1Password wants alpha testers for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1

After a couple of years of inactivity, it looks like developer AgileBits is getting serious again about supporting Windows Phone, and perhaps Windows 8.1, for its popular password management program 1Password. as well. The company announced that it is signing up alpha testers for a new version of the app for "Windows Modern" devices.

Desktop users of Windows have been able to use a 1Password app for some time and while there is a Windows Phone version, it has not been updated since May 2013. In a post on the AgileBits forums, the company offers a link to a sign-up page (opens in new tab) where testers can register their interest in getting very early alpha builds of a new version of 1Password. The company said:

"If you like skating a little close to the edge—if you think it might be fun trying to make the software crash—if you just can't wait to have the latest version of 1Password on your Windows Phone, tablet, or convertible—then we want you on the team!"Come to our web site, and sign up for the 1Password for Windows Modern alpha program. In the next few days, we'll send you instructions on how to install the software, along with information about what features are ready to work with. Then we'll follow up with the occasional short newsletter to let you know about new builds, new functionality, and other developments."

It sounds like this version will be a universal app designed to work on both Windows Phone and Windows 8.1, which hopefully means that 1Password might also consider launching a version that will work with Windows 10 as well. In the meantime the current version is still available for download for Windows Phone devices, but it does sound like AgileBits will make waiting for the new version worth it.

Source: AgileBits{.nofollow}; Thanks to Corentin for the tip!

  • Alpha? Sorry no one want to be one
  • It's an uncompleted version, in the very early build, before beta
  • You are so negative...
  • Seriously who cares about these type of developers who publish app and leaves it untouched (last updated 5/13 )
  • Here's an answer... The people who want to have support for the apps they love? Have you not been paying attention to the recent events of apps being pulled from the windows store? We need every developer we can to publish apps for the windows store.
  • That's what I'm saying if a developer is not supporting platform by providing updates then why we support him .
    No app is better than a featureless app full of bugs .
  • The current app was released for WP7, it probably didn't get much usage considering the user base at the time was smaller than it currently is. It probably wasn't worth their resources (time and money) to support for such a small number of users. Now that the user base is growing (especially with 'universal' apps) we have an opportunity to show these developers, who gave it a try and found it wasn't worth it, that now is time to give it a second chance. This is how we fight our platform's chicken and egg problem.
  • Agreed.
  • Alpha, maybe next time.
  • April 1st....
  • Wrong, 7th.
  • Technical Preview? :P
  • I'm just glad AgileBits isn't forgetting us Windows users.
  • Do Universal apps in Windows 8.1 / WIndows phone work with Windows 10?
  • I believe so.
  • Yes. Also an easy jump point for developers to full Windows 10 universal (all supported W10 devices instead of just WP/W 8.1)
  • I appreciate the options, but I'm using enpass and loving it. It's already a universal app and on android ios and even bbos...
  • Does anyone want to beta test my app? Its similar to this one. :) Search for BluSmartbox... Universal on roadmap.
  • Forums _/\_
  • You're right. :)
  • LastPass for us, but good to see other devs supporting the Windows ecosystem.
  • Alpha,beta,preview for developers, technical preview.... Anything else we windows phone users want ??
  • Well a shame that password managers dont integrate into the system as well as Keepass does with its autocomplete functionality via shortcut. This is just awesome. Any window can be accessed by it entering a password .may it be excel, the browser or even logins for games. Works even via Remote Desktop on other machines :O With modern apps this no more:(
  • "If you think it might be fun trying to make the software crash"
    ^ WTF :D
  • What do you think alpha\beta tests are for?
  • I know what an alpha and beta versions of an app are , but who loves to crash softwares :P
  • I do! Is really funny you know! :D
  • Password Padlock ftw.
  • I'll take a look. I signed up.
  • They are so late. I asked them years ago to support WP, they dodged every request with "we are evaulating other platforms, etc." That evaulation took a long time guys. Sorry, moved to Lastpass long ago.
  • I've registered!
  • +1
  • +1520
  • +520 XL
  • Sorry I use Norton secure vault to store my passwords securely
  • But they don't have a WP or 'Modern' app - only x86 desktop for windows. Their IOS app is really good though and supports fingerprint access on compatible ios devices - would be great if they could be persuaded to develop a universal Win 10 app.
  • Awesome! If folks want to continue to see quality apps come to Windows Phone I would strongly recommend jumping on alpha or beta tests of apps these vendors want to bring to market. Being the underdog in the mobile OS world don't dismiss these opportunities as it's a gold change to show vendors that the community cares and wants their apps! I've done some app alpha/beta testing if for no other reason than being able to help show software developers that yes we do want your software and ideally that leads to more software devs coming a long for the ride. Of course, the onus is on Microsft to make it easy for devs to port their apps form Android or iOS but at least we can show them we are interested.
  • They're trying. That's good enough for me.
  • I would use such an app but alpha testing no way. Update me when its done so I can download
  • This is good news for Windows phone. This is one of the premier Mac apps. And expensive. We should support this!
  • It's need to improve many thing