Yellow Nokia Lumia 920 stands out in latest Kelly Clarkson music video

It's another music video, another Lumia Windows Phone and another product placement. Oh come on, we know you love these feel good articles! This time we're visiting Kelly Clarkson and her new single, "People Like Us." The yellow Lumia 920 has been utilised in the video, but what is it all about? Honestly, I have no idea. It's late so the brain is shutting down for the evening, but I do know Clarkson likes her BMW Z4.

So there you have it. We've sorted the code above and the link below to start the video where the Lumia 920 is featured, but be sure to check out the entire video if you're into this type of music - it's a decent track. We're kicking through the weekend and figured a feel good article would be perfect. So what do you make of the artist's new video?

Source: YouTube; thanks, Evster88, for the tip!


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Yellow Nokia Lumia 920 stands out in latest Kelly Clarkson music video


What I thought about the comments hating about the Lumia/Windows Phone being advertised in a music video (this, We Are Young, the other one with JLo)
"Show a Lumia colored phone in a music video that stands out, and everyone loses their minds."
I think this video summarizes the music video and the people hating/disliking how Nokia devices are being shown in music videos.

The ad placement in this one is so stupidly obvious. In the others it's like "oh, he throws out a phone, it has to do with the 'fun' theme". In this one is like 'Hurr let's just put in this scene where this person takes a photo"

Anyone notices how hard it is for her to hold the "super heavy" L920 phone with one hand?

Why does WPCentral continue to post videos that can't be viewed on my Windows Phone? Nokia Lumia 900 7.8

Nice catch. But the song is bangin'.  I like. But with a song like this, its not a bad idea to show the phone. Best adverts ever.