The WPCentral website may look a little different today

It was nearly three years ago that WPCentral.com had a site redesign and in 2014, we figured it is time for another update. Part of the changes you now see on www.wpcentral.com and m.wpcentral.com reflect our goal of bringing the Mobile Nations sites (WPCentral, iMore, Android Central, Connectedly, CrackBerry) more in line in terms of design. Another aspect reflects ongoing changes in how people view websites and what many consider "in" for design these days.

I should point out that we have a long way to go with this redesign. In other words, we are not doing it all at once, because from experience that can cause many headaches for our developers, writers, and you, our loyal readers. Instead, we are introducing our new header and some new design elements. There is still plenty of tweaking to ahead, so please be patient (many of you use our apps, anyway, which are unaffected by the site change).

In case you are wondering about the colors, personally I am not a huge fan of them though it is refreshing at the same time. The good news is other colors are coming, in fact, I would like registered user to be able to configure their own colors based on the Windows Phone accent choices; this is something I am pushing hard for so fingers crossed.

At any rate, like all changes, it takes time to get used to and there are many adjustments down the road. If you do find issues, feel free to use our forums to let us know or, please leave a (preferably) polite comment notifying us. Mobile Nations has a very competent team of developers and as someone who watches them work, I can say this stuff is much more complicated than you would think, so stick by us until we sort it out!


Daniel Rubino, Editor in Chief, WPCentral


Reader comments

The WPCentral website may look a little different today



Don't mention bed bugs. Caught them 2 years ago in a filthy apartment complex. Eventually got them to break lease and we moved but we had to have truly nolen spray the new place about 4 times before they finally went away.

I was wondering the same thing.

This would be good information to have in case I ever get bed bugs.

Wife went in and argued with the manager since we had to leave the apt for 3days and they weren't going to pay for it and we couldn't afford it since I was working temp jobs. After we came back the bugs were still there and they had to spray again, but we refused since we would have to leave for another 3 days with no compensation for a hotel. Talked him into letting us out of lease and moved. The pest people also took a week to even tell us that we had bedbugs after they did their inspection, the guy that did it went on vacation and no one came to tell us. After we moved, we called truly nolen. Even though they sprayed 4x, we only had to be out 2 hours.

That's a horrible situation to be in and all, but I think they were kidding with you.

They asked how do you get BEDBUGS to break THEIR lease, based on the wording you used initially. But yeah, good job by your wife to get the management to budge.

Looks really good! Just wondering the reasoning behind the arrangement of the "tabs" or site sections? Think "News" "Editorials" "Devices" "Games" "Help & How To" "Forums" "Shop" would be better

Ahhh u Stole My thoughts....

My though was about Colours only....U should provide a OPTION to change colours as personally i dint like this that much but ya other than colours...ahhh i guess WPCENTRAL upgraded to WPCENTRAL8.1 Officially :P

The new layout looks cool Dan!

(Except the site logo color... I mean it may be that I used to, too familiar with the old one or.. I don't know) but its good to know "The good news is other colors are coming"

Kinda agree about the mobile version (now its slower than before) but I use WPCentral app in my phone which is really fast, so no big deal for me though it'll be great if the mobile site is optimized :)

Only things I disliked about the change are the logo color (but new colors are coming Dan says) and I felt the text on the tiles at the top of the site are a bit messy on the pictures...  otherwise I loved the new layout, sidebar scrolling menus, sliding search and everything.

...And congrats on your first comment! ;)

Personally, I like the new menu but dislike the image filmstrip thingy! I would have preferred the images maintain sort of like the Tile effect of at least a filmstrip with padding between the images or a thin (micro) black stroke. Yes, and do something about the logo color, PLEASE!

I hope you'll make this a completely "Responsive Website Design" by completition ofthe new redesign..!

That's an understatement. A little purple goes a long way. When asked, how many people would say purple is their favorite color? Right. 

Daniel sorry to bother you but I sent you a question last night regarding the 8.1 preview for dev & 8.1cyan & taking phone back to factory state with recovery tool to reinstall cyan update

Love the new layout (which is odd because I typically hate new layouts), but the colors are absolutely horrible! I hope it works out where we can pick our own... or just go back to the blue/pink branding that has sort of been your thing for a while now.

In case you are wondering about the colors, personally I am not a huge fan of them though it is refreshing at the same time.


And thats the kind of honest writing that will keep people like me coming back here.  *salutes*

Daniel, i love the site and what you guys do. But purple with that red/orange windows logo hurts my eyes..


The dark purple looks great but that light purple and orange subtext has got to go..

This website still looks awful and cheap. It has so many adds, I don't know if I'm shopping for chinese knock offs or reading a tech blog.

The content is pretty good though.

I like the new header, but I find the purple tint on the images looks weird..

maybe if they had a neutral dark overlay..

The way they are now, they make my LCD monitor look like it's broken, or when the cable is not properly connected :)

I agree. The overall design of new header is great. But I could do without magenta. Daniel says the colors might be changed and a customizable palette may get released soon. So that's that. Till then, I'll recolor this page with some extension.

I know. i visited android central and i envy the header color! I wish WPcentral will be more subtle with the colors. And the typography is a bit unpleasant on the eyes with that color. Im not complaining about the design... just the color :)

Give it time. It's been live for about 90 minutes. We have lots of tweaking and optimizing to do now that it's live in the real world.

Yep, speaking to me about the site will be about as useful as a chocolate teapot (which any of my British friends will tell you is quite useless). No there is a separate team of very hard working and very talented people who look after the website

Hello Jay can you make some changes in the WP app so it shows our own comments on top and then the comments of other users should be kept down?

Oh..thanks for the info...and great work if i may say...but the team has lot of things to do about the site....its no where near the awesomeness of the app...well i am sure it will happen soon ....thanks again...

Yeah, purple is not that good. Just like Windows, the website needs a redesign every three years. And while I understand it's easier for the team in charge of the websites to have only one design to manage, the main layout could be unique to each community: tiles for here, widgets for AndroidCentral, geometric shapes for Connectedly, etc.

Love wpcentral. Glad you have taken the gradual change approach rather than the big bang one. Wpcentral has a great community and that can be lost so easily. Trusted reviews in the UK took the big bang approach a few years ago and lost their active community.

Just when I liked the blue background with the tiles, you guys changed the website.

And I wanted to ask you if you could make that blue background as a background for WP8.1 for the transparent tiles.

BTW the mobile version of this website does not come right on my windows phone. You cannot make it smaller to show full page.

Very weird

well it would be much better if that it will be the accent color as the tile background on the logo, while the header nav and its inner logo (exactly, the WPCentral logo) use the white color, it will be essentially representing the flat design of Windows Phone. ;)

Is it possible to bring your Windows 8 app more in line with your mobile app where you can quickly access everything as far as placing the categories go?

Yeah, Jay is re-writing the WP app as a universal one, which will allow him to share the same code/designs between both. It'll be a big update though, few months down the road, but that is the goal.

Love the new design! Very refreshing! Much cleaner than before, only few tweaks to make it more "metro", though currently it's already nice and fits well.
Good job, cheers WPC! :D

i knew something was beting updated on site cause when i was trying during past few hours ,it was acting strange, seems neater and more professional a bit, we'll let ya'll know if any bugs or links not working

Even though the current purple and orange colors burn my eyes, I'm sure you guys are hard at work making the website work and I can't wait for the finished site. I know exactly how long a website redesign can take. There is no "fast way" to make it happen.

i hate it. I cannot get rid of the big banner at the top, even using AdBlock, Ghostery and Request Policy.

I also like to visit the forums of other sites, but I have little interest in any of the blogs on any of the sites. Navigating from one forum to another used to be easy by just selecting other site and clicking "hot in forums". Now I need to take an extra step on going to blog page of another site, followed by mouse click to select forums.

I came to comment about this also.  Just like when AndroidCentral changed their design, gone was the ability to go to the top bar and look at other sites within MobileNations and see the headlines and links to forums.  I am hoping they will add a way back to see other news from those sites from within the current site. 

Add me to the list of people who miss the top bar as well.  I liked the drop-down panels where you could quickly get a look at all the new articles on each site.

Hear, hear!

I always wondered why I could quickly get to Android Central from WP Central, but not the other way around.

Agreed.  I liked the quick navigation to the other MobileNations sites.  Also, I wish there was a way for users to inhibit the appearance of the bar at the top every time one scrolls up, even just a little bit.  It's particularly annoying when the colors are as in-your-face as they are right now.  Maybe it's just my old eyes...

The NEWS button is now located at the farthest right side of the header. Very nice as I can easily tap it with my right thumb. Thanks for this!!!!

I'm assuming that coming in a few months as Jay is rewriting the entire app so its WP8/W8 compatible

Ooh no.. No like (there's always one, eh?). Header is far too big and clunky and takes up too much screen and the colours are a design nightmare.

It's certainly more Metro Modern. It'll take some time getting used to but I like it!

I prefer when things are done a step at a time to get feed back for better input. It's also good to see I'm not the only nite owl

This is a new refreshing look. I'm glad its done. I like changes its more pleasing to the the eye than the same old look. I also think the old look was good. Change is good.

I don't like the space between WP and Central in the upper left corner :-(
Everywhere it's WPCentral, please use that one also in the corner :)

Hi Daniel,
Difference is seen. Good to see that. I like the idea that registered user can change color. But still the current unregistered color can be changed to something even better to look. Since i am a web page developer, i can understand the pain you are speaking about.

Congrats for this new look. Pass my regards to your team including your development team.

Thank you.


The mobile site used to be optimised for Lumia 1520 which I really appreciate. But now with the new version, it really looks awful on Lumia 1520

Nice! But from a usability standpoint, I hope the designers add an arrow or something on the ends of the header, to make it easy to scroll back and forth instead of having to use my mouse...

Looks like WPcentral finally caught up to AndroidCentral and copied it's design.
Quite aptly sums up what's happening to WP in general.

Seriously though, good work you guys and love the new unified design.

Is the logo color will change too? Or it changes with the accent color? Because this red-white logo looks really strange for me.

amazing interface! new color options will sure be cool to have although this one is not too bad either! looking forward for more changes! gud luck:)


Dan, this isn't an issue as such, but can you suggest to all the other members of Mobile Nations that to the right side of the Mobile Nations icon in the top bar, you put an M and N in the Mobile Nations logo typeface.

It's currently too easy to miss.

First of all, I'm not trying to be rude I'm just noting my response to the website. I know it's just been up and I'm looking forward to the final version.

Here it goes, these is my first reaction. Not a huge fan of the colour but I might get used to it. The colour scheme is all over the place really.The links up top could do with some spacers (lines in between each other. Like you;ve done with the banner on the home page.. with the Lumia cyan coverage and 8.1 stuff etc). WPC logo looks nice but I thought it was pink/red? Just find the spacing of things a little weird. Since you've done icons for Forums and Shop you might want to keep it consistant with the other links.

Loving the drop down hamburger menu! Actually, liking all the drop down things. Also the scrolling headlines is neat!

Two things:

1) What happened to landscaping typing in the WPC app?

2) Would be nice to have a better notification system on the app and website for comments. Email is sooooo.... 2002

Not bad guys. I'm not a fan of purple but the rest looks great, although I'm not a fan of that menu bar coming up whenever I scroll up.

Great job guys.

Yeah, that menu bar coming up every time I scroll up even just a tiny bit is super annoying.  Other than that the redesign seems alright, although as usual there was nothing wrong with the old design...

Awesome guys!!  Very nice!! I visit pretty often throughout each and every day so it's nice to see the facelift!!!


Great! I like jumpining in and out of the sister sites to see whats happening on other platforms, would be great to have a uniform layout with each site a different colour.  Hope its done in time when WP merges all its platforms :)

I love changes..but this redesign just doesn't fit on my Q10. I can only see half of my screen.. :-( I think I love the old layout.

Yep, that's been available for years. You can also toggle it to large font through the main app settings on the first screen

Looks good...but needs more Metro Magic !!
But that's a pretty poor choice of colour...almost puked when i saw the screen 1st time....good thing i use the app more than browser.

Adopting the WP themes would be a nice idea

Who loves purple so much at wpcentral? :P I already hate the purple colour in that 512MB supported banner(although it is pretty helpful) and now the website also in purple?

Nice to see a new design of the website, was on my recomendation list back when WPCentral did a survey. Still there are plenty of ads that are placed right in the midle ruining the modern/premium look. I've added block lists to IE so I don't see the ads, I know this hurts the website revenue but if the ads were placed more carefully I wouldn't have to block them. (or for those who use chrome the Adblock extension is a must)

I just wanna say that the new look is amazing, there is definately a Windows Phone feel about the and the colour of the header bar is great and makes everything 'pop'. Obviously there are little niggles here and there but of course it's a work in progress and i'm looking forward to seeing what's coming next.

Keep up the good work guys!! :)

I like not having to scroll (as far) to get to the first story. I see a color change in the logo (don't do that - you have equity in the current one) and, WOW, that is not a color pallette that reflects the sophistication of the site's editorial content or - me thinks - its readers.

Change is change, Daniel.

Change does not necessarily always work, nor - certainly - is it always good. But it doesn't make itself, so...

I agree with the scrolling part. I don't like the tendency of some websites recently to place giant images at the top making the user scroll for what really matters.

My first thought when I loaded the page was "Crap, what's wrong with the internet? WPCentral is not loading correctly." Nice and refreshing.

The purple is fine.

Looks 'broken' to me.

No logo and menu items across 2 lines even thoughthere's plenty of room for a single line menu. Probably a browser incompatibility issue.

Good to see the pink gone, but that purple clashes a bit with the brownish-orange. It might look better as a brighter orange. Possibly with grey or blue instead of purple. Also some issues with the icons in IE9 mobile (WP7)

Very nice changes, I have some recommendations of some errors, there are very simple:

1. In the bottom you have a white space with 18px of height, actually that white space is for Google iframe, you can set height:0 and if you have troubles perhaps a position:absolute can be help, I try to fix it in developers panel but I cant check because I cant refresh the website without lose the changes.

2. The "#mbnf .mbnf_community" is small, you can set height:35px and fix it.

3. "#mbnf .mbnf_top_back" is small, you have to change the height or you can set to "#mbnf .mbnf_quote, #mbnf .mbnf_quote a" a font-size of 12px and fix it.

Another possible change, thats a recommendation, Facebook Beta has the same but I think is not user-friendly: the header pins to top when you scroll up, I think thats better pin it all the time when you scroll down, not only in the scroll up.

Great work, love WPCentral and sorry for my bad english.

why is it that sites which are critics of windows 8 forcing a tablet friendly interface on a desktop go and do the same. this thing is freakign awful on my desktop. can you guys not see you're making the same bone headed mistake as windows 8?