This $260 electric toothbrush is only $50 right now

It’s been proven time and time again that electric toothbrushes do a much better job than traditional brushes when it comes to keeping your teeth free from plaque and germs.

But not all electric toothbrushes are created equal. This Platinum Sonic Toothbrush & UV Sanitizing Charging Base (which comes with two bonus brush heads) cleans your teeth like no other at a whopping 40,000 strokes per minute, and it’s currently available for over 80% off at just $50.

In addition to keeping your teeth and gums healthy and happy at all times, this electric tooth brush actually cleans itself as well, thanks to a specialized UV sanitizing charging base.

You’ll be able to polish your teeth for a whiter, healthier smile thanks to brushing speeds of 40,000 strokes per minute, and there’s a two-minute timer to let you know when you’ve hit the dentist-recommended brushing time.

You’ll even be able to use the brush for up to two weeks on a single charge as you destroy everything from germs and bacteria to plaque and coffee stains.

Get an electric toothbrush that keeps itself as clean as your teeth with a Platinum Sonic Toothbrush & UV Sanitizing Charging Base for just $50—over 80% off for a limited time.

WC Staff