4th & Mayor gets Live Tile & push notifications in version 3.1

We love ourselves some 4th & Mayor, the wildly popular Foursquare app for Windows Phone which has outpaced the official app. We're now happy to announce that version 3.1 is live in the Marketplace. What are the biggest changes? Only the ones you have been asking for the most:

  • The back of the app tile is now a Live Tile leaderboard
  • Toast notifications when friends check-in near to you

That right there are some cool features for such a great app. We're busy taking it through its paces right now, so we'll let you go download it here in the Marketplace for free. Oh and since it is free, if you ever feel like buying the developer, Jeff Wilcox, a beer for his efforts, you can do that very easily by clicking this link.

There's much more too though with version 3.1 with the full changelog after the break...

Push Notifications

  • The push beta is now active for all 3.1 users
  • Check-in pings: when friends check-in near you, you’ll get a toast
  • Leaderboard live tile
  • You can turn pings on/off for individual users in a profile page’s app bar
  • If you find these annoying, you can always turn off push in the app settings. 3.2 will add new options for improving the push experience.

Map improvements

  • The map view has a new app bar icon
  • The map view supports panning to see friends now
  • Map only shows nearby friends within the last 3 hours per foursquare guidelines
  • When viewing a place, the map page (touch the map) now will show your current location plus the destination on the same screen
  • You can open up the Bing Maps app on the phone and it’ll give you directions to the place


  • Specials now have a slightly improved link
  • Specials show the fine print required for cashiers to redeem your specials


  • Places now show their tags
  • “Here now” is only shown at a place when people are actually there
  • New ‘share…’ options to improve the visual design
  • Share a link to a place using social networks

GPS Changes

  • Improved options to resolve locations quicker
  • Iterative improvements to try and address customer issues with location not always being found

Other updates

  • New dedicated pin pages available
  • The ‘What’s New’ page shows information about whether we notified Twitter, FB, or checked you in off-the-grid
  • Addresses many bug reports and crashes
Daniel Rubino

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