Windows Phone marketshare on a continued steady increase

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NetMarketShare has published marketshare data for the month for February and we've got some positive news for those who have missed the above image somehow. According to the data provided, Windows Phone is still on the rise - and it's a fairly steady climb from 0.29% up to 0.41%. 

While this is still fairly small when compared to the continued growth of both Android and iOS, it's good news that Nokia is having an impact on brand awareness. With the announcement (and public preview release) of Windows 8, which sports Metro UI elements, we can only expect the situation to improve for Microsoft's mobile platform.

Source: NetMarketShare, via: StreetInsider, thanks Mustafa for the tip!


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Windows Phone marketshare on a continued steady increase


I had a conversation with someone in the office today who is an Android user.  She said that with the release of the Windows 8 Customer Preview and the fact WP7 is getting great reviews, she is extremely interested in trying out one. However, since she is on Verizon, that's going to be difficult.  But, I do see Windows 8 driving some adoption to Windows Phone.

I had someone in my office say the EXACT same thing. He has an android and is on Verizon as well. Only hope for them is Verizon customers get some WP7 LTE love this summer.

^ Completely agree everything banks on Windows 8 right now and if it fails not only will the OS flop the phone will flop as well. Windows 8 is a fantastic OS I like it alot better than 7. I am a heavy power user and the metro and desktop combination is very powerfull and efficient. The bad thing is theres alot of old dogs out there refusing to learn new tricks to they go ahead and bash the platform. The more bad word of mouth the worse the Windows 8 launch is going to be. I love the platform but I cant put out all the fires by myself.

Agreed, Windows 8 is a huge improvement over Windows 7, not only in terms of practicality for power users with the mix of metro and desktop, but also because of the huge performance improvements. It's a platfrom that deserves to succeed, and as it probobly will, I'm hoping more people will be drawn to Windows Phone. However, there are a lot of non power users out there who are very skeptical about the UI and the OS in general and who refuse to give it a fair chance. I just hope this isn't most people, but unfortunately, I already see tons of people, including my family, who read negative articles or comments about Windows 8 and come to me with stupid preconceived opinions, so I have to convince them by showing them the consumer preview. In any case, I think it is very probable that Windows Phone will be helped by the release of Windows 8.

What we should be saying to these types might be something along the lines of...Evolution or Extinction? The choice is yours... =P

I wonder how it would run on my gateway box from 2006 with 1GB of RAM, because win7 slows to nearly a crawl after awhile unless I turn off aero.

Really?  Because everything I have read prior to all of this is that Verizon wouldn't entertain a non-LTE Windows Phone device.  And since the Lumia 710 isn't LTE (it's GSM-based), please show us where someone has made that claim.

It will keep coming up until Microsoft makes a statement. No one cares about your hopes. We want a commitment from the creators.

Dude, they already confirmed it. Watch the MIX videos from last year. There seems to be a group of people that block the past out.

I am referencing that one, they said on more than one occasion that apps built on Mango would run on future OS updates. They also mentioned that they were going to make sure that customers don't experience the problem that android users face which is to buy a new phone and find out that you won't be getting the newest update. Why talk shit about that's scenario and then repeat it? It makes no sense. Rumors have put many people at a sense of unease but the answers have always been there. Please don't worry about something that you have no control over. Expect that you will get the update and if that's not the case then we can all join hands and commence the bitching.

I find it kind of humorous, it's a better OS than any apple OS and is quite near what they wish they could deliver, but I only hear the apple crowd rip it. There is a really smart mac genius (literally) at work that says WP7 is interesting...that's about as good as id expect to do with the competitors.

It is 40% hike in one month so the trend is excellent. It is also telling how sharply the upturn was compared to the previous months from Nokia entering the market.

This is merely the calm before the storm. Windows 8 is simply fantastic and I actually have zero doubts that it, and Windows Phone/Windows 8 are going to fly next year when the two are available.

Well, here's hoping. A lot of these same sentiments were thrown out on preparation for Mango and Nokia's arrival. Nokia has stepped up.and done a tremendous job in getting the word out on their WP contributions. But let's hope this isn't a continuous game of "just wait til Windows 9 and so on" if 8 doesn't do what it needs to

The graph looks very waek % wise. However, any increase is good. Considering I rarely hear about WP7 on Gizmodo or Engadget, this is surprising.

Apollo may work on all existing devices, but the catch us he carriers. And we all know hoe cooperative they can be.

On a positive note, a new Tmo store opened near me. Guess which OS has a poster prominently displayed in the front window. Oh yeah!

Apollo may work on all existing devices, but the catch is the carriers. And we all know how cooperative they can be.

On a positive note, a new Tmo store opened near me. Guess which OS has a poster prominently displayed in the front window. Oh yeah!

Why is WP future success now based on another far off update in Apollo? Or Win8? I guess now Mango is now considered a failure because we are stuck at a minuscule .41%? I love the OS, I'm sticking with, I've only been able to convince one person to get one (wife LOL) but .4% isn't too much to be proud of after almost a year and a half...