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5 stunning games that look better on Xbox One X compared to PS4 Pro

Xbox One X
Xbox One X (Image credit: Matt Brown | Windows Central)

No matter what aspect of the Xbox One X you're evaluating, it's undeniable that it is more powerful than the PlayStation 4 Pro. Surpassing Sony's console in CPU, GPU, and RAM horsepower, the Xbox One X is truly a beast on paper.

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However, how does it perform when we actually play games on it? Specs are great, but what really matters is how the console performs for its customers. Here are five examples of games that run better on the Xbox One X than they do on the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Star Wars: Battlefront II

Star Wars: Battlefront II was one of last year's most impressive titles, and as such is a fantastic game to use as a measurement of the Xbox One X's power. The Xbox One X is capable of achieving native 4K resolution (3840x2160p) with Battlefront II while also often keeping the experience at 60 frames per second (FPS).

The PS4 Pro manages to stabilize at 60 FPS more often, but only slightly. Also, the maximum resolution you can play Battlefront II at on the console is just a 1440p. Xbox One X is much more capable of handling the galaxy far, far away.

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Rise of the Tomb Raider

The recent Rise of the Tomb Raider game is another place where the power of the Xbox One X shines. Both consoles can reach 4K here (locked at 30 FPS) but the Xbox One X does it natively while the PS4 Pro does it through checkerboarding. This results in a crisp look for both, but the Xbox One X looks less blurry overall. The Enriched Visuals mode allows you to enhance other graphical aspects of the game at a cost of some resolution; in this mode, the Xbox One X uses 4K checkerboarding while the PS4 drops down to 1080p.

Finally, there's the High Framerate mode that reduces the experience on both consoles to 1080p to allow a boost to the framerate. Xbox One X is the clear winner here as well; it manages to run the game almost 100% at 60 FPS, while the PS4 Pro usually drops into the 50s during intensive moments.

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In 2016's Hitman, the Xbox One X outperforms the PS4 Pro by a wide margin. On the One X, the game runs at either native 4K 30 FPS if you're playing on the normal settings or 1440p 60 FPS if you're playing in performance mode. In comparison, the PS4 Pro can only manage to run the game at 1440p, maximum.

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Assassin's Creed: Origins

The Xbox One X almost manages to run last year's Assassin's Creed: Origins at native 4K, hitting 2016p whilst maintaining a mostly stable 30 FPS that only dips a little bit in cutscenes. In comparison, the PS4 Pro's resolution is lower at 1584p. In addition to this, the framerate on PS4 Pro also drops from 30 into the low twenties in intensive gameplay moments or in cutscenes. Though both consoles drop frames in these instances, the Xbox One X overall keeps its framerate higher.

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The Witcher 3

Both the Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro can run The Witcher 3 with 4K resolution and a locked framerate of 30 FPS, but the Xbox One X is capable of achieving this natively while the PS4 Pro has to resort to checkerboarding. In addition, the Xbox One X's more powerful hardware allows it to render shadows and textures in the game much better than the PS4 Pro.

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Your thoughts

What games do you think look better on an Xbox One X than a PlayStation 4 Pro? Let us know in the comments.

The Xbox One X is available now for $499.

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  • I would say Destiny 2, Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, DOOM, and The Evil Within 2 should also be on there. But then again, every Xbox One X Enhanced game looks better than it's PlayStation 4 Pro counterpart so this list would include hundreds of games. Even City of Brass is 4K on Xbox One X and 1080p on PlayStation 4 Pro. The same goes for Nine Parchments.
  • You should have mentioned Far Cry 5 and Overwatch as One X has a huge advantage in these two, and remove rottr and possibly bf2. I owned ps4 pro and I'll probably buy it again and I don't own X as it's too expensive for me, but it it such a wonderful console that it gives hope for Microsoft's next console. I used to own a base Xbox One and I like its operating system a lot more that ps4's system. Simpler, more useful and more accessible.
  • I'm pretty sure the difference is so small you can't see it with your eyes you just know about it because of the specs with both systems
  • I'm pretty sure you really don't own a real 4K HDR tv with VRR to really see the difference sir.
  • No, the differences are massive. Also, a 2 TFLOPS difference is like this in terms of power. Xbox One X = PlayStation 4 Pro + PlayStation 4
  • actually u can. I play on both consoles but I now prefer 3rd party games on the X. difference is very very noticeable. PS, I play one a LG Signature OLED65G8PLA 4K ultra HD TV.
  • Totally agree. Though I play at 1440p on a gaming monitor because I think TVs are abhorrent for gaming :) Third party XOX enhanced titles are generally nicer than on PS4 Pro (I have one of those ofc) but then you get titles like God of War and HZD which are stupendous.
  • I feel if you find a television with very low input lag like the new LG or Vizio is works really well.
  • pwntergeist2013
    Some people claim to see massive differences...
    I guess if you stop the image and zoom the screen by 300% you can spot differences. But throughout console history, we've seen that the more powerful console doesn't usually win the generation or is the most popular. I mean right now, X and pro are probably not selling more than the regular models.
    I would say if power is the priority they would not be on console but on PC for years.
    And many of the ones buying and promoting the X around here happens to also own and used to promote the original weaker XB1... That says it all... Personally, power doesn't really matter to me. I don't own a pro nor a X. If power really mattered to me I would just upgrade my GPU and kill both these consoles...
  • Except the XB1 is only weaker on paper - in actual content from developers that use the technologies Microsoft provides, it can use higher quality textures, at higher/dynamic resolutions with more stable/consistent framerates. (People that like to just compare numbers or hardware - miss out on the other half of the equation that matters.) Even with the Xbox One X - technically its CPU has slower core performance than Intel gaming PCs, and its GPU architecture is directly based on the Radeon RX480. This hardware in the PC world could not yield the results the Xbox One X does. Again people don't notice the embedded DirectX instructions in silicon and other technologies that give it significant advantages over PC gaming. To compete with the Xbox One X in the PC world, you will need a fast i7 and a Geforce 1080Ti. (As Microsoft releases their GPU technologies from the Xbox One X to AMD/NVidia/Intel - as they did with the XB360 - then PC gaming will catch back up.) Another thing to note - is the current games - essentially everything in this article's list, are not yet fully optimized for the Xbox One X - especially games that are not using DirectX or a performance enhanced DirectX rendering engine. This is why there are games that don't get much or don't get much more than the PS4 Pro, as they are not using the key Microsoft technologies that the Xbox One X can do amazing things with. I look forward to the GPU technologies Microsoft created making their way into PC GPU technologies, but until then, the Xbox One X is impressive and at times will hold performance consistencies that even the i7/Geforce 1080Ti configuration cannot. Besides, new technologies, better quality and faster are always good things. ;)
  • That was HILARIOUS!!! LOL So most games looked better, had better texture, had better resolution and better framerate on XB1 vs PS4??? The XB1x is performing better than a PC with a fast i7 and a 1080Ti??? Ok, if you say so... :) I'm sure you can provide actual benchmark that proves this... so please post the links :)
  • You can build a PC that will out perform the X1X but it'll cost you more then double the money. The X1X and PS4 Pro are both very good values. I do think the X1X is the better value because it has a 4k drive and it place audio cd's. I have a extensive cd collection and would rather play them. I don't like to stream my music.
  • It's subjective and depends on what people want.
    Personally I'll never buy a 500 bucks console because it can play my music CDs.
    My priority as always been games.
  • The cpu in the xb1 x is equal to a i3 processor. I do most of my gaming on pc and I can see a major difference between my pc and xb1 x. The xb1 x was overhyped. Notice how you don't hear about it In the main stream anymore? This generation of xbox has been nothing less than crap. It's made up of mostly remasters. I mean come on the xb1 x is supposedly so powerful you can't do vr on it. I'm not a Playstation fan I actually really hate Sony but atleast they know what they are doing even the switch is out selling the xbox
  • I plead your highly wrong with the CPU in the Xbox they have done comparisons of the Xbox One X 2 gaming PCs and it has performed just as well as a gaming PC with a i7 with the 1060 or 1070 equivalent. This was done by PC Magazine. You can see comparisons where the Xbox One X looks almost just as good as a high-end gaming PC. You have realize that a PC does a lot more than just gaming. That's what a lot of people I don't think realize. That's much as optimized for gaming and just let you know the CPU is equivalent to a I-5 not an i3.
  • @TheNet Avenger. Do not waste time responding to Guest_aotf in the future. Its a Pony in sheep's clothes. Nothing but sour and childish and a fake gamer Imo. Kinda useless to talk to really.
  • For certain people it's useless to discuss with me because I call them out when they lie. All I need to do is ask for proof and they just disappear.
    ofc they'll throw the usual insults and personal attack on their way out... :)
  • From someone who defended PSV's still alive and Sony still care... this is funny. Do you read news? Are you living in the fantasy? Or you only read and believe what you wan to believe?
  • What are you talking about? Can you post a link about what you're talking about?
  • > What are you talking about? Can you post a link about what you're talking about?
    This again?
    Like you don't remember your own word... You were defending about Sony's stands about cross-play and in the same thread you used [quote]
    PS4 has:
    36 games that are cross-play with either Linux/Mac/Steam/WiiU/Switch/IOS/Android/Other PC service (+2 that are now discontinued)
    42 games cross-play with either PS3/Vita
    [/quote] as an example. So I said.
    ps4 cross play with vita?
    1. vita builds most likely stay only with vita. Are you telling me ps3/4/vita shares the same API?
    2. support got pulled yeas ago → now it's dead.
    [/quote] And you said
    2? Really Do you have a link of that?
    [/quote] Anyway, here's waht I said.
    around 2015, "PSVitaってニュースにすらならないけど、いつ製造終了になるの?" start to emerge between gamers.
    around 2016, "最近かなり空気になっている「PSVita」、今後の展開についてソニーの偉い人に聞いてみた". They are not gonna do much about Vita.
    use ctrl+f "ころで,先日のE3ではPlayStation Vitaの話題はとくにありませんでした" and read from there. 2017, 2018... look at the news, lineup and support from Sony... > inside information
    That's not my problem. Even if you are not in the industry, why don't you go read around Japanese gamer sites, esp sites like 2ch or jin115?
    But the only difference between a consumer and someone working in the industry is, a consumer beleieves whatever they WANT to believe. e.g. has a youTube channel that talks about game tech, but they are no programmers. Viewer who's not a programmer, has no way to tell the info's credibility.
    ctrl+f "どのくらい落ちるの?」と聞いたら、「エエッ!?」" and read from there if you wanna know how j-devs think about their (console) market and what stragetic they are taking.
    ctrl+f "日本のコンシューマーでいちばん辛かったこ" and read from there if you wanna know what j-devs think about VITA.
    Not much of an inside news if you are in the industry already, these info are "shallow".
    [/quote] Don't tell me a Sony fan like you didn't know PSV's already dead? Or you knew, but you refuse to accept? Or you knew and accepted, but as a fan, you MUST defend?
    tbh, your lack of knowledge... isn't my problem. Search engines exist for a reason you know? Here's the link:
  • LOL as expected. You made up stuff when you said "From someone who defended PSV's still alive and Sony still care..." Nowhere did I say Sony still cared about Vita. All I did was asked for a link.
    So asking for a link means defending PSV's still alive?
    I'm asking a link because I have no idea and want to be informed when someone makes a statement.
    Since when asking for a link means defending an idea?? LOL If Sony announced that they stop production, stop making games or stop software updates I would like to know that's why I asked a link.
    But yet again you couldn't actually post any official link. As they continue to update the system (Sony updated the firmware just around 1 month back) and there are still upcoming games.
    I'm not saying we're not nearing the end but as far as I can see it's not ended officially. (unless you can provide links) But here you're totally off topic. And you did something that you guys usually do. Come up with a whole lot of bs accusation about what I said and sure enough when we see the link I never said the things you claimed...
    Typical... :)
  • Please try to remain civil. There's no need for such behavior.
  • Right. So Asher Madan, can you quote what I said that wasn't civil? I mean:
    1) I was called a Pony in sheep's clothes, sour, childish and a fake gamer by ISO_117.
    2) I've been falsely accused by Hirox K of doing and saying things that I didn't even do. But I guess that's alright since you didn't reply to them? Now please do let me know what wasn't civil so I will not do it again.
    But if you can't provide that then please don't tell me to behave. I'm not your kid.
  • That's how you treat others on these forums and that's how they respond. You're abusing and that's why others are abusing you. It doesn't take much to understand that. You have a history of this.
  • As expected. You couldn't quote ANYTHING!!!
    You told me to remain civil but can't tell me where I wasn't civil on this post. I'm getting abused here, I respond without any abuse and you come at me for not being civil. This is crazy. And like I said, since you couldn't provide any element where I wasn't civil in this topic, don't tell me to behave, I'm not your kid.
  • Just click on your comment history and you'll see the quotes. You're pretending that you don't know why you're arguing when it's right there in text. If you treat others with respect they'll treat you with respect.
  • Why did you reply to that comment though?
    It's easy to hide behind "look at your history". I'm talking of this specific topic.
    If you have problem with a specific post on another topic comment there not here where I'm being attacked. Hmm Anyway, I don't want to start another discussion with you here.
    Can you stop bothering me now?
  • Try to remain civil and you won't get into arguments. It's not a hard rule to follow. There's a difference between debating and what you do. You just insult people, like insulting their grasp of the English language.
  • Hmm. I wanted to end here but you just keep coming. :(
    See I understand that for some people English isn't their first language. And yes, I will call them out if they make no sense, can't understand or use words. The thing is I understand it can be a problem for these people and I actually try to help them by providing meaning to words and context in a discussion. Correcting people's English isn't something negative it actually helps. It helps them and the debate. Anyway can we end this?
    If you want we can continue this using PMs.
  • You use it as an insult. Please stop trying to justify yourself. Just change how you act in the future.
  • It's not an insult. Now stop bothering me!!!
  • You're the one bothering other readers by constantly insulting them.
  • > So asking for a link means defending
    > PSV's still alive?
    I though a PS fan like you would've known... but turns out, you like to talk stuffs you don't know...
    Like to categorize people if they don't share your view huh? > If Sony announced that they stop
    > production...that's why I asked a link.
    2 links, one's about Son'y don't care about PSV anymore, the other one's about even j-devs don't care about PSV anymore.
  • An xbox outperform an I7+Gtx 1080 LOL!!!
    What are you fanboys drinking these days??
    The xbox one x is comparable to a 1060 at best and frankly even Ps4 first party line up is beating hard the xbox graphics wise.(bet you didnt play GoW in a 4k oled). To me the ok only advantage the xbox one x has is the enhanced backwards compatibility, that's it! If you won a PC you have no reason to get an xbox and the advantage the One x has on paper doesn't reflect in reality. True, third party do look better on the x comparable to the pro but you need to stop your gameplay to look for the differences, unless were talking 60fps-is witch is pretty cool that x offers more consistently. Not saying the console is bad or anything, it's just not remotely the cure for cancer these sheep fanboys claim it to be. X better than a 1080 will laugh till next year Lol!!
  • What you say has some logic, especially based on average human vision; however, in practice, the differences are far more pronounced than you would expect. Some games come to life and almost off the screen with just this extra bump in resolution. A few reasons for this... 1) Screen sizes... If you were playing on a tiny screen - the resolution would be lost on most people, but there are a lot of people with large screens, and even at 40" the differences are easily human perceivable. Also don't forget that a lot of serious games have 80"+ screens, as well as full theater rooms that are projecting 30' screens. (At 30' - you will notice the difference, as 1080p looks fairly pixelated. 2) 4K is literally 4x the resolution of 1080p - which is a bigger difference than going from SD/DVD to 1080p. So this isn't like the jump from 320x200 TV to DVD, or DVD to 720p, or 720p to 1080p - they were small increments in comparison. Additional notes...
    4K displays also have highly dense subpixel structures - which adds another layer of quality - even when viewing 1080p content. There are no 'lines' and the displays look like solid blocks of color which brings the experience closer to objects in the real world. (So even if you don't care about 4K or 4K gaming, it is worth the extra cost to buy a 4K display, as the solid colors compared to even good 1080p displays look considerably better. Even a cheap 4K display will outperform an expensive 1080p display just because of the pixel density creating solid images.) HDR adds another level of detail that doesn't make sense and isn't something you can see 'approximated' - so you have to experience it first hand to get the 'wow'.
  • The difference will be eye catching with 120fps support coming this month.
  • wow really? They'll have games at 120fps? Can you name all games that will run at 120fps? Do you have a link about this?
  • Even if a game doesn't run at 120 Hz, being able to support such a display can make the game seem smoother because you're attaining the natural refresh rate of the screen.
  • U mean 120hz refresh rate support :)
  • Yeah, I used to think this. I had a PS4 Pro. I was wrong too. Don't sweat it. 😉
  • For sure this is not the only 5 games that look better on X
  • Nope, and remember that most are just 'enhanced' titles that were not designed for the Xbox One X from the ground up, so they aren't using the most optimal gaming engines for DirectX or taking advantages of the 'new mechanisms' that Microsoft has created that when designed into the core of a game/game-engine can produce some amazing results. Microsoft met their goal of true 4K gaming, and with that they have a lot of other new technologies that go along with the new hardware designs and performance concepts that will eventually bleed over to PC GPU hardware and gaming. The Xbox One X is great for hard core gamers, but it is also a big door for a new generation of gaming that currently extends even backwards to the original Xbox One and to the future of PC gaming technologies as they are implemented.
  • Of course not. This is just a list of 5 that I think are significant.
  • No doubt that the X has better hardware than the Pro. Being a year later and $100 more will do that. Just ironic that PlayStation still has the better looking exclusives.
  • There is a much bigger difference then I thought there would be. X1X games look much better than games on the PS4. Sony's first party titles look amazing on the PS4 Pro but when it comes to 3rd party titles they look much better on the X1X. My son bought Far Cry 5 on the X1X and I got it on the Ps4 Pro it looks much better on the X1X.
  • Are we going to get a comparison between games on the Xbox One versus the PlayStation 4? For people who can't afford to drop money on the higher end consoles but still want to get the best visual experience.
  • Obviosly all games looks better on x1x, no question. Almost all of them have huge gap compare to pro: wolfenstein 2, ghost recon, hellblade, the vanishing of ethan carter and many many more.
  • No all, I think GoW looks better on PS4:
  • That's incorrect. The lighting and water effects aren't on the level they should be, especially once it starts snowing.