Windows Phone update rolling out to phones with Update 3

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Running Update 3 on your Windows Phone device via the Windows Phone Preview for Developers Program? You might just have a phone update ready if you head into your settings. Let’s check out what’s the latest in this update.

If you’ve got Update 3 for Windows Phone 8 you’ll see two software updates from Microsoft. They are:

  • Microsoft Update 8.0.10521.155
  • Microsoft Update 8.0.10517.150

What’s new in them? We can’t say for sure since our update is still installing. We’ll update this if we notice any fixes or improvements, but this is probably nothing more than a round of bug fixes and performance boosts. For reference, the Lumia 1520 (running Update 3 out of the box) is already running Windows Phone OS version 8.0.10517.150. Again, don’t get your hopes up, but go ahead and update!

Interested in making the jump from GDR2 to Update 3 on Windows Phone 8? Read up on how you can join the program.

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Windows Phone update rolling out to phones with Update 3



It may be that playing from the cloud is causing your problems because I use Xbox Music every day without issue but all my music is local. I have a 925 with GDR3.

I should be surprised that I'm not having performance problems considering what an incomplete mess this app is.

To receive the update make sure that you guys are still enrolled (box checked) in the preview for developers.

Is anyone having problems in the check for update phase? my phone doesn't seem to check for an update, and if the screen timesout, it stops checking, and if I keep touching the screen to keep it lit, it doesn't finish the search for the update, and I can't update. I updated my wifes phone yesterday.

I'm having the same issue on Lumia 920 with GDR3 8.0.10512.142 installed, Settings > Phone Update shows the phone is up to date and last checked 2 months ago. (about the same time the GDR3 developer preview was installed)

When checking for phone updates the phone states it's checking for updates but never completes. The phone will timeout and the status remains the same showing last checked 2 months ago.

I cannot add a new keyboard either. Did you resolve this issue?

I have not solved it, I chatted with Nokia support, they suggested a hard reset, I told them that was their answer to everything. I'm not hard resetting unless black is here and it won't update still.

Hi Sam, Please check if Powered off charging is possible with this update on Lumia. I think some HTC devices got it with this update. So should lumias.  missed that in the developer preview...
Edit : Powered off charging still not available in Lumia after the update.
The changes i noted:
* better touch response.
*more fluidic transition and a lil faster
*fixed icons in task manager

It was made possible with Update 3, but you need a firmware update for it to take effect, meaning it wouldn't be with this update.

Edit: Also, my phone gets really, really hot when it does this, so I don't think it is as effective as many people think.

From basic random playing around with my 928 with the update, it seems like touch response is much improved. The "seems faster" really does apply I think. It might be a placebo, and it might be partly, but I don't think that's all of it.

No, the touch definitely is more responsive. Very noticeable. I like it :D texting and just anything touch related just seems more prompt. Very happy with this.

Add to that... Scrolling through things that are normally sluggish seem to be able to keep up now :) aka scrolling thru these comments is quick and fluid. L925. My biggest pain is email. Lets see if I takes forever to load an opened email like it always has for me. Love this phone :)

I am always curious if the "seems faster" factor is due to the update or the fact that an update essentially reboots the phone ending all the background tasks and memory leaks. Anyway I am excited for this update on my 920 and look forward to seeing what is changed.

@MorganRW - I have been running the latest update for about 2 days now and am still noticing a marked improvement on the fluidity, smoothness and speed of the OS, even with multiple apps minimized.  My phone app seems to work faster (i.e., voicemail calling, etc.) and just the entire feel of the OS is most definitely better.  I'm not sure what MS did on this latest 7 MB fix, but whatever it is I'm loving it!  Keep up the great work MS!  I will never go back to iCrap or Andestroyed again! 

This guy right here is definitely right about the switching programs for the task manager there isn't like a slight moment of change its all fluid. What I wanna know is it helped the intense battery drain on my L925

I've noticed this too. Resuming an app from the app switcher is a tad quicker now. There used to be a very brief delay after the app zoomed into full screen that isn't there anymore.

Touch is noticably better on my 920. After the GDR3 update (developer) earlier, I could no longer scroll with my fingernail. That is now back.

As for the others, it seems at first slower in some regard, but I really haven't taken it through the paces yet. At first it shut down my Glance, but simply opening and closing that brought it back, likely more the reboot.

I can notice the above mentioned changes too. Its a little faster.. :P

Also I have noticed that in the task switcher, the view of home screen is gone when you open any other app. This might give me a place for one more app..!! :)

Edit: Now i can switch between 7 apps as compared to 6 previously. It becomes 8 if you open the app switcher from home screen.

It's always interesting to see after updates when people discover new things that are a couple of years old. :) I've done the same myself.

I've done that, but it says "We're sorry, but we weren't able to find your phone. But please try again later. We might have a better connection in a little while." :(

I wonder if this is about the compromised certificate. That may have forced the update, anyway.

Installing now.  There's a status bar under the spinning gears... that's new.  At least, I don't remember it there before.

That was added after GDR2 I think, I know it was there alreadywhen I lasst updated (GDR3 Dev).

That has been there since WP7,8 actually. All my Nokia Lumias had it both in WP7 as well as WP8.

That's impossible! I thought Microsoft already got the last bit of juice out of those Qualcomm chips!

I was so hopeless after updating Skype on GDR2.. its slow!


@guys-with-update Is Skype opening messages faster? Please revert!

Skype's always been a bit slow to launch for me, but the latest Skype update seems to be a little faster.

I've always found Iphones sort of slow - they fake it a lot though. When you open an app they open the last screen of it, doesn't mean the app is ready for work. It'd be a few seconds of smashing the play button on a track before it plays. 

This is a joke, right? iOS isn't slow, but it's hardly leaps and bounds ahead of WP either. I'd say they're about neck-and-neck, to be honest...

iOS appears to be fast. Ofcourse it is faster than Android a lot but not WP. The difference in Android n iOS is that when an app takes time to open, Android shows a black screen which we take it as lag. While iOS now almost takes the sametime to open the app as compared to Android 4.2 n higher but iOS instead of a black screen adds an Animation which makes users feel no things are working its not lagging. So it just appears to be fast or id say Android appears to be lagging. Even WP has added Animations during those minor lag moments.
Finally id conclude that all three OS are almost same speed considering that Android gives full multitasking while iOS and WP gives pseudo multitasking. And taking into consideration the price, WP8 devices are the winner!! Lowest phone (520) work like charm. Not the case in Android low end ones lag like crazy. And iOS is 72k for 64gb memory! Even 5C is 50k. So still I dont find value for money in iPhones. Like droid now even they are giving plastic but again pricing at 50k+ for the same memory!

Agree with your comment about pricing and how Lumia's are winner n not all WP8. Its a deadly combination of MS+Nokia. But come on IOS is not fast enough as WP8. If we compare all three on same hardware you will find the answer.

I'd disagree that iOS is fast.  My wife used to use our ipod touch (iOS5 admittely) for facebook and would get frustrated at waiting 20-30 seconds after hitting update status for the the text box to pop up.  She's in love with my old HD7 running 7.5, runs butter smooth in comparison.

I work with a lot of tech geeks and my 920 will always win speed tests that we pitch against each other be it loading web pages, adding or editing contacts, updating facebook etc.

The main place where WP falls down is missing features and the god awful music management.

Obviously this is just my opinion and hardly scientific fact.

True, very true. Especially when you consider iOS devices have more horsepower.

I'm still in awe that the same company that produced Windows Vista, the horrible, un-optimized mess that it was, managed to also produce Windows Phone: the most lightweight and resource efficient mobile OS out there.

It's funny, my friend one time tried bragging about his new iPhone 5S and how it kicked my phone's behind. He even pulled up some SunSpider reports to "prove" how much faster his was. Needless to say, he got a little irritated when my phone beat his at loading webpages on the same WiFi network...

Don't compare 4th Gen iTouch to iPhone, World of difference in speed. iTouch is slower than freezing molasses.

Haha, I want to get my hands on a Lumia 1520 just too see if have quad-core makes the most efficient OS on the market, even faster. But Microsoft already knocks so much power out of its current processors, so what happens when you add in even more? Does it become conscious, does it read your mind and open apps as you think about them? I wonder...

Nah u can see the speed when changing applications. There isn't that like quick lag to like w/e color ur theme is then come back to the switched app it just automatically goes flawlessly

I see everyone is laughing at your comment, but opening built in apps and animations definitely are a bit faster on my L920 after applaying this update. Plus,I'm not sure, but it seems that now it beter manages switching betwen 2G and 3G, and bad switching bothered me much due to poor signal strength in my apartment.

Haha it's just a joke. Every time an Apple thing gets updated, somebody says that Safari seems snappier.

Meh, I'm not seeing any difference. Maybe like 1/8th of a second faster? Of course, I always felt my Lumia 1020 was fast enough to begin with, so...

Get OFF the file explorer already!  Sheesh!  Use the SkyDrive app, that's all you really need.  Too many apparently can't find the rear end with their hands tied behind their backs.

oh, sorry, didnt realize you know all peoples needs. pfew man you must be extreamly intellegent. 

"...pfew man you must be extreamly intellegent. "


LOL..wow, that say's it all right there. Here's hoping Santa get's you a spell-checker.

Lol, wow. That says it all right there; I hope the said Santa gets you a way to spell check yourself so that you may enhance your intelect and ... ahh, screw it, just get over it, there are people out there with different needs, and besides, more features will always be welcome, no matter what. In the end though, it's all about coding and time. Sadly, nothing's instant.

Exactly! ScubaDog gets it! I thought I needed a file explorer to access all those files I downloaded to my phone from the internet, but then I remembered SkyDrive already does that!! Oh wait, that's not SkyDrive im thinking of...its nothing. Nothing does that.

Hey ScubaDog, if you are same back-in-the-day ScubaDog, then we miss you on Windows Blogs!


And if you are not; we still miss the other ScubaDog.. :)

SkyDrive is cool but very limited, try this and tell me if it works with SkyDrive. This is simple, create a floder on your phone's storage or your SD card without connecting it to your PC (lets say your away from your PC) then try navigating to that same folder from your phone without connecting to your PC using SkyDrive to lets say download a document or better yet a ringtone or music file to that folder. You can even try it with your hands behind your back if you want to, come back and let us know if you were successful.

What the use of having SkyDrive when one can't upload other files types like zips, rar, txt, etc because there is no basic file manager for users to choose files from? We need more than just uploading of pics, videos, and Ms office docs.

Yeah, I don't really care whether we get a file explorer or not, but I would like to attach and send files via my SkyDrive.

Sure we can send links, but it's not the same (especially since I always have to explain to people: "No, you don't need a SkyDrive account to use SkyDrive links.")

Not sure what one would do with a file explorer on a phone.  Suggest a Win8 tablet + mobile data + skype = phone with file explorer.

If you guys don't need file explorer just stay numb. There r many who need that. A smartphone is used in many ways. Different people use it differently. File explorer is a must for many. Telling to buy a tablet or laptop for that instead is shear nonsense.

Nonsense?  Not sure I'd go that far...I mean you can get a Dell Venue Pro 8 (or other Windows or Android tablet) for ~$200 to ~$300 and it'd certainly give a dramatically better expeirence browsing files than a phone. 

But hey, to each his/her own...  :)

You think?? You are aware W8 doesn't have a file browser either...do not tell me i will have a good experience navigating with the DESKTOP file browser on an 8" tablet. Its just not true.

Do you own an 8" or a 10" Windows 8.1 tablet?  I have both. 

And I make out fine navigating/browsing files, thanks.  Maybe thats just me.  But again, to each his/her own...

Don't diss the desktop file browser, to this day, it's still one of the most powerful file browsers out there. Damn!

Even if you DO want a file explorer, there's no need to spam the comments section of unrelated stories.

Share a video I downloaded from the internet to whatsapp. That! Are you convinced that we need a file explorer or not yet!?

Then ask for a way for apps to share content.  That could mean putting mixed content in some API accessable library like photos.  I don't think you'll get microsoft to throw out app sandboxing for your use case.  There will always be a "freedom from" vs "freedom to" argument.  Since IOS, tech industry has found that there is simplicity in freedom from that has value in consumption devices.

Yes. For the 15% of people that use ios. Android has a file browser....whats its market share again?

Its not the user that use the file explorer (although some do), its the devs, they build their apps in a way that can read and write from different places. When you get that, you will be able to do lots of things (just like how WP8 does now with pictures, which is the only shared folder, yet).

its more of a backend feature that will support the platform.

ugh - sorry I fell for this off topic thread.  Thank you for coming up with your Android solution.  Their file browser is a key to their success. Please post that somewhere when you switch.

Sorry Pal, Androids is on cheap devices, iOS is not, that is the bigger reason for the difference in market share.

That or:

- reading mkv
- reading flac
- no need for itunes
- use your device as usb device
- read all extension files with the right application: zip -> unzip, .bin/.iso -> epsxe,
- and... flash CUSTOM ROMS. Yes.

That being said, I'm still on WP, but I'd be glad if I could do the first 2 items of the list without having to put the files in a specific folder (I mean "Pictures", really ?) so that an app can finally access it and read it.
As well, playing PSX emulator without having to download a 2GB file from SKYDRIVE (YEAH SKYDRIVE, YEEEEEHAAA) because my emulator has simply NOT the right to read any file outside of it's own isolated storage.

This assumes that the majority of people are power users. I do not believe this to be the case.

Personally i considder it to be more price related, a bit opinionated (That Apple is so mainstream, definatly not for me - type of people. ) and because many people hear the word 'open' when they ask a salesman for advise.

This is just me trying an objective POV. With the amounts of factors playing in, it will be difficult to complete the reason for success, but this is my thougts.

All the custom ROMs, mkv/flac needs, open API and excess extention support is simply not things going through the majority of average users ( Who is probably the majority of buyers as well ).

Plenty of those in the windows phone store. In fact, i paid for one that i never use. I would gladly sell it to you if i could. Worst dollar i`ve ever spent. I could have had a cup of coffee and would have been way happier.

I don't think this update has anything to do with the carriers. It's coming because those of us who updated are only "previewing" the update (even though I've had zero issues with the update since I installed it).

Let me know if it does. This is driving me nuts! I'm tired of having to talk to people on speakerphone in public because they can't hear me or it's all garbled.

I wouldn't think the OS update would help that.  Firmware controls more of the base phone/device hardware functions.

I would've thought the same thing but as soon as I upgraded to GDR3 my phone has been mostly unusable as a phone while holding it to my ear and talking. People can only understand me when I put it on speakerphone or am connected to a Bluetooth device. At times being connected to WiFi has helped but I hate leaving WiFi on all the time.

Which phone do you have? I have the 920 and never noticed any problems with the calls, nor had any complaints from the people i call. I would like if the sound of my speaker (when someone talks to me on the phone) was louder, though. When i´m in a crowded noisy place i sometimes have a hard time listening (though i might be going deaf).

Lumia 920 on AT&T. Before GDR3 I had never had complaints either, actually the contrary. People were generally pretty impressed. However after GDR3 NO ONE understands me... I'll update after I test with this new update.

After update 3 my 928 voice commands are unusable or text to speech. Hope this gets fixed soon as I drive alot and use voice to text when on the road.

my bluetooth has been flaky since the update. I only notice the issue when I have headphones on, and I am listening to music, and I receive a txt have it read to me over the head phones, and the reply with a text created by voice.  after that the music starts skipping until I reconnect the bluetooth device.  Also I noticed voice isnt coming through on my nokia headsets even though it says its connected.


Updated in l820 India. Simply sign in developer preview app. And then check for updates.

This is not a GDRx update this is an update to those who chose to do the developer preview update of gdr3 so keep on waiting

Seems to be hit or miss. So far all of us on the WPCentral team who have the update received it on phones with Update 3 from the Dev Prev. But a few of us, like Daniel, aren't seeing anything yet. Give it a bit before trying again? :)

Question so I installed the dev preview way back when it was announced. then later I received another update thinking that was the official update from Microsoft, does this mean we haven't received the official update yet?

Not picking up anything on my 928 running gdr3.

Edit: I had to run my Preview for Developers app then it picked it up.

@deadwrong03... Verizon Nokia Lumia 928 here. I received my update at 1:00 pm. I should mention that I had the GDR3 preview beforehand.

I'm running GDR 3 preview and my update showed as soon as I read this article. You'll be getting it soon I'm sure... Perhaps tonight?

I made an update on my htc 8s last Friday and since then wifi automatically desactivate itself when i lock my screen :/

Really? Dang, I got nothing yet on my AT&T 1020.

Oh well, if it's mainly speed improvements, no hurry. Phone is fast enough for me already.

Still updating.  Kind of hope that it fixes the external microphone (video, voice commands, speakerphone) which was broken on my 1020 when I installed GDR3.

I've been running the preview of GDR3 for a while (updating now) but I haven't had any problems with the external mic.  I use the speech-to-text to listen and respond to text messages all the time when I'm doing projects around the house, and it's been fine for me.

Edit:  I'm using a launch day AT&T L1020.

Yeah, I'm not sure what exactly triggered this for me, but it worked fine one day on GDR2, and then the next on GDR3, it stopped working and is just garbled.  The phone wasn't dropped or anything of that sort, so I don't know what else it would be... especially since there's a few other reports of this on the forums' GDR3 bug list.

Anyone can set themselves as "developer" and get the phone update.  It's just a setting on your Microsoft account that the article details.  This is Microsoft being clever and getting around carrier delays for non-developers. My wife says I get into trouble trying to be clever.  Hope it works better for Microsoft.

Can someone explain to me what different volume profiles is? I know that my phone is usually set to 20. When i get in my car and it connects to my in car bluetooth the volume jumps to 30, the setting I always use. When I get out of the car and it disconnects, it goes back to 20. Same thing when I connect my phone to my home bluetooth. That in itself seems like volume profiles to me. BTW I have had this since wp7.

I can't speak for others, but I would like to control my Music/Video volume separately from my system sounds.

No. Diff volume profile means the one like in android. Separate volume bars for music, alarms, notifications, etc.. Instead of a single master volume bar, like if we want to hear music at a lower volume, the ringer volume is also reduced. That had been a very big fail on this OS. Hopefully it gets fixed in 8.1

Profiles would actually be more like BlackBerry.  Office, Home, Night, Holster, etc....  The old BlackBerrys were very flexible this way.  You could have txt's audio alert you when you were on the home profile but vibrate while at work and so forth.

I would also appreciate silent-mode (where no alarms or notification sounds can be heard). And group ringtones. Audio in general has pretty much always been the weakest link of WP.

I hope it doesn't get broken in 8.1. I dread having to piddle about with loads of different volume settings. One for speaker and one for earpiece is ideal. Really hoping it stays that way as it's much better than the Android Mess (tm) [should the next version of Android not be called 'Eton Mess'? Snigger...].

Tried running update, not available as of yet (Rogers/Lumia 1020). Will keep trying on the REMOTE possibility this update will enable the 3 tile column display.

I'm getting it on my previously dev updated Rogers 920 (on Wind) so its worth it to keep trying.