Here are 4 questions from Microsoft asking how they can improve Continuum for phones

Microsoft's Continuum is one of those fun technologies where not everyone can see how they'd use it, but in the back of their mind, they all agree that 'someday' this will likely be the future. Indeed, in 2005, I kept telling people how smartphones were the next big thing, yet everyone around me dismissed them due to "no need." "Just email them when you get home!" they said.

Now, smartphones are as necessary as heat and hot water, and I dare say we'll look back on November 2015 and Continuum as kicking off a new era. Still, there are about a dozen ways that it could be better, and Microsoft knows this, which is why they have four questions for you to answer about the feature.

The questions are posted on the Microsoft support forums, and they are very interesting, if only because some of you are looking to the horizon for what a Surface phone could do. That may be the case and even if not, it still behooves us to take a look.

Remember, don't just answer these here, but in Microsoft's support forums so they can track what people are looking for and expecting fro Continuum. Without further ado here are the copy/pasted questions by Jason[MS] from the Microsoft forums:

Question #1: What apps matter most on Continuum for phone?

We know that users want to be able to use more apps with Continuum. To help us prioritize getting the apps that you love and need the most, we'd like your feedback!

If you could use any app on your phone with Continuum, what would you use that you can't today?

If you could use any app that you have on your desktop or laptop PC with Continuum, what would you use?

Question #2: How will you use Remote Desktop with Continuum for phone?

We've heard a lot of buzz around being able to connect to a remote desktop from Continuum for phone. We are excited to share that the Remote Desktop Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app will be released very soon in Technical Preview.

We are very interested in hearing more from remote desktop users to help prioritize investments in this much-requested app.

How do you intend to use it on Continuum for phone? What apps will you run and what tasks will you do? In what environments or scenarios will you use it?

Question #3: What PC features matter most for Continuum for phone?

Continuum for phone allows you to use your phone like a PC. Today, there are still differences between your Windows 10 PC and Continuum for phone.

We're curious to hear your thoughts on these differences.

What desktop PC features do you miss most when using Continuum for phone? What are your top requests for features that let you use your phone like a PC?

Question #4: In what environments would you want to use Continuum for phone?

We are very interested in learning how Continuum for phone fits into your life!

Where would you use Continuum for phone (home office, connected to big screen TV, kitchen, dorm room, touchdown area in a public space, etc.)?

Go forth and answer!

To answer those questions and lend your thoughts please head to the Microsoft Community forums for each question and get posting!

Thanks, Tony Y., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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