3rd party Foursquare app bringing advanced features to Windows Phone

While wait on the official Foursquare application to be updated/fixed just to allow basic functionality, we'll still be missing all the new features that Foursquare has been rolling out our other platforms in their v2 and v3 designs. Yes, they say they're working on that too but we don't see an immediate time frame for release.

Jeff Wilcox, independent developer and Senior Software Development Engineer on the Silverlight Phone & Devices Team at Microsoft, had decided to take matters into his own hands and make a super Foursquare app--an app that is almost ready to for launch.

While his new version won't support everything in v2/v3 from the get-go, he hopes to roll them out in frequent updates, so although we don't know the exact feature-set of his v1, here's what he wants it to support eventually:

  • Photos of venues
  • Photos with tips
  • Associating a photo with a check-in
  • Commenting on check-ins
  • Leaderboard results when checking in
  • Additional special types

One thing that is really nice about Wilcox's approach is his penchant for detail--the guy works on the Silverlight team and knows how things should look and how they should work, case in point:

Building out an application this large with the right level of performance is not easy, and I’ve had to build a number of specialized components along the way. Many of these components I’ve polished enough to behave just like you would expect the Windows Phone to – and this is important to me. I don’t want a user to have an inconsistent experience from the rest of the phone, and so I’m taking the time to build these to a high level of quality.I have an eye for detail and as a result really find it offensive when I’m using apps that don’t respect the OS design and user’s preferences, for example: I want my selected “accent color” to come through in the app. I would like the experience to feel authentic to the Windows Phone, and not be a “port” of some other app experience from another platform.

In other words, we can expect quality, not something rushed and thrown together. We'll be looking for this app and hope to have a hands on soon.

Source: Jeff Wilcox Blog; Thanks, @mF3rr0, for the heads up!

Daniel Rubino

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