Destiny 2 for Xbox One needs to answer these 5 lingering questions

With Destiny 2 set to have a stronger focus on story, fans will (hopefully) be met with a quality narrative when they play through the game come September 6. However, there are some specific plot points and ideas that I think Destiny 2 will need to expand on in order to achieve success. These are my thoughts.

1. What lies beyond the stars?

With Destiny 2 set to uproot us from our safe and cozy city on Earth thanks to the Red Legion and their leader, Ghaul, I think it would be a missed opportunity if the game's writers and artists didn't seize the chance to explore the Destiny universe. Almost all of the first game took place within the Sol system, which is but a small part of the vast Milky Way galaxy. For Destiny 2, it's time to expand.

Destiny 2's potential for exploring the franchise's universe is limitless.

One of the most important aspects to a science fiction universe like Destiny is its diversity. I think one of the strongest ways Bungie can build this franchise up is through having a multitude of different species, planets and factions, and by sending us outside of the Sol system, they can achieve just that. Having brand new species and planets would do wonders for Destiny.

The major positive impact would be the sheer variety of all the different life forms, both culturally and biologically. This is where other science fiction titans like Halo or Mass Effect have found success; by creating a diverse universe, these franchises make you want to immerse yourself in them and learn as much as you can about everything there is to know. In addition to this, it also opens the door for storytelling opportunities that show us how the "new guys" interact with Destiny's current cast of species.

2. What's the history behind Ghaul?

Destiny 2 needs to expand and flesh out the latest Guardian-hating villain.

The best villains in entertainment mediums tend to be the ones that are well written and characterized. After the narrative woes of the first Destiny, it's absolutely paramount that Bungie manages to do this with Ghaul, Destiny 2's Cabal badass and friendly-neighborhood-Traveler-thief.

He doesn't have to be an incredibly complex or deep character, but it would be nice to have a compelling foe to work to take down. Give us his backstory, give us his motivations. Create some good cutscenes where his personality is shown through his treatment of his troops or his decisions and actions that he takes against you. Essentially, I want to know who Ghaul really is.

3. How did the Red Legion rise to power?

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 (Image credit: Bungie)

What makes the Red Legion special among the numerous other enemies of Destiny?

Like Ghaul, the Red Legion itself could benefit heavily from some attention from the game's writers. Clearly, their sacking of the last city on Earth shows us that they're an extremely effective fighting force —but what makes them so? Are they considered to be smarter and more skilled in combat than the other Cabal? Are their officers and commanders more tactful and cunning? Are they motivated by some form of unique religion or other belief, similar to Halo's Covenant?

These are things that Destiny 2 will hopefully provide some clarity on. I think there's a lot of value in making the enemies you fight interesting or thought-provoking — whether it be the common foot soldier or a strike boss. It helps to characterize the enemy and really bring them to life. If they are written this way alongside Ghaul himself, then I have no doubt in my mind that Destiny 2's main antagonists will be superbly compelling.

4. How did the Vex recuperate after the first Destiny?

The Vex likely will play a large role in Destiny 2, based on what we've seen so far.

When the Destiny 2 beta launched, I was surprised to load up the strike mission and find myself engaged in combat with a powerful, resurgent Vex military. Due to the fact that we had cleared the infamous Vault of Glass and destroyed several prominent Vex figures in the first game, I was expecting them to take a bit of a backseat role in this game. However, it's looking like that won't be the case.

Something I'd like to see is an explanation about their recovery following their heavy defeats, as well as some information on the new Vex we're fighting. Explain what they've been up to, how they rose to power again, and what they're up to now. Due to the fact they hate the Cabal, I expect that they'll have some plans to be a thorn in the Red Legion's side.

As a side note, I think Bungie should take this chance to flesh out the Vex themselves. The first game wasn't too clear in regards to them, and there's no better time to expand on who they are and what they're all about. I've always thought they were the best of all of the species in Destiny, and I would love it if they got some close attention in Destiny 2.

5. What happened to the Hive and Fallen?

Both the Hive and the Fallen were left in weak positions at the conclusion of the first Destiny.

At the conclusion of Destiny, both the Hive and Fallen were in tatters. We had finished killing both Crota and his father, Oryx, leaving the Hive without their god-kings and in a crippled state, while the Fallen had concluded a civil war, tearing themselves apart. All signs point to both sides being weak in Destiny 2, though we know they will be enemies in the game.

This leaves us with some unknowns. What has happened to both species since their downfalls? Have they went into hiding or did they bounce back like the Vex? Finally, how are they reacting to the Red Legion's conquest? Have they allied with them to save themselves, or have they taken up arms in resistance?

There are a lot of interesting ways Bungie could incorporate the Fallen and Hive in the new game, and I'm hoping the writers can do these species justice.

Your thoughts

What are some questions you think Destiny 2 needs to answer? Let me know what you think in the comments, and if you haven't already, consider preordering!

Destiny 2 hits the shelves on September 6 for Xbox One and PS4, and will be available to download on PC on October 24 via Blizzard's service. It will cost $59.99.

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