Windows Phone Web Marketplace is running into problems, down for the count [Update]

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The Windows Phone Web Marketplace seems to be currently down at the moment resulting in the error page above. The issues started within the hour as a number of readers and Windows Phone Daily pointed out to us, including how our Marketplace web links redirected users to the Zune:// desktop protocol instead of the site.

Ironically, since Microsoft disabled the Zune Desktop Marketplace, this leaves users with little recourse for browsing apps except for their phones.

@WinPhoneSupport said they were looking into the issue and we expect this to be a temporary glitch. Needless to say it's a massive one resulting in many users becoming frustrated.

This is the second outage this week with the last occurring on Saturday night and affecting the phone's Marketplace.

Update: Web Marketplace seems to work if you go through WindowsPhone.com and head to your localized site. Web links still redirect to Zune Desktop

Update 2: Those in the US can use this link: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-US/marketplace?wa=wsignin1.0  Thanks, William

We'll keep you posted.


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Windows Phone Web Marketplace is running into problems, down for the count [Update]


I told Terry and Steve it was a very bad idea. Especially with recent surge in phone adoption. Very bad idea to make such drastic change. Idiots.

That's why I said, idiots.  Just when the adoptions are rising, they make drastic, and absolutely needless changes to the ecosystem.  Now the web is offline, it has made the whole situation with eliminating Marketplace in Zune software even worse.

I can get to apps with no problems on Zune (even after the update) and on the web. I'm in the US.

Wait, you can access the Marketplace for "Windows Phone" on Zune?  Or are you talking about "Zune HD" players.  The problem is linked directly to Windows Phone not being able to purchase or browse the web vesion of the Marketplace via Microsoft.  o_O

I had assumed it knew I had the Lumia 900 connected when it presented me with apps. Based on your comment, I tried to download a calculator app, and it gave me, "Can't download due to a temporary server error. Please try again later."

I don't know what you are talking about mine works perfect, my marketplace both in my zune, web and phone....

REBOOT of my computer fixed the Marketplace issue for me. (Vista/IE9) Coincidence? Solution? Who knows! It works normally again now!

I've been plagued all week with windows live problems. First my account was blocked and the server had issues reseting my password. MS told me wait 24 hours because they were having problems. I finally got it going yesterday but it's definitely not working properly because nothing will update except for Facebook.

I wonder if the problems were more widespread than just Marketplace. During the same timeframe as the Marketplace issues, Bing's Live account-releated features were acting a little goofy.