WP7 Root Tools 0.9 is here, with an SDK in tow

WP7 Root Tools 0.9

Windows Phone hacker Heathcliff74 is announcing the immediate availability WP7 Root Tools 0.9 today. 'Root Tools is a suite of tools for Windows Phone that we've been following since inception and already features a full blown registry registry editor, file system browser, and certificate injection capabilities. But the new version comes jammed pack full of additional new and exciting features that will no doubt re-energize the homebrew community. I'm talking about features such as:

  • True and unfettered root access
  • Better performance
  • Increased device support
  • A new policy editor
  • A new software development kit

The more exciting news here, however, is the shiny new SDK (0.1) in tow, offering homebrew developers a set of APIs that tap into the same root-level features that the tool relies on. An application wishing to wield such power, however, must first seek permission from the user. That is, the users must explicity mark a particular app as "trusted". Grumble all you want, this gate is in place for obvious and serious security and privacy reasons. You don't want all those private photos on Twitter, right?

With no shortage of gullible install-everything phone users out there (see Android) policing root-required homebrew applications, Heathcliff74 admits, "will be tough." At this stage, we'll have to rely on the attentive homebrew development community to continue sniffing out crapware. In the future, however, a more centralized model complete with app certification may be in order.

All that serious stuff aside, Heathcliff74 was kind enough to let me play with the SDK prior to release and let me tell you: it's easy to use and full of awesome. Working with Delphi aficionado [ed -- *snicker*] David Golden (@GoldenTao), of MetroTwit fame, we decided to retry the implementation of my grandiose hackathon idea -- to create a complete backup the phone, including Marketplace apps. And succeed we did.

Complete Backup for Windows Phone Complete Backup for Windows Phone, screenshot 2

Screenshots of the upcoming Complete Backup app.

While the app isn't quite ready yet -- we still need to button up some networking code, resolve app guids to names, create a restoration app, etc. -- it will support the complete backup (and eventual restore) of Windows Phone application data to the PC via native sockets. And better yet, it'll be completely open-source and available on GitHub.

So at this point, you're probably thinking: "Where do I get this spoonful of delicious?" Simple. Head over to Heathcliff74's new home on the Internet, where he will blog about and host the WP7 Root Tools XAP. But be warned: The software drills deep into the phone. I can't recommend enough that you use Zune to backup your device prior to install. Oh, and you need to have a device that's "Interop Unlocked" (or flashed with a custom hacked ROM). Sorry.


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WP7 Root Tools 0.9 is here, with an SDK in tow


Awesome.  I hope you can test backing up and restoring from two different devices.  If that's possible, that will make migration easier for me.  I hate the fact MS hasn't offered a migration tool yet, or the ability to backup user data natively, without waiting for WP8.

I would assume that you're just dumping the Isolated Storage out of Applications\Data\... and moving it to the new device into the same path? The app would most likely need to be installed on the new device first, but a direct copy should work. When I moved to a new device a few months back, I did this exact thing for all of my apps and was successful with all of them. It's the automation and simplifying it that is needed, I'm assuming that's what you're referring to?

Awesome Tools!! :D I was SOOO excited to see this post!!! As I am an HD7 owner, and have been following this project for some time over on xda...
...and so it begins!! ;)

P.S. Super-Excited about the backup-tool/application!! Will we be apprised via WPCentral or need to keep tabs another way?? If the latter, would you mind sharing with me, the best method to do so?? The backup looks VERY nice!! The tools I have used thus far (while they DID INITIALLY WORK) no longer work well with my device/laptop/PC setup... :/

Anyone here knows how to make Zune do a backup without ACTUALLY updating my phone?  Such a miniscule feature that it makes me wonder what MS software engineers were thinking. Same way I found out yesterday that I couldn't share *videos* without a pc either via Skydrive or email. Not a feature I use often but I was peeved that I can't do such a miniscule tasks.
Currently interop unlocked and don't wanna update my phone for obvious reasons.  TIA

Well, that's why we have homebrew with root access now. :-) You can make a backup with this tool. I developed the SDK to give homebrew development a boost. So don't worry, be happy ;-)

Thanks Heathcliff. I will have to give your backup tool a shot. I'll wait till you release the wp7 root tools in a stable state.
In the meantime, I'll try to do a backup.

Too bad, My Verizon phone
Verizon HTC Trophy
OS 7.10.8107.89
Firmware: 2305.13.20110.605
Hardware: 003
Just gets a incompatable... :(

You dont need this tool to "steal" apps. I think it's pretty much common info that all you need is a Unlocked device with unlimited sideload. This unlocks your system more to have full files acces, it could be used for a better backup or even better apps to alow cooler tools to your device.
As I say, Pirates will always pirate, you dont need a tool like this, it's the part time pirate that could be changed back. There are plenty of sites with all the apps you can dream of if you want go down that road. As WP7 devices go and games, it's known, No achivements if you use a pirated game.

So now that I have installed this and say I want to use Advanced Config. Do I just sideload it then provision it as trusted then it will be able to access the parts of the phone that it needs to?

Does anyone have this working on LG quantum
Interpop unlocked w mfg registry editor
using Tom xap installer
Please help