WPCentral Nokia, Microsoft LIVE Blog from New York City

We're here live from downtown Manhattan, New York for the Nokia-Microsoft Press conference. The event is on now!
Live blog and chat room are above, and you can check out the Nokia video stream below (uses Silverlight... doesn't seem to be working that well)!



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WPCentral Nokia, Microsoft LIVE Blog from New York City


to quote the poor kid who gets killed at the end of the fast and the furious....
"this will decimate all...."
just a shame I have to go do a presentation for clients at exactly 16:00, German time here....  Grrrr

Just so you know there are people that use Linux and have no Silverlight.
Using dead technolgies sux!

lucky i loaded the live stream before the event started but there's some technical difficulties.  lots of flickering and no sound.  i hope they fix this soon.

There you go, for all of you whining. It's got pureview tech. I can't wait for Dan & Co. to compare the 920 camera to the Titan II camera. My Titan II is the best cam on a phone I've ever used.

Had it, was flickering, refreshed unavailable, closest I can get now is "starting" :(
EDIT: Scrap that it's loaded, just be patient :)

Man not much new info after all the leaks. I hope they show more models than just the 920 unless they plan to launch it on all networks.

Hmmm, taking a tip from MS marketers..  Puremotion sounds like it would have been better branded Pureview, and Pureview branded Purecapure?

Curved Glass, Wireless Charging, Pure Motion HD+, Pureview, Dual Core, what else. Some of us are going to start chaffing.

Lame. Need more info on the chip being used. Clearly not an S4 pro or they would have touted its graphical processing power.

Waiting here to see if Docomo us picking this one up. Supposedly at least 1 Nokia phone coming to Japan.

Small correction on the wireless charging, it's Qi, not Chi. ;)
Btw, good Nokia for going with an established standard!

WOW the 920 is fast as hell... I wish they integrated with XBOX and Windows 8 more but that's certainly coming down the road.

I want it NOW!!!

"Nokia's make-or-break smartphone appears to already have broken. $NOK plunges 7% in middle of flashy #Lumia920 pitch in NYC."
10:34 AM | Bad news for Nokia...

From Dennis Berman on Twitter

update NOK is down over 10% as the stock market is voting and they don't seem happy with the new phone and window 8 OS . The phone specs are good but I believe  the market thinks window 8 OS is a flop.

Why are they focusing on this camera crap? Give us the os. It comes out a month and they spending 30 mins talking about the camera I'm disappointed with this. Show us the OS WTF

Super sensitive touch technology. Will work with gloves on or calluses on your fingers for us guitar players

The specs are amazing on the phone but I'm not liking the "new" window 8 OS and from the looks of it neither does the market.

I was planning on holding off and not buying this off-contract, but holy sh*t...I want one! Anyone want to buy a slightly used 900? Lol.

Nokia down almost 14% since the announcement. Seems the market doesn't believe that this is enough for a comeback.

Yea, which I don't understand. Even compared to high-end android phones, this seems awesome. Hopefully they sell well so Nokia's stock can recover.

I think it's based largely on the weakness of the presenters. If Jobs had presented the same device, people in the audience would be swooning right now.

you sound stupid, it was just a connectivity issue, it happens during presentation when the computer you flashing to goes into hibernation; although I agree the tech team should have been better prepared and changed the power options. You also have to remember this was about the hardware today and the full OS introduction along with features is reserved for Microsoft to demonstrate at their events

is your name really WindowsFan or iFan or Droidula?

shut up with the stock news, we geeks don't need your crap here.

On the Other Hand, i think the reason the OS is not demoed now is to steal some thunder from APPLE during the presentation of the HTC phones on the 19th.

by then, the OS (windows phone 8) will be unveiled...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!  NO DATES AND PRICES!  MICROSOFT AND NOKIA FAILED!  This was their opportunity to build off the excitement and enthusiasm of their fan base and they left us hanging.  There's another conference this afternoon by another mfg and then Apple next week... SERIOUSLY!  This is why they'll never grab the marketshare.  So dissappointed.

Don't get me wrong - I really love my Lumia 800 but -
Why did MS bother showing up? Showed a bit about the start screen and photo related apps but after that there was nothing. No announcements of carriers, release dates - not even a mention of Wp 7.8 which I was expecting.
No mention of prices then on Nokia's part. 
Am disappointed with the presentation. The presenters did a good job but the hall looked small and low key - Samsung's show in Berlin was OTT but it was impressive. 
Apple, who I'm not a fan of - will trump this show ten times over. 
That said I really like the look of the 820. Shame it doesn't have Pureview. Or am I wrong on that?

This is fairly disappointing. The camera tech seems pretty sweet, but the rest was already leaked and was kind of lackluster at the time of the leaks as well. 

The only Apple product I own is an iPod Nano, but I wish companies would act more like Apple when having major events like this. Get peopel excited about your stuff, then make it available shortly after.

Mehinks the reason the OS is not demoed now is to steal some thunder
from APPLE during the presentation of the HTC phones on the 19th which will come up after the Apple event. By then Motorola would also have played all their hands today with their new phone and JB Android (later today actually).
By then, the OS (windows phone 8) will be unveiled. Nice Strategy, sandwich Apple news within all the Win8 hype...
Besides I understand MSFT has a later even lined up (developer?).
the question is: why should I reveal all my weapons when the competition is about to show off theirs?
answer: wait to you see what they have to offer and then BAM, a live demonstration of windows phone 8 not just camera abilities of the hardware


We have become so spoiled. I can't believe there's people here complaining and expecting more. I Thi k they could of done better on presentation, but you can't complain about the product. It has the best of everything for goodness sake. Everything said is amazing, and that is just the hardware. WP8 will bring lots of awsome technology to what seems to be an awesome peace of hardware. Hands down WP8 devices will be the most advanced technological gadget on the market. All you haters eat your hart out.

Microsoft and Nokia....as much as we all care about them and want to support them, have failed at this event today. You look around and what are people's main gripes with the Windows Phone platform? The software, not the hardware (and even if you want to make the case that it is the hardware, then that's only because the hardware is an extension of the software limitations).

The anticipation for this event wasn't so much to see what exactly the next hardware from Nokia would be, but to see what the software would look like running on the next hardware from Nokia. Two very different things. People love the Lumia 900 and it's design and so many people have no problem with it. The main thing against the Lumia 900 is that it will not be running WP8, which is why people want to see the next hardware. Therefore the emphasis, and I can't believe that they've overlooked this, is not placed on the hardware, but on the software which forms your experience.

Pureview and all of that is great, but the fundamental aspect of nailing this event wasn't to show what next step for Nokia is, so much as it was for the next step for Microsoft and WP and if they would've had to make this a MS event, then so be it. Those who believe in the platform, want to see the platform itself, not just what will be running it. That's why Android tablets have struggled to be compelling, in a large sense. It's not about what's running the software so much as the software itself and how it gels into the casing around it. It's the reverse Palm effect (they had great software, but lacked the hardware innovation to support it).

We know what we have with WP7 and for WP8 to be as big of a change as we're told (so much so that they had to build it off of a whole new core technology and throw out all the existing progress they've made in terms of the consumer base they've currently generated), we haven't quite seen it yet. Or at least I haven't. Everything that we have seen from WP8 thus far looks like it could and should be in WP 7.8 and unfortunately, this was a step backward for MS, most importantly, and Nokia, by extension.

Is there another link to the video? All my browsers cut around 2/3's the video off and give scrollbars to move the video around.