.8 incher and more than likely HTC 8S and 8X. So that's pretty good Windows 8 Support. Baby steps people, Baby Steps.
  • I dont buy that, unless they are just that stupid.  There is no reason people wouldnt flock to that phone. Its top of the line and measures well if not surpases the Iphone in some areas.
  • Did I understand right that the yellow and cyan colors will not be at the AT&T stores? If true, why would you hide your colors from the walk in customers?
  • Why wouldn't they be available at the stores? Where did you hear that??
  • AT&T said themselves those two colors are going to be available from the online site only
  • Windows team blog and wmpoweruser website. Hope not because that would be stupid not to include the colors that make you stand out. Sigh
  • Yes, red, black and white only in-store. Other colors have to be ordered online
  • I thought I saw it too, but can't find it right now. Still, if true will MS stores carry all colors?
  • I recently saw an AT&T ad for their shared plans.  They had all kinds of phones lined up.  They even put a Cyan Lumia 900 on the screen.  But for some reason the Windows button was gone.  You could see the search button and back button.  They just took the Windows button out.  I hate that about some of these carriers.  If someone walks into an AT&T store will they be able to clearly see the Windows phones just like all the others?  Let's just hope (for the sake of the OS) that they stop treating WP like the bastard step-child.
  • +1
  • I would buy a dark blue model. So would many others.
  • Cool story, bro.
  • Awww chucks!
  • COLORS???????????
  • Im ordering this on amazon wireless
  • If the price is right, so will I.
  • If last Thanksgiving is any indication, we might see $0 sale this year too.
  • I still think Nokia should make a Chronic Green colour Nokia and call it the Lumia 420... Lol.
  • LMAO!!
  • being from humboldt I would love that
  • I see what you did there! :)
  • Where do I preorder?
  • Cyan... Holy yes
  • Finally, now I can breathe
  • That picture makes the phone look like its darker than Cyan
  • Does it make sense to hold off to see if there is a black friday deal? Seems like they had some last year.
  • That's how I didn't pay for my Titan :D
  • Will a 920 bought from at&t at full price work on Verizon? I have both carriers...
  • No Verizon is CDMA while ATT uses GSM
  • That's not even the issue. To date, Verizon and Sprint will not allow phones onto their network that were not originally provisioned to them. That's why even an AT&T iPhone 4S won't work on Verizon, there is no way to add the MEID to the system (since CDMA-only devices doesn't use SIM cards).
  • That is not correct
  • How so? I contacted sprint about buying the Fuji wp8 phone from Japan and hooking it up on sprint since its cdma,they told me that NO phones were allowed that they don't carry on their network
  • I spoke with an AT&T rep today over the phone. She told me that I could upgrade to the Lumia 920 for $199 + my early upgrade cost of $250..,sounded reasonable to me since I'm currently using the iPhone 4. 
  • Better be carefull My Aunt thought they knew what they were talking about and she wanted a Lumia 920 and instead she got a Lumia 900 and they thought that was what she wanted!
    For those that might make the same mistake there is no indication that you can discuss anything over the phone in regards to the Lumia 920 as far as I know with a sales person because that information has not been publicly released as far as pre-purchase orders.. I could be wrong but make sure they understand what your talking about!
  • No, you are correct. AT&T hasn't passed anything down to the sales reps yet. Also the rep probably didnt know there was a Lumia 920 coming. Not every rep cares what the latest and greatest devices are about to be released until they show up in the stock room.
  • What color is that blue model? It's BEAUTIFUL! I thought only cyan was available? Whatever you call the color in the phone to the right, that's the one I want.  Would anyone chime in on this?
  • Exactly my question.  That is the color I want as well... Reminds me of the purple htc 8x, only dark blue!
  • so we get Halo4 and Nokia Lumia 920 in november hmm christmas will come early for me!!!
  • Black ops 2 as well as surface.
  • Tis the season to max out the plastic!
  • Just called At&t and rep had no ideal that they were carrying the 920! This is why the Lumia 900 did not sell better. These people have no ideal and Nokia needs At&t to be aware of this. Pretty ridiculous! People try it and see how many actually know wtf they are talking about.
  • Why would they know about a phone unless they were enthusiasts? That's what employee training is for, and that only happens after the phone is officially announced for the carrier (which was today).
  • You know, the Cyan 920 pictured up on top looks quite a bit darker than the Cyan 900. Is this some photog lighting trickery, or is the 920's cyan darker like that? I like it! If it is truly darker, I will seriously consider the cyan 920! =D
  • Same.
  • The other pictures I've seen of the cyan 920 make it look like the same light shade as the 900. I think the darkness of the blue in this photo is due to lighting.
  • Nov 4th its one more month
    Damn couldn't wait, still the pricing is not listed .
    Lumia is back with cyan that's a good move
  • Unless I hear a solid release for the ATIV-s before the end of October... I guess I will be preodering my Cyan 920 online and that will be my next phone. I really did want the ATIV, but there has been an extreme lack of information about it. Personally I do like the bigger screen and the more classy style (read not yellow or cyan), but the Lumia 920 is definitely a flagship phone. Price is not too much of a factor but I do not plan on paying more than $199 on contract with ATT....
  • All I know is I want to buy 3 Nokia Lumia 920's and have three contracts that have expired and am hoping to pre-order! And I am hoping the new contract deal is $199 a phone! :) 
  • My family and my friends´ families don´t use family plans any more. Usually we buy unlocked phones and we use Skype, Viber and Messenger for free calls or video calls. Every one makes his or her own internet data plan with operators, because some of us use a lot internet and some of us use only very little internet with phones. All in all, this has become less expensive for us in total, actually.
  • That AT&T logo feels like such a slap in the face. I am seriously considering buying an unlocked phone so I don't have to see it. Would an unlocked phone work on AT&T?
  • Why does the logo slap you in the face? AT&T's logo is on every phone they sell except the iPhone. And that's because Apple is the 2 ton Wookie that can dictate those terms. Unfortunately Nokia isn't (yet.) Also doesn't a company have the right to advertise its brand? I bet you haven't thought twice about the logo on your car from your local dealer. Its the same thing.
  • I agree it is the same as a car dealership logo and I never have (and never will) allow a dealership logo to be put on any vehicle I own.  Are you sure the S3 has an AT&T logo on the front?
  • Just checked and the GS3 is the first of the Galaxy series to lose the logo. The GS2 has it. And that's because Samsung has done a great job competing with Apple that it's on par in peoples minds with Apple. Maybe the Lumia 930 or 940 will be the same way. I'm believing that it will.
  • I hope so! It's about image, style and brand with a phone this beautiful and the AT&T logo really detracts from the look of the phone in my opinion.
  • In Southern California none of the dealers put their logo on cars. Have seen it on out of state cars and thought it was weird. A lot of the dealers here don’t even put on the front license plate...they are required but the police don’t enforce it.
    Phones are different since they are highly subsidized by the carrier. If a car dealer was willing to reduce the cost of the car by 75% then he can put his logo on it...won’t like it but not enough to say no to the reduced cost.
  • anyone else think that the phone looks extra stylish in this photo? I'm loving the sleek look
  • Witch ass i must to kiss for luminating in yellow too
  • So...after hearing all the news about the 920..still no release date and pricing for AT& is this "confirmed" ?
  • +1