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Would you want the HTC One with Windows Phone 8.1?

Our friends over at Android Central have a brand new phone to play with. It’s the 2014 edition of the HTC One (M8). We just checked out their review and we’ll admit we’re a little jealous. We love the playful colors of the Lumia handsets, but we wouldn’t mind seeing more Windows Phones with metal finishes. Which is why we think we’d love a device like the HTC One with Windows Phone 8.1. What about you?

The HTC One packs a 1080p screen into a 5-inch Super LCD3 display. This display is protected by Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3. The phone itself is gorgeous looking. Curved metal on the back has us drooling to touch and play with it. You’ll find a Snapdragon 801 system-on-a-chip powering the HTC One. This is a 2.3GHz quad-core processor to help you power through any task. Look forward to 2GB of RAM and either 16GB or 32GB of onboard storage. Thankfully, there’s a microSD card slot that can augment and increase your storage up to an additional 128GB.

Long story short: It’s a beautiful phone with great internals. It just runs Android, which might be an OK thing for some of you, but we really want to see Windows Phone 8.1 on there. So we’re going to take a poll and see if we’re the only ones in this boat. But first, let’s talk business.

You did click through and read the HTC One review on Android Central, right? If not you should. It’s a new review format you’ll be seeing soon on Windows Phone Central. Maybe really soon if Nokia does announce the Lumia 930 and Lumia 630 next week at Build. Or maybe Samsung’s ATIV SE will be first.

Not only are you taking a poll, but we want your feedback on the format and layout of the review. Because it’s something we’ll be doing very soon here. We’d love to hear what you think about it and we’re of course open to suggestions. What’s really cool is that you now link to specific parts of a review.

Up above I linked to the overall review, but I can also link specifically to the camera section of the HTC One review. Which is pretty great. Imagine we review Nokia’s Lumia 930 and comment on how amazeballs the PureView camera is. You can easily share that specific section with your friends and social networks. Anyways. Check it out and let us know.

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Would you want the HTC One with Windows Phone 8.1?



I hear you on that. Very nice design and good size. If the camera performed better I could see myself picking one up. As it is - no way am I ditching my 1020 for a very inferior camera experience. Hopefully the Lumia line picks up more metallic builds with a 930 or future devices once converted to Microsoft.

It seems like the dedicated camera button might not be a hardware requirement for 8.1. The leaked image of the Lumia 630, for example, does not look like it has a camera button.

Right you are, sir. All indications are that MS and Nokia are phasing out the physical camera button. I'll miss it, but I can see why they'd want to from an engineering standpoint.

I've had my 920 since it came out, but I swear it seems like my friend's S4 takes clearer, better pictures. I think I would be fine with the HTC camera quality and would gain LED notifications that I miss having.

No, not low light. Just regularly daytime photos. I don't do anything beyond point and shoot in the native camera mode, but my friend's pics look clearer and more vibrant in comparison.

I would suggest taking both pics and comparing them on a computer monitor. My 1520 seems to take much better pictures than my girlfriends 1020 even at half the resolution but that's comparing screen to screen. On a computer, the 1020 is much sharper. Its the difference in screen resolution that makes a difference, the s4 with a 1080p screen vs the 920 with a 768p screen could impact results to the eye.

True statement. Use to think something was wrong with my 920, comparing it to my brother and dads s4. Then on the PC it was like I took a totally different picture. Then I got a 1520 and it doesn't matter phone or PC my pics destroy the s4.

Try cleaning the lens before snapping the picture.

(I'm only half-kidding. Where the lens is located and the lack of any hump make the 920 lens a fingerprint magnet. I've had some pictures ruined by this).

Every phone takes better pictures than the 920. It has just an awful camera, unless you're taking a totally motionless picture in near darkness.

Idk about you, but in the later afternoon, I snapped a macro of my sleestack bush, with a water droplet covered spider web in the middle. Even when the image is blown up on a 12.5 in screen, its in great quality, still competing with other smartphone cameras, and beating my iPod 5's camera. I have alot of great photos now.

That's absolute nonsense...all my friends talk about the awesome pics that my 920 takes. Your case might be a bad unit or just user error!

Are you using Nokia Camera? I love to outshoot my friends and coworkers with my Lumia L928. The iPhones are fast shooters but I can change settings and get better pictures most of the time.

I haven't tried that. I've always just used the native camera app thinking that was supposed to be good enough. I'll try it out though.

Not for me...looks like a cross-breed between original One and a Galaxy, or maybe inbreeding....


But be good to have more choice as others will love this.

uhg! They ruined the original One's beauty, and gave this monstrosity the more rounded edges of a cheap Chinese tablet...I know...I own one with Windows 7 installed before Windows Phone or Windows 8 even existed...looks like a 10.1" iPhone 3Gs! Oh wait, so now does the ONE!

The HTC One is a beautiful phone.  It's HTC's customer service (or lack of it) that has hurt its reputation.

The day you buy an HTC phone is the best it's going to get, because they don't bother to upgrade the software or the apps.  Basically, they abandon you.  Well, then... it's no surprise that consumers have abandoned them, and most of us will never be back.

Well now they're flaming they won't abandon users, with updates for at least two years and free (first) cracked screen replacement in first 6 months. Sound like a big deal :)

Everybody get a grip already, forget about the god dam dedicated camera button, time to move on and let WP evolve. God you all sound like all the numptys who constantly moaned that there was no start button on Win8. Win8 worked perfectly fine, looked great and modern without the start button. The camera would work exactly the same as it does now, cost less to produce and then open up the possibilities of more OM's porting there current cell models over. Evolve people, evolve! In answer to the question, yes it would be great to have HTC back on board, all be it is a second hand design, you go to admit it is a good looking phone.

If the functionality was equal, people wouldn't be complaining. The camera button on Nokia phones have the half-press focus feature that is very handy when taking close-up pictures. It's much faster than manually adjusting and keeps your fingers out of the way.

Coming from iOS, the camera button matters for me. Especially when its glaringly sunny but freezing on the side of a mountain.

Well, regarding the camera button, you couldn't be more clueless. Considering that my phone is my primary camera, the camera button comes in handy in many use-cases. Sometimes,say, when you have to lean across a ledge and stretch your hand into a crevice or something,and yeah, while taking selfies using the rear cam, there is nothing more useful than the camera button. Plus, it also has the two-step focus function, which I personally find useful. So, yeah, no camera button, no buy.

The comparison of the start button on W8 and the camera button does not work.

It's an OEM's choice to include the camera button or not. It's my choice to buy what I want, which is a mobile with a camera button.

This. I have an HTC one and the camera is pathetic. Total joke, and the lack of a dedicated camera button is a nuisance, not to capture images, but to launch the app when the screen is locked.

Nice form factor, great speakers but I'd never choose it over a Nokia.

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The 930 must have a camera button if it doesn't I don't think I will be upgrading from my 920 anytime soon apart from specs this one button is a big deal lol. all thanks to the dedicated camera button without it would have never been able to share those moments or capture them. The amount of in the moment pictures and videos i have taken during family gatherings, the most memorable one being my youngest nephews first steps (his dad was still unlocking his iphone by the time he unlocked it, his kid was back down crawling for the the rest of the day. Needless to say he was super annoyed and wants to buy my 920 when i upgrade lol, I've taken a shot at convincing him to get the 1020 - his currently waiting for build first.

No? First of all, I don't even like that Nokia makes that stupid Android phone. Second of all, Nokia X is not the same thing as literally sticking WP into the new HTC One. Nokia X was made specifically for Android, and so was the new HTC One.

Who cares? The phone and the OS are different things. I can buy a PC and put Windows, Linux, UNIX, or anything else I want on it...even side by side if I want. This is how phones should be, PCs in our pockets to do with as we please.

Would you rather hand me downs or nothing, because WP simply isn't profitable enough to develop new phones for.

Nothing. Nokia is doing an excellent job. And I'm pretty sure HTC had the 8x and 8s, which some people actually liked. If they made something original that could compete with Nokia, they would still make some profit. Besides, I bet people would lose their minds if Apple said they would stick WP into their iPhones.

What about the people who want choice? Not everyone wants a Lumia, at least WP gets some attention from OEMs this way. Otherwise it would be ignored. Oh, and good product ≠ profit. The 8x and 8s are proof of this.

I came from an original One, only things I didn't like were no SD and Google's anal probe. It's a fine phone. Much better than their 8X they have no intention of updating anyway.

Don't get me wrong, I think HTC and other manufacturers make excellent phones. I don't know about other people, but I want to pay for both a device and OS that they put time and effort into making. I also dislike the idea of Android fans mocking us for being so pathetic that our phones are just hand-me-downs of theirs.

Are you seriously worried about android fans "mocking you"? Just get the phone you like and stop worrying about trivial things like getting picked on for using a phone. 

I know everyone is different. Some people don't care about how their phone looks, its specs, brand, OS, etc. But to some people, a personal device is part of their identity. Obviously, I won't get it if I don't like it, and it's not like my opinion makes a difference anyway. All I'm saying is that I feel WP is treated as inferior to Android when they do this. I mean, this has never been an issue among android, blackberry, and IOS.

I'd be fine with WP8 being slapped onto the HTC One as long as HTC actually supports the device and doesn't ignore it and put all of its resources to the Android handset alone. I don't know if it pulling me from my 925, which I love, but it would definitely be interesting.

Microsoft requires that every Windows Phone device have a dedicated camera hardware button, so HTC would be required to add that if they wanted to sell it running WP8.1

Yup. I hope Nokia will keep camera button on pureview models at least. Its the best thing when you're using camera on your phone more then calls :)

That is just plain laziness, MS should have said not mandatory for low end phones - sub snapdragon 200 and 400+ mandatory. If oems bulk at that, last resort should have been all flagships must have a camera button and not mandatory for the rest of their product lines. Imo it was a big mistake removing that requirement for flagships. Furthermore pretty much all my previous daily drivers (phones) had a dedicated camera button. I cant live without it, its a small thing that makes a big difference.

It's 41MP, and it's not just a gimmick. I believe you haven't even used one, and if you did then you know nothing about (phone) photography.

It lacks detail. Its fine as a VGA sized photo for the internet or for social network, but view it full screen on a 23" and it looks like carp. If it had 8MP I'd consider it, until then I'll stick to pureview :)

+920, have played on my bro-in law htc one and all the camera takes crisp images at glance on the phone but it has no fine detail. On a monitor or tv, that lack of detail shows. He cant see it because he just takes pictures of landscapes lol.

It looks amazing, but Nokia has spoiled me with their amazing industrial design and build quality. If I was offered both with Windows Phone I will stick with my Lumia 1520. :)

Absolutely. All the metal phones look pretty much the same. Windows Phone lends itself to the colorful and durable Nokia design. Even the Verizon iterations from Nokia feel forced and "mainstreamed". Give me Lumia 920 or 1520 any day.

I'd be happy if they'd release any damn phone that's high end, has external storage, and isn't just shy of being a tablet.

I think people are bored with Androids scheme of things, OSs are not exiting and HW is stretched to its limit.

I agree x1000! Overrated. It's as if people had made up their mind that this phone was going to be great, and now that it is out, they believe it is great. Actually, the previous one was more beautiful. This one seems overrated.

For WP I would always buy a Nokia. But the one is a great phone HTC would be dumb to nit release a similar design for WP with the same hardware.

Would be nice to see HTC with Windows Phone 8.1, but,I'm just a little bit confused about it. I would probably preferred Nokia.

If it had a better camera, then yes. I didn't see the hype of the ultrapixels. It still looked worse to me. Just my opinion though.

Yes please. That is the ONLY Android phone I would get, to have it running Windows Phone is my dream come true! That & its Maxx variant with the 5.9" screen. I can't get rid of my old HTC HD7, I use it as my backup phone. I love HTC's design and construction they're almost as good as Nokia's build quality.

HD7, remember it well, my first smartphone. Went to buy an iPhone but sales rep showed me comparison of youtube etc and the fact it could copy and paste and the iPhone couldn't. Bought it straight away. Windows Mobile/Phone since.

That sales rep deserves a medal, employee of the year award, a raise ánd a bonus plus complementary company car!

Not really. I still love the HTC 8X design - if they could build on that with a 5inch 1080p screen, same gorgeous colors and soft velvety feel, super camera and the glance like screen I'd bite

Exactly this! Had my 8X since day one. Still love it! Only wish HTC supported the handsets software-wise. Also wish Nokia didn't hold out on apps for other manufacturers. I know...differentiation and all...but how is WP supposed to grow if there is division amongst ourselves? Hardware design on the 8X is perfect! Just update the processor too!

Also I like the new method for phone reviews looking forward to seeing this done here on wpcentral.

Well, not this one, but the previous hTC One, definitely! I just cant fathom how people find this beautiful - this actually is uglier than the last year's flagship, which certainly was stunning!

I was very interested in the "new" One until I saw that it dropped the optical image stabilization. That is a deal breaker. I watched some of the video it took over at android central. It was jittery while panning. I love the OIS feature of the previous One and what is on my Lumias. OIS is a requirement these days. They brought the second lense in to do all sorts of gimmicky things, but took out the one thing that truly leads to great photos on a device that you really can't hold still for a photo.

I have absolutely no envy for this phone personally, but only because I love my Icon so much. This phone running WP8.1 would be great for the platform though, so I'd definitely like to see it happen!

The only thing the One series has going for it is the front facing dual speakers. I'd love to have that on my 1020. But the speaker at the bottom of the lumias are still better than having speakers on the back like most phones.

Nope! Got the 8X at one point and HTC didn't provide enough support, apps sucked, camera sucked...etc NOKIA ALL THE WAY!!!!!



I had a HTC 8X then upgraded to a 928, mainly for the space. Besides the better camera(and only at lower light) and the space, I wish I kept the 8x, the 928 is the worst phone I have ever owned. This phone is very buggy and I still have crap behind my windows key

Nokia customer service has been the WORST I have

ever seen..

No question if this phone comes with 32gb and MicroSD, it will be my phone as I don't think I will EVER Buy another Nokia.

Wow. I can't even get the Lumia 1520 from my Carrier and that's a Windows Phone, but were discussing which Android device we want running the WP OS.

Htc androids most of them have touch problems. Nokia is the only phone which lasts long and if damaged the best services are provided by nokia care. A company is also known by its after sales services

Didn't the 1520 have some touch problems also? Nokia is a great OEM, but not flawless like some people here would have you think.

I have touch problems with my 1520. They did a patch last week that supposedly fixed it. It seemed good for the first few days, but since the update, my 1520 has spontaneously rebooted twice and now I appear to have the touch screen issues back...not as bad as before, but not as good as it should be.

Can't say that I've had any hardware problems with my HTC One or my HTC Titan 2...but I do love my PureView camera. Funny what you will put up with for a particular feature of a phone that you find important.

How many of them do you own to make such a comment? I owned HTC phones for three years and never had a problem with them... Plus, there are many posts on the forum in WPC stating issues w/ the 1520 screen.

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Yep, me too.  I came to my HTC 8XT from an HTC One...son has the One and loves it.  I was bored with Android, but loved that phone.

WP8.1 on the One, hell, even the old One would be awesome.  WP8.1 would likely scream on even last year's One's I'd switch to that in a sec as well!

HTC Phone>Samsung Phone. I have had multiple Samsung phones including the Captivate, GS2,3, and 4 and I will never own another one. Every single one:hyped. Every single one: frustrated me with lag and features that only work every so often. Never Again. Only HTC, Nokia-Microsoft, or maybe Sony for me.

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I would not. I do not trust HTC's commitment to ANYTHING, an ideal developed during ownership of the HTC Droid Incredible, which got one major update in the 2 years I owned it. The device looks nice, but I do not care for the company. That, and the 8X received weak software support from HTC, and they basically skipped the GDR1-3 life cycle, during which Windows Phone-friendly Nokia continued to release solid devices like the 925, 928, 929/Icon, 1020, and 1520. That's in addition to the lower-end 521, 625, 1320, and whatever else I'm forgetting that Nokia released after the initial 8X launch from HTC.


So, in terms of hardware aesthetics, I would like this. In terms of who the OEM is, I would pass.

No but only for the same reasons I don't want a 1520: way to freaking big!


I wouldn't mind a Sony Z2 Compact with WP on it though...preferably available by the time Nokia's gone from the market.


Also...YES to that format on future reviews here.

I'm expecting that review format for the L930! You hear me, Daniel? (Also, props to Derek for building it)

Which "One"?! The old or the new "One"?! Anyway, having the option to buy it would be great, even if im not sure I would buy it. I'm curious to see what Nokia comes up with next but im still loving my 920.

I have always liked the design of the HTC one! While I would be tempted to get one with WP on board, in the end I love the things Nokia offers for those sticking to their brand and cannot abandon them for any other hardware company.

No Microsoft best combination..happy with my lumia device...excited for 8.1 but only on nokia hardware

Only if it was with last year's design and a better camera. 4 ultrapixels my Can't believe they did the same thing twice.

I don't like this metal back, feels not good in the hands, somehow like an iPhone, but without the sharp edges.

I want wp8.1 On 2nd April first. Let all new devices get the update after wards. Plsss plssss plss dev preview get released on 2nd April don't get delayed as tweeted by Daniel

Its a nice phone, but it really looks generic, I guess because the one has been out a while now

For now, HTC has no equivalent to Nokia software experience on Windows Phone 8 (8.1) imho

Nah, my 8X has me deciding to stay away from HTC hardware for a while... 

There are things I like about the device - but more that I dislike after ~15 months...

Never saw the reason for the hype of this handset, sure its well built but it doesn't look that special to me. Would be a nice addition as a WP handset but nothing I would consider a must have.

Its nice, but not for me. I prefer my coloured polycarbonate.
Also that review is interesting to read in IE on Windows Phone with random stuff happening in the background as you scroll.
So based on that its hard to like the new format.
I'm sure it will look great in the WPC app though.
Also when is Jay going to add the ability to take Polls directly in the WPC app like the android version has?

I honestly prefer the design of the old One better. But camera and battery are not great in both One's, not to mention Nokia's offline maps. Which makes me go towards the 1520. That said, the HTC One (M7) is the only Android device I'd ever consider.

I really like the design of this phone. I use my phone for watching movies and videos and I also listen to a lot of music. Having two front facing speakers would be awesome.

when I had it I thought that beats audio was going to be great but, it was only just slightly better sounding then my L1020.  Didn't live up to the hype.

No, thanks

last year was that same story and nothing had happen.

(by they way, commenting in here from windows phone is nightmare

They would have to support it well unlike past HTC WP also port more HTC apps for Wp from android because I couldn't leave Nokia for just another phone..

Would love it! Just walked into a Verizon store and asked to look at the Nokia Icon and they had no clue what I was talking about...

I think this would be a nice option for some. I welcome any OEM that is willing to put out high quality hardware for WP8.1. However, hardware isn't going to be enough for HTC to truly thrive in the WP market. If they hope to thrive, they will have to make an honest effort to support WP. Not just have the "set it and forget it" mentality. They need to take the route Nokia has done and actually support the platform. If they showed true interest with working with MS, I'm sure MS would loosen their ability to dig into the OS a bit more and allow HTC to make their own firmware updates, with their own unique features.

All OEMs have that possibility since the start. It's just that HTC hardly bothered. Even Sammy did more (folders first for example, and constant updates to their apps).

I loved the first HTC One....I was drawn in by the design and surprisingly the camera was good, and recorded even better! But the fact it was so fragile and the battery life was so bad I had to come back to windows! I just hope 8.1 is worth the wait! Not expecting anything earth shattering just keep improving and keep bringing the apps or I'm going I may go for that new oppo! Now that's sharp!

The HtC has always been the #1 phone to the people. Windows users are quite jealous. The 8x was slow to get updates though and the HTC sense kicked the best WP butt. Too bad nokias cameras suck, so yeah I'd like to see the HTC ONE with 8.1.

Yeah, nokias camera tech sucks. They are years behind even the least noteworthy cameras, nothing like the awesome s4 zoom. I have always wanted an 8X but could only get a cheaply made, low end 920. /sarcasm

Just looks as ugly as the new ATIV S. Honestly, I don't like WP running under metallic hood. Looks like WP is something meant for Lumia only.