Xbox One sells 3 million consoles around the globe

At times, watching the launch for Microsoft's Xbox One gaming console was like watching a low rise car try to make it over speed bumps in a parking lot — painful. The company's public relations and marketing departments constantly tripped onto their faces when the answers to DRM concerns and piracy control were nowhere to be found.

A couple of months after the launch of Xbox One, not only am I enjoying my personal system, but so are 3 million other gamers and entertainment consumers around the world. 

Microsoft has just announced that they have sold over 3 million Xbox One consoles around this tiny pale blue dot we call Earth. The Xbox One launched into thirteen different countries before the end of 2013 and loyal fans jumped on the consoles as if they were candy. During Xbox One's launch, Microsoft stated that "Xbox One became the fastest-selling console in the U.S. during our launch month in November". 

The Redmond team thanks its fans and regards the reaction as "mind-blowing". Xbox One launched with a collection of great titles including Forza Motorsport 5, Dead Rising 3, Ryse: Son of Rome, and Zoo Tycoon. 

Microsoft is assuring its fans that the quest to make Xbox One the number one gaming console doesn't stop at 3 million units. They promise 2014 will bring a ton of games that will keep gamers engaged and entertained. Already slated for 2014 releases are Titanfall, Watch Dogs, Project Spark, Sunset Overdrive, Tom Clancy's The Division, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Destiny, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, The Elder Scrolls Online, and many more. 

In the words of the Xbox team at Microsoft, "Thank you for making 2013 truly epic for Xbox and here's to 2014!". Now the questions remain for you — what games will you be picking up in 2014 and were you one of the 3 million consumers to jump onboard Xbox One? 

Source: Microsoft


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Xbox One sells 3 million consoles around the globe


Grow up. This article is clearly about the Xbox one and what games people with then intend on purchasing. If you don't have one, that article doesn't apply to you, but I see your intelligence level is below average.

Did you read the bottom of the article asking if you were one of the 3 million to jump on board? They were just answering the question.

Not hating on PS4 or anything, but I hear about Ouya-like consoles quite often on Android news sites (not to mention, Ouya isn't Google's), along with Google Glass, Chromecast, and other Google products.

Same here, got a PS4 for the better exclusives and because the majority of my friends who I play online with own PS3 and now PS4, also I just couldn't resist how awesome remote play is with PS Vita.
I think I might eventually get an xbox one though ( I own an xbox 360 and a PS3), but I wouldn’t give this second thoughts if the TV capabilities were more advanced, right now they seem to be a Work in Progress.

I've got the XBox One, and my son has the PS4. Other than a few moments where the PS4 couldn't connect to our WiFi, I admit its a pretty cool console. He's already got more games than me because many of them were free, but what really makes me want to jump around like Jak & Daxter is when he plays his online friends on NBA 2K14, in the kitchen, via his PS Vita (console is upstairs in his bedroom). The minute he showed me that was the minute I stopped showing him SmartGlass.

Yup, PS vita is the reason went after the PS4, also android and iPhone users can use the ps4 app to fully control the console, that app capabilities easily beats smart glass.

Same, ps4 rocks, funny, 3 million xbone units sold in the entire little blue planet in November and ps4 sold 2.4 in us alone. All a number game. all companies can fix numbers to satisfy the media. Who cares, both are great machines, MS has yet to deliver on the promised "media" breakthrough. Till then I will stick to my ps4 and continue to stream media via my roku.

Well, it's the other way around. PS4 is available in more countries than Xbox One.

I wish you were right, because than XBox One would be available in the Netherlands. Well, it's not available here yet. Probably going to import a XBox One from Germany (I'm getting impatient..)

Xbox One is outselling PS4 right now in total units  and it's available in less countries and came out later (at least in North America), while costing more. I honestly thought PS4 was going to be on top all generation sells wise due to the lower price so this has to be concerning for Sony.

I think Microsoft's decision to go with the more available type of RAM has allowed them to keep up with demand while Sony is having a hard time stocking PS4s. 

+1 to answer ur question... I wasn't one of the 3million people who got the xbox One, I was one of the 10million people who got a PS4

I honestly just don't see the appeal of the PS4 at all. So far the Xbox One does just about everything better. It's got a better lineup of games right now, plus it has a slew of other features that the PS4 doesn't, especially the ability to watch live TV, the multitasking capabilities of the OS, the hot swapping features of the Kinect's voice commands, Skype, etc. In comparison, the PS4 just seems like a boring spec upgrade from PS3.

Quite a few reasons why live TV on Xbox One is better.
1. One Guide: I don't have cable so I always use free, over-the-air digital broadcast. The big problem with this is there is no TV guide. Watching TV on Xbox One fixes this: I get to take advantage of the OneGuide, which is so much better.
2. Voice commands: The second reason is the Kinect's voice commands. Being able to say "Xbox, watch CBS" or "Xbox, what's on Fox" or "Xbox, OneGuide" is incredibly convenient, especially when I'm eating.
3. Hot Swapping: being able to quickly switch between watching live TV, playing games, Skyping, music or movie streaming, etc. with voice commands is so much better than fumbling with 3 remotes trying to change HDMI inputs. It's so seamless. I love it.
4. Snapping: I love being able to multitask. I can snap TV while doing something else. It's awesome.

Bottom line is that all of the features together make the Xbox One a much more appealing device to me than the PS4. I just don't understand how anyone could choose the PS4 over the Xbox One given how much more Xbox One can do.

..."Being able to say "Xbox, (SMACK!) watch (SMACK!) CBS" or "Xbox, (GLUP!) what's (GLUP!) on (GLUP!) Fox " or "Xbox, (SMACK!) OneGuide" is incredibly convenient, especially when I'm eating"... Sorry, I could not resist.. I think the X1 is much better too!

Honestly, I'm not biased towards people who own ps4's, but the XB1's features are great; the Kinect camera/voice command recognition features are supreme.

I can see the potential with Xbox one, and I believe it is and will be better based on the games I play than the ps4. That being said, the 360 is still the premier experience. Don't be sad you don't have the One, just enjoy the 360 and its never ending library of games that Microsoft abandoned with the one, and get the one next holiday.

Hashtags aren't pointless here or anywhere. What they do is tell people about what hashtag terms they can search for on relevant sites (Twitter, Faceboook, Instagram, etc.). Your comments is equivalent to saying that a billboard with a company's phone number on it is pointless because the billboard isn't a telephone.

And still XBONE still neck to neck with tha PS4. That tell u rite there that SONY ain't nothing....they supposed be blowing XBONE out, but they can't

Well to be fair PS4 had vast shortages because they pushed it into 32 markets and now can't keep up

Excuses. So your saying it is sitting on shelves in 32 markets? Because the more markets the more people that can throw money away to Sony.

I call BS. PS4 is selling in less markets than Xbox One. Xbox One has more world coverage than PS4 does.

Day One Edition owner here and loving it. However I never cared who's winning or loosing just need to know the Xbox is a success. Currently 4 of my buddies own the Xbox One & 1 owns the PS4 (he'll get the Xbox One eventually), so people buy what you want, its your money.

Well Said.  I am opposite now.  Most people I know who went next gen, bought the ps4.  I have made more friends who have xbox one consoles online and in forums which has been really cool.  Maybe one day the ps4 will come to my home, but I bought the xbox one for more reasons than gaming.  I have a windows phone, lol, I dont care who is winning what war or market share.  I like what I like and others should like what they like.  No bashing others to make value for yourself.  I read the comments and get bummbed when I see the negativity.  Trolling for what?  What did you win?  Really, are you getting paid?!  Most the asnwer is nothing and no.  So, with that said, I look forward to seeing you xbox one owners online. 

Gamertag: JaimeAstin

I bought day one as well and to have to say I am disappointed with it. It was rushed and it shows. Bluray has sync issues, buggy/crashes, very poor button/navigation sequences in the menus, poor layouts and transitions, apps are lacking, game choice is lacking. I really don't care how it compares to PS4. I compare it to my Xbox 360, which is the console that is hooked up. First time I've ever been really disappointed with MS. I'm sure all these issues will be worked out, but when I pay a premium at launch, I'm not doing it just to say I have one... I'm doing it to enjoy it, which was difficult to do.

Wish list is for Skype on my Xbox 360, and Addon for Xbox one to record 2 channels of television. Be able to take calls from my phone on the Xbox One and run apps from my phone. Also, if in watching a video from my NAS on the XBox One, i want to be able to stop watching and play on surface, pc and phone at exactly the same place. Then i may buy it, i am not a gamer.

Shoot, I am at work thinking about Forza now... Havent played it in days, but it is so fun.  Like driving a real car... Especially ones that I have driven or owned :)

Well, I bought it mostly for non gaming activities... Yeah, not being able to connect to my NAS is a downwer, but come on... How many deviced do I aready have that connects to my nas???

That is whats cool about the xbox one.  it will own the media center and gaming among the rest ofthe options are just a voice or input away.  The TV is really controled withthe xbox.  Shoot... My girlfriend wants another in the house... NUFF SAID!

yes but did you have a 360 at launch? the xbox 360 didnt support nas out of the box shit if i remember correct i believe it didnt support party chat, and many of other futures that you use now were not there... for example apps on the xbox are pretty new to the experience... personally i own 3 360s and 1 Xbox One but im planning on changing that as updates come availabe and things start moving forward with the One, i personally so happy with my One im already planning on picking up another.

I believe it's possible, but it takes using a 3rd party app on fe. a smartphone or something, but it's probably coming too when they get around to it.

Shoot, I am at work thinking about Forza now... Havent played it in days, but it is so fun.  Like driving a real car... Especially ones that I have driven or owned :)

Day One here. Mostly waiting on Halo but I am interested in Titanfall, Quantum Break and Destiny

Yup. That and all the bugs to be fixed and basic features added, like battery life of the controller and disk space used.

Not only am I one of the 3 million, I'm also a Day One owner :D. Can't wait for Titanfall, Halo 5, and Fallout 4

im waiting for those as well as these:


Dying Light


Elder Scrolls online

gonna be a good year to own a xbox :P

I love my xbox one, it is a great console! I'm very excited for watchdogs, destiny, halo, titanfall, minecraft, and the division!

Ok. Let's focus on the Dolby Digital and DTS issue. By issue, I mean lets get it ADDED to the XBox One.

Nope. All of PS4s interesting games are on the X1, and X1's exclusives do look really nice... but if imma get anything it'll be a box I devote to steam

im gonna assume he doesnt care since he didnt mention it. he said all interesting games not all games.

Xbox One sold out in Germany ( I'm about to import one to the Netherlands) PS4 I don't know. Also Surface 2 is sold out in the Netherlands and Germany too! 

Waiting for some $$ to get the One. Still playing my xbl games that don't transfer to XBOne for some reason. Also, new southpark game doesn't appear to be coming out for the new console :(

just keep playing your current system for achievements if nothing else since your gamerscore carries over.

Yep, I have an xbox one... I have never owned an xbox was always nintendo or sony, but now it is the only next gen that I wanted...  I PS3 handles everything else.

I may get a ps4 way later down the road.  For now, I like what I see and the promise is great.  Kinect will be ever better in the future. 

Spain != The world

For example, here in the great US of A, iOS has 47+% market share, but worldwide it has around 15%

I hadn't owned a video game console since the Sega Dreamcast back in 1999. Xbox games on Windows Phone got me excited again about gaming, and then once I saw all the extra features that came with the Xbox One, I couldn't resist: Day One edition for me. I'm loving the games so far too, especially Dead Rising 3 and Killer Instinct.

Who cares who sold more? Most of you don't work for Microsoft and most of you don't work for Sony. Unless you are a stock investor and you have money staked, why care? Sales don't make one better than the other. Specs and features do. I prefer Xbox, and some prefer Sony playstation. 0 phucks

It is the same reason people go fanatical for pro sports. They aren't on the team or the organization, but still go fanatical. That's why they are called fans. True, there is an element of "local pride" or whatever, but the principle is mostly the same. Let them have their fun.

I can agree with the fanatical argument. I am a fanboy for sure, but I don't care if 325 million vs 300 million xboxes sold over ps4

I just want the original drm back, I'm completely happy with a once a day check in if it means I never have to swap a disc again and everything I own is available on any Xbone. MS should have made this a user choice instead of pandering to the whingeing idiots who didn't actually know what the repercussions would be

That still can be done. Buy your games digitally. U just have options now.
I remember the days when I had a moded original Xbox with all my games(including emulaters) all my music , all my movies, xbmc originated, and I was able to stream from a network hard drive. Xbox one at least has dlna / stream beam content from phone or pc to Xbox w correct format, in windows 8 just hit play to and choose device. Correct mw if I'm wrong but the ps4 can't even play mp3s yet. and if you didnt have internet for day one update you couldn't do much, talk about work in progress. Everything they criticized xbone , happened to PS fans , fanboys can be so blinded/ignorant.

Nice . Not yet. The 360 does so I would imagine eventually. I beat dead rising 3 while watching Netflix (futurama) in snap mode today.

It turned on and played music for me while I was getting ready for work without me having to touch a controller... and then when I get home it'll turn on and fire up Battlefield4 or Forza without me having to swap a disc. Or maybe switch to TV after a while, or Hulu, all from voice commands and no TV/receiver input changes.

THAT's what Xbox has done/will do for me today.

PS4 fans do not get a free game a month. First of all, they have to subscribe to PSN+, which costs money. Second of all, they only get to borrow the game for as long as they have the subscription. It's a glorified rental system, which, to me, is worthless. In contrast, Xbox Live's Games with Gold gives you permanent ownership of the games. What did Xbox One do for me lately? It gave me, for free, Killer Instinct, which is the best fighting game since Soul Calibur on Dreamcast back in 1999. The game is boss. And guess what? I own it forever! Xbox Live > PSN+

Really? Free, like with all the Characters???Yeah, ok buddy. 5 dollas a character is not "FREE!."

You're talking about "Rental" when speaking of PS+ and thinking MS prior policies were better. How is that any better? I don't have to check in every 24 hours to Plus, I could be offline if I want to. 50 dollars a year gets me DMC, Bioshock Infinite, etc. And that's only January. MS doesn't give you anything for "free(rental)." They actually take away things...as in they took away my ability to stream music videos through music pass. WOW! Thanks MS! Make an all in one system and take my features away. GREAT JOB!

With the old policies, you would have to pay 60 dollars a pop for the game, which by the way, checking in would be as if you didn't own the game. Maybe, you couldn't afford internet. Maybe the servers would be down, what then? Paying 60 dollars to "lease" a game is the "STUPIDEST" thing I have heard off after DLC. I'm glad the Majority won on that.

Anyways, you could still go ahead and buy everything digital I suppose. I'll just keep buying my physical copies at a discount and trading them in or selling them after I'm done, Thank You!

The free character rotates every month or so. You can play the entire game and obtain all of the achievements for free. So, yes, it's free with all the characters.

Microsoft's policies are better because the games you receive for 'free' with Games with Gold you permanently own them. With PSN+, you are merely renting them. Owning is better than renting.

Stop spreading FUD. You don't have to check in on Xbox One either. You have nevered 'owned' a game, by the way. You're merely have a license to use the game, even if you physically hold the disc or cartdrige. This dates back to the NES era. Learn w hat you're talking about before you spout of such nonsense.

Go for it. Personally, I'd rather not have a physical game collection for the same reason I don't own CDs for my music. Digital is better for everything. And especially on Xbox One with its hot swapping features: "Xbox, go to Killer Instinct". No prompt to put a disc in the drive there. Xbox One for the win.

The original Xbox policies were better and here is why: as Mr. Tyas points out, being able to hot swap between games (i.e. "Xbox, go to Killer Instinct") is much better than having to exchange actual physical discs. As you point out, this can still be done by buying all your games digitally. But, this is not ideal because physical disc games are cheaper than digital downloads. In Microsoft's previous model, all disc based games became digital, so you could buy a disc on sale from anywhere (e.g. Amazon.com has Xbox One games cheaper now). In the new model, Microsoft has a monopoly on digital distribution.

Yeah, they probably should've...

Then again, they would've only sold like 2 XBOXES if they had. But hey, they could have probably milked the few that would've bought it.

I'm one of the 3 million. #CongratsMicrosoft

XBox is their one and only "Hit" with consumers, it's the one product that people actively DESIRE out of them.

Love mine. Never considered a PS4. Now that I am getting used to the voice commands they work well enough. Now if I could just get my girlfriend to respond the same way. "GIRL...COOK!", or "GIRL....SILENCE!"... (just kidding)

Well, I told maself I wasn't gonna get ONE til I could get ONE for the same price as the PS4. Technically, I did. Bought it for 500 but will get 70 dollas credit on a future purchase. Just ordered it this past weekend.

P.S. No Love for Killer Instinct eh :-(

Xbox One Day One owner. Been great having it. Looks good under the flat screen TV too. Intrestingly enough, I find I am using all the 'other' features MORE than I play games on it. The games are GREAT TOO- Got Sons of Rome, Dead Rising, and BEST OF ALL- HALO- Spartan Assult!!!! WOWOWOW! game play blows me away- great graphics !!!! LOVE THE VOICE COMMANDS- works fine for me not sure why alot of pundits said not ready?? Love the multitasking- watch a Amazone Prime Video while playing a game or in a skype call.

I picked up the Xbox one and couldn't be happier. Granted, I'm not a heavy gamer. I got a few of the new games (Forza 5, Battlefield 4, Dead Rising 3) and they all are great games. But the real bonus is that I can now conveniently Skype with my family in Europe from my living room without my US family try to fit into the picture on a PC and that searching for a remote is a thing of the past in my house. I probably won't pick up new games anytime soon, because I just use it more as an entertainment center. Had a PS3 before, so no hate on the PS4 here. Everyone should get what best fits their needs.

Is this a good thing or bad thing? I expected more. Especially if it's global sales. Since this is just the start MS needs to hurry and shake off that bad press. Edit: I forgot they only sold it in 13 countries. That's a good a start. I retract my previous statement.

Yeah, only 13 markets, I had to import mine. I think the bad press over reacted, it was over blown, even professional haters are saying good things about the system.

I sure was and I love my X1. I first want to get Forza 5 and then Project Spark and of course all the other games :)

I hace both and im very dissapoint whith ps4 no games,Poor quality of materials,cables coming whith Console suck, analogs of pad disapoint too and interface toi conection to psn down a lot very disapoint whit ps4 . Im a lot happy whit my X One Ryse is fantastic and forza too,kinect is fantastic and interface. 5* my gamertag Marcodci Cumps from Portugal

PSN down a lot?? As far as i am aware, its been off twice for maintenance since launch!! And poor quality materials?? You sir are a ranting deuce bag!

Great... both consoles are selling well.  Glad to know this whole "war" was a marketing farce of epic proportions.  Best of luck to the big three, and I'll just stick to my PC. 

My question is: Why did Sony stop the sales race reports? They hurried and said we sold 1 then microsoft responded, then they said 2 million, then crickets

We bought one for Christmas, as did most of my son's friends...I actually know more people who got new 360's for their kids for Christmas than Xbox One's.

Most 360's buyers hated the Xbox One's price and/or wanted to see what kind of issues it had out of the gate.

Great job, MS! I wish they would give me a release date soon over here. Have mine preordered, just no date when to expect it..

PS4 is a good choise too if the exclusives interest you.. They dont appeal to me, so I dont really have any reason to go for PS4 while I have all the reasons to go for X1

I'm looking forward to Plex potentially coming to the Xbox One. I will literally throw my cash at them, and make a sizable donation to Plex if/when it is announced.