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4castr is a wildly popular weather app for Windows Phone, maintaining a 4.4 rating (out of 5) on the Store. Today, version 1.5 ‘Stratus’ has gone live, and it brings with it a massive list of changes and improvements. The app is free with in-app-purchases to unlock premium features, making it a fun option to toy around with, especially if you want detailed forecasting.

Let’s take a look at what today’s update brings. Grab a coffee, because the list in long (and we just love detailed changelogs).


4caster ‘Stratus’ 1.5 (now available)


  • System Tray is now shown on every page
  • Pages are now automatically scaled
  • New Secondary Page Template
  • Added option to use m/s for wind speed for metric users
  • Changed “Sunrise” and “Sunset” text to icons
  • Added new high wind icon
  • Added code to detect wind speed and show the appropriate wind icon
  • Changed water drop icon
  • Improvements to how data is processed and displayed
  • Optimized 4castr logo
  • Improved app load time
  • Now supports fast app resume
  • General UI Tweaks
  • General speed improvements

Main Page

  • Redesigned entire page
  • Developed new gesture methods and optimized animations
  • Panels now move and follow through to reflect gestures
  • Header and navigation dots disappear when panel is about to overlap during gesture
  • Added “pull to refresh” gesture to the Current Panel
  • Created “pull to refresh” to “release to refresh” animation
  • Added pressure trend arrow
  • Redesigned alert preview box into a user control
  • Alert preview box now shows alert issue and expire times
  • Redesigned alert view overlay
  • Improvements to how alert text is displayed
  • Added “read this alert” feature
  • Added alert open & close animations
  • Added alert selection and alert back key press animations
  • Multiple alert list improvements
  • Forecasted temperature (high and low) now scale based on length
  • Swiping left and right now works within the forecast text scroll viewer
  • Redesigned glance forecast items into user controls
  • Added tilt effect to glance forecast items
  • Added Wind Chill to hourly forecast
  • Added Heat Index to hourly forecast
  • Swiping left and right now works within the hourly forecast list
  • Fixed radar legend to reflect actual Weather Underground radar colors
  • Fixed several animated radar bugs and improved load time
  • Improvements to application bar
  • Improvements to “share weather”

Add Location Page

  • Redesigned entire page
  • New clean & simple “Allow GPS” prompt
  • GPS is now the preferred method for locations
  • Added deny animation
  • Fixed location search box bugs
  • Redesigned location list item template
  • Location results now show full location, type, latitude, longitude, and ID
  • Improvements to navigation model

Customize Icons Page

  • Redesigned entire page
  • Added four new icon packs (seven total)
  • Rewrote determine icon code to reflect actual weather underground condition documentation
  • Fixed select custom icon bugs
  • Icons are now stored as two resolutions

Voice Command Page

  • Fixed scaling issues
  • Replaced five day forecast with full ten day forecast
  • Added “close app after voice command response” feature
  • Background Agent:
  • Added option to change run interval (hourly, every 2 hours, or every 4 hours)
  • Added manual background agent reschedule button
  • Rewrote download weather code
  • Rewrote render and update tile code

Live Tiles

  • Redesigned all live tiles into user controls and adjusted margins
  • Added support for Windows Phone 8.1 Transparent Tiles
  • Fixed high contrast bug
  • Rewrote live tile render code
  • Rewrote live tile update code
  • Better rendering memory management
  • Tile Settings are now saved as custom data type

Alert Toast Notifications

  • Rewrote alert toast code
  • Replaced old custom sound with new customize sound options
  • Option to use chime + alert title announcement
  • Alert titles can be read by Redd Horrocks (in American or British accents)
  • Voice accent is determined by region, however can be changed in settings

That’s a lot of changes and Windows Phone 8.1 early adopters will like the new transparent Tile option. There are so many changes that we left a few of the deeper ones off this page, but you can head to developer Bailey Stein’s blog to read more about the update here.

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Needless to say, we like it when developers pay attention to their apps and user requests. While 4castr may be too much for some users, we know a lot of you will enjoy the new features and overall UI improvements, including better gesture controls. I’ve been beta testing it for a few days and appreciate the changes.

Want to give it a spin? Version 1.5 is now live in the Store and worth the download. The app is free, but by going Pro ($1.99, in-app-purchase) you get Live tile support, customizable weather icons, alert Toast notifications and 16 app themes.  

Grab it here. Windows Phone 8/8.1 only

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