2014 Honda Civic introduces new infotainment system with HERE Maps data

The 2014 Honda Civic that goes on sale December 4th introduces an advanced connected-car technology with a 7-inch multi-touch display in the dashboard. The app-based system, named HondaLink, includes a comprehensive cloud-based navigation app for purchase. It is the first app developed by an automaker with mapping data provided by Nokia’s HERE Maps. You can plan your routes on your smartphone and then transfer all the information to the Honda Civic.

The bad news? At launch timing, Apple’s iPhone 5, 5S and 5C benefit from all the features HondaLink offers. Android compatibility is expected next year. No mention of Windows Phone support.

Watch the video below from Honda for a quick overview.

HondaLink’s navigation app offers a variety of location search options including search by point of interest, text search, or previous locations. Turn-by-turn routing guidance is available through the vehicle's audio system as well. The app isn’t free, though. Interested consumers will have to pay $59.99 for it.

Do Windows Phone users want their phones to be compatible with Honda’s new infotainment system? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Honda, Via: Engadget

Mark Guim

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  • Nope. #VW
  • +1 nope. #ford
    #sync ftw.
  • Ford Sync
  • Agreed ^^^
  • Love my Sync!
  • I bought a 2013 Ford Edge because I wanted Sync... +1520
  • Ford LOL
  • +3310
  • Onstar here
  • My Ford Sync works perfectly since GDR3
  • Yeah.
    It got better with me too
  • Yep! Still my 925 has a wonderful connection with my vw's radio. My friend has a Ford edge and a 1020 and he is not able to see all the song info in his radio just how vw's radio does.
  • You have got to be kidding me. No WP support.
  • Naaaaaaa
  • At $59 i don't think people would miss the app
  • Ford sync and I don't even have a ford. (yet)
  • shouldn't Nokia have worked in WP support from the get go considering they're using their software?
  • Nokia is concerned about their future. And WP isn't their future. Since they're providing software for cars, they'll concern themselves with the OSs where the consumers are: iOS and Android. Only after that will they, eventually go for Windows Phone and Jolla (yes, Sailfish OS is supported by Here too)
  • "Nokia is concerned about their future. And WP isn't their future." - Yeah, yeah, yeah, DJCBS. We've heard it from you a thousand times over. Thank you for your factual, rock-solid input towards this Windows Phone community.
  • Are you stupid? Nokia is leaving the phone business. So no, WP isn't their future. Mobile phones aren't their future for the time being. Try not to be so dumb, derp.
  • "Are you stupid?" Well, that's one why to illicit a response from someone.
  • HERE is probably available on more than just assorted Windows platforms such as Windows Phone and Windows Embedded Automotive. It would not surprise me at all to learn that Honda is not using any Windows platform in its cars. Some auto manufacturers that are (not necessarily with HERE) include BMW, Fiat, Ford, Kia, and Nissan.
  • Honda? No, thanks. I prefer German cars. Give me either Volkswagen or Mercedes. I'll pass the rest, thanks :P
  • OK, you can get a VW Bug. :-P
  • I already have a Passat ;P and you're thinking about the Beetle, which actually is an awesome car.
  • Yeah, that's a nice car.
  • My BMW 325TD. Old and very good German car. :-)
  • Are you sure about VW? I was dissuaded from getting one on the basis that I would be prone to needing repairs more often than usual...that said, most people say the same thing about the Ford too. These types of things probably aren't even true anymore, oh well. =[
  • VW is still known for poor reliability, and Ford is about average for reliability.
  • Where? Not in Europe, that's for sure. They're one of the biggest and most popular brands. ;)
  • I didn't say they weren't popular; I said they generally have below average reliabilty, though they are getting better.
  • Absolutely. I've had a few VW and none has ever given me any problem.
  • At $59 I just think it's kinda stupid. I already have a full featured app on my Lumia. It's called HERE Drive^^ At no additional costs I'd be at least interested to see how it's working.
  • My phone connects to newer GM head units no problem. Even displays a Windows mobile logo. I was very impressed.
  • Weird. You'd think that the smartphone integration would just be adding favorites and setting destinations in HERE Drive + and them syncing to the car via your Nokia account. Not sure why this seems to be approached as a ground-up new app.
  • Exactly. I don't see any reason why this can be done over the web even
  • So now when I go to buy a car, I have to worry if it will be compatible with my phone?  Oy vey.
  • +920 +3310 +E5 +E7... Exactly. And what is when I update my phone on the contract, new car?
    Although exited!!! And the Volvo app has long been on Windows Phone
  • It would be fine if it was either free or for one dollar especially if you have a windows phone. $59 is ridiculous. Obviously the creators of the program don't want it to be able to compete against any of the other companies. As a 2009 Honda Civic owner I would like to add this system to my car, but not at that price.
  • Awesome!!!!! Nice job Nokia! Divide and conquer!
  • BS... Makes zero sense. Is it always gona b like this or what. To be honest.. I like the other concept WPC covered.. Looked just like r HERE Drive app in the dash. The beginning of the post had be considering buying one until I kept reading. Screw u.
  • Oh and more... Ford sync is part of ford and ford sucks. Thx. Lol. Damn lil focuses. Puss car. Will admit its better than those Prius wiener cars
  • What? The Focus is an excellent car, especially the ST.
  • Ugly. I kno there good cars.
  • I've had my Focus from new since 2009 and it's the best I've ever had. Not once has it let me down during four years of ownership. And no, it's not ugly. They're nice looking cars in my opinion
  • I think they look good. Definitely (along with the new Mazda3) the best looking it its class.
  • Apparenly Honda don't want WP users as customers... Strange decision as WP is the most growning smartphone OS. But its their decision I guess. So next time I'll go looking for a new car I just skip the Honda dealers!   I drive a Volvo and they have an excelllent app for their cars!
  • Honda wants anybody as a customer. Honda - like any other major company - has a certain budget and set number of people to use as a resource on development. Thus, they are WISELY putting that toward the two platforms that cover 90+ percent of cell phone and tablet users. They don't have anything against Windows Phone. They just need it to be WORTH the investment. I work for a company that's bigger than Honda. We actually have apps on all three platforms including Windows Phone. The WP app is just a wrapper for our mobile site, however, while all of the cool features go to Android and iOS. It's a chicken/egg problem. We're not seeing much usage of the Windows Phone app, and the 1-star reviews are piling up. But they won't put the resources into getting it up to par and hiring real deal Windows Phone developers until people start using it more or there's more demand. That's what's keeping a lot of companies from updating their Windows Phone apps or from touching that platform in any way, shape or form.
  • Doesn't change a thing! Volvo, thats a much smaller car manufacturer than Honda, has apparently made the effort to support WP with a good app! So next time im going to by a car i really dont care at all if Honda supports 90% of the mobile phones out there... they dont support MY phone, so I dont care for Honda cars, its as easy as that... Thanks for the reply anyway.
  • Almost no WP on Japan, so yah.
  • Yes we would like WP suppot for Honda Link.
  • Is that even a question...? Like... "Do you want your Windows Phone to have parity with other phones and do cool things? Answer in the comments!" I'd hope there wouldn't be anyone genuinely against this. Seriously.
    Why does that need to be a question?
  • So someone can refer the company in question to the WPCentral comments section and say, "See? There are at least 13 other people who want your product. Think of all the lost sales!" Why else? ;)
  • To bad its Honda... Toyota fo life. I've always owned Toyotas 2 Supras, a Corolla, a Solara and currently a 2011 Venza, my second Supra is laid up til I repair the frame in the spring.
  • *golf clap*
  • Sorry to hear that you've owned a Corolla, Solara, and now a Venza.
  • Corrola was a Tank drove it through a swamp had water up to my knees lol better offroad vehicle then my old Silverado, Solara is basically a 2 door Camry can't do wrong there for reliability plus the woman thought it was cute and not scary like my Supra, and if you never drove a Venza shit I unno what to tell yah, I've worked a Chrysler for 5 years I will never in my life own one of them overpriced beaters. I'm a mechanic by trade so I've been around, owned, and drove alot of cars.
  • Toyota are flimsy cars. They do zig zag in the wind lol
  • Toyotas zig zag in the wind I've yet to experience that? Maybe you can't drive? All light cars will rock abit in high wind, Vans an SUV's more so, its physics really but zig zagging??? I unno man
  • No WP support? No Honda.
  • Honda? Volvo for live!
  • I'm quite happy with my Mazda Bluetooth system and my Lumia 920 mounted on the dashboard, thanks...
  • My 1020 integrates nicely with my Alfa Romeo... Honda can shove it.
  • Worst of all it uses Siri! Ask Siri, Why are fire trucks red and she will reply:
    Cause there's eight wheels on them and four people, and four plus eight is twelve, and twelve is a foot and a foot is a ruler, and Queen Elizabeth was a ruler, and Queen Elizabeth was also a ship, and the ship sails the sea and in the sea is fish and fish have fins, and the Finns fought the Russians and the Russians were red and that's why firetrucks are red.
  • Does she actually say all that? Lol =P
  • My phone is my infotainment system and with a wireless charger in the car,my phone does everything I need it to do. So no! I don't need such a system built in.
  • I have all the navigation features for free on my phone, I hope I can use Bluetooth hands free, contact sync and voice?
  • They aren't gonna worry about windows phone. Not in a bad way its built into the phone so why worry if the car can do a redundant job
  • It should be compatible to Windows Phone from the start! It's ridiculous!
  • I never buy this stuff b/c I always end up replacing what the factory installed with an after-market high-end audio system.
  • Meh, my car is for performance. Don't care about these gimmicks. 2014 Subaru STi ftw ;)
  • '14 Civic Si with Nokia Here connected to my Lumia 1020...would've been a perfect match... vtec yo lol
  • Didn't hear it once say maps provided by Here.....
  • Hah, yeah no Honduh for me.
  • It's too bad they aren't supporting WP, but it doesn't really matter to me since there's no Honda out right now that I'd consider buying. Bring back something like the S2000 and we'll be talking (even if I don't have the money :P).
  • Couldn't care less. Running custom carpc's since 2002. Mp3car.com for life!
  • Fact: when you drive a Honda in Japan, Honda's hometown, you're just below average guy, idk why but Honda didn't gain much recognition to them. In other words, Japanese think that Honda is cheap
  • i'm waiting till car infotainment systems match tablet specs to some degree... especially in pixel density. why is it so hard to put a nice looking screen in? everything i've seen so far looks way too pixelated for 2014
  • How can a Nokia product not include support for WP? This makes no sense.
  • I tipped this yesterday but okay........
  • For some reason my 2013 Ford Explorer doesn't work with Sync. But my 2013 Focus SEL works fine. Anyone else?
  • Nvm i retracted that, they only just supplying the maps
  • YES!  I love my windows phone and my Honda.  I will hate to switch to Iphone.
  • YES!!!  I too want my Lumia 735 to display my NAV app to my 2015 Civic Infotainment system screen!!!  NOW!!!!!  Why did Honda partner only with "shtapple"??