Windows Phone Marketplace error c101b00b, anyone?

So we just noticed we're getting a nasty little Marketplace error when trying to download any app today. We're running on Mango and noticed this on a few of our phones, but we sent out a request on Twitter to see if anyone else was experiencing the same.

Turns out it's mixed, but definitely a large portion of you are experiencing irregularities in the Marketplace today--regardless of Mango or NoDo. We've heard from Portugal, Norway, Switzerland,  US, Romania and Australia so far with parts of the U.S. Italy and UK doing okay.

We're not sure what's going as it could be just a temporary hiccup, but we'll keep you posted.


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Windows Phone Marketplace error c101b00b, anyone?


That happens when the marketplace is offline. Its happened before and I expect MS is setting up for Mango.

Not running Mango (what's wrong with me!), and I have been unable to install/update any apps for four days now. "Can't get this info right now. Check back in a little while."Update: I can now install/update, after doing a full poweroff-restart of the phone.

This was happening to my Focus running NoDo. I shut it off and turned it back on and I was able to update and download apps again no problem.

I'm using an HTC Trophy with NoDo and have been having issues as well. I haven't seen an error message but the marketplace has kicked me back to the home screen multiple times and it seems to load very slowly. I was able to download a free app after about 5 or 6 tries.

I'm having these issues as well over here in Germany. Hmm, am I the only one (nerd) who notices that the error code is rather bizarre looking? 101b00b.. Looks like a 12 year old writing lolboob. oO

Omnia 7 imported from Germany, i live in Spain and same issue (i don't get the error code till now, just couldn't download)Despite having those connection problems with the marketplace, I could download two apps today, trying once and again.Right now, i get the error code.

@dKp1977 no you're not the only one...just the first to say it out loud :DI've got the b00b error too. Running the leaked samfirmware Mango (engineering) ROM which i installed this morning. This morning it was possible to install most of the free apps but not to buy (i wanted to buy the wpcentral app...seriously!).Guess we'll have to wait...Oh and...I live in Belgium btw.

Ah yes...your app was the other one (besides the wpcentrall app) i wanted to buy :(. I thought the problem was the RTM mango build i used. This morning i flashed the leaked omnia 7 mango ROM...but it still doesn't work :(

Here in The Netherlands I have the same issue.Started yesterday.....I'm glad to hear other people have this problem as well.Build: Mango 7720 @ HD2

Also receiving this error when trying to download/purchase any apps. Running Mango 7720.68 on HTC Trophy.

I have started to get this error when downloading music on WP8.1. Starting to wish I never installed the update.