2014 Honda Civic introduces new infotainment system with HERE Maps data

The 2014 Honda Civic that goes on sale December 4th introduces an advanced connected-car technology with a 7-inch multi-touch display in the dashboard. The app-based system, named HondaLink, includes a comprehensive cloud-based navigation app for purchase. It is the first app developed by an automaker with mapping data provided by Nokia’s HERE Maps. You can plan your routes on your smartphone and then transfer all the information to the Honda Civic.

The bad news? At launch timing, Apple’s iPhone 5, 5S and 5C benefit from all the features HondaLink offers. Android compatibility is expected next year. No mention of Windows Phone support.

Watch the video below from Honda for a quick overview.

HondaLink’s navigation app offers a variety of location search options including search by point of interest, text search, or previous locations. Turn-by-turn routing guidance is available through the vehicle's audio system as well. The app isn’t free, though. Interested consumers will have to pay $59.99 for it.

Do Windows Phone users want their phones to be compatible with Honda’s new infotainment system? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Honda, Via: Engadget

Mark Guim

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