Windows Phone Central App Roundup: Shopping
Windows Phone Central App Roundup: Shopping Apps

Shopping. Everybody does it. Some enjoy it, some despise it but few will argue that making shopping easier is a bad thing.

In this week's Windows Phone Central app roundup, we're taking a look at a few shopping apps designed to make it easier to find the best prices and/or make your purchases on the go.  As with all our roundups, if we missed your favorite shopping app feel free to sound off in the comments.

Home Depot App

Home Depot (free): Like it or not, there comes a time in everyone's life that a hardware store becomes a routine stop when you're out shopping. Whether it's for lawn and garden supplies or a replacement toilet seat, hardware stores will become a necessity.

The Home Depot app is designed to make filling your hardware needs easier by helping you find locations, check in-store inventory, and make purchases.

The app will let you sign into your Home Depot account, sign up for savings alerts, and search for inventory by keyword or scanning a products barcode.

The Home Depot app can come in handy when you need to visit the hardware store but don't really want to spend to much time doing so. The Home Depot app is a free app that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store.


RedLaser (free): We've mentioned RedLaser before and find it to be one of the best price finder apps available. Especially after the latest update.

RedLaser will let you search for the best price by scanning the product's bar code, entering a keyword, by taking a photo of the item or through voice commands. RedLaser taps into thousands of online retailers to find the lowest price on the item.

The app will also find the best prices locally, give you driving directions to that location and pull up product reviews and descriptions.

The latest update for RedLaser allows you to scan those merchant loyalty/rewards cards (from grocery stores, drug stores, big box stores, etc.) that often clutter your keychain. Once scanned, the information can be scanned directly from your Windows Phone.

RedLaser is a free app for your Windows Phone that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store.

Liquor Run

Liquor Run (free): Liquor Run is a shopping app that may not appeal to everyone but if you need to find the closest store for adult beverages, it can save you time and maybe even a little cash.

Liquor Run will let you search for liquor retailers by your current location, zip code, or address. Store information details the address/phone number of the store, driving directions to get there, store hours and a "call this store" link.

On top of finding the liquor, Liquor Run also over a thousand mixed drink recipes, alcohol and calorie counts for the top beers, and a link to find a safe ride home.

If you're favorite store isn't listed, you can add the information to the listing. Not sure if it's stored locally or sent to the full database.

All totaled, if you need find the closest beer or liquor source Liquor Run isn't a bad option to consider. It's a free app and you can find Liquor Run here in the Windows Phone Store.


ShopAdvisor (free): ShopAdvisor is similar to RedLaser in that you can search for products to find the lowest price. You can scan the bar code or search by keyword.

ShopAdvisor will search thousands of local and online retailers for the best price. Local retailers will be mapped out and in tapping on an individual location you can view the address, contact numbers, store hours and in some cases if the product is in stock.

You also have an Advise Me Page that will chart the pricing of the product and offer buying advise and reviews.

One nice feature on ShopAdvisor is the ability to set price alerts. When you find a product, simply set an alert for when the price falls below a certain point. Alerts can be pinned to your Start Screen for easy access.

All totaled, ShopAdvisor is a nice app to help you find the best price out there. It's a free and you can find ShopAdvisor here in the Windows Phone Store.

You also have the app, the BestBuy app, Ebay app, HSN Shop App, the Groupon app and a few others in the Windows Phone Store.

We all shop and these apps can help make it easier and save you a little in the process. From personal experience, RedLaser has save me a few bucks at stores that matched prices and the Home Depot app saved me a trip when I notice the items weren't in stock.

Again, if we've overlooked your favorite shopping app feel free to make your recommendation in the comments.