2007: Year of the GPS Handheld?

The BBc reports (with requisite Nokia quote, hey, it's Europe!) that sales of GPS devices will more than double to more than 28 million devices this year. That's a lot of people who aren't lost anymore. I just hope that all these promised "location-based services" that everybody's been talking about aren't what I fear they'll be: the mobile equivalent of pop-up ads. Isn't it enough that I have to ignore they guy yelling at me to buy his "real Rolexes?" Now I'll have my smartphone telling me the same?

sigh. I may be a gadget nerd, but sometimes my inner-luddite pops out and grumbles.

According to the mobile industry, 2007 is the year when GPS will finally lock on to phones across Europe."GPS has been in the domain of the early adopters to date, but in 2007 it will come to the masses," said Marcus Dacombe, head of product marketing at handset manufacturer Nokia.

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WC Staff