6 Little Letters, one tough cookie of a Windows Phone word game

6 Little Letters is a challenging Windows Phone word game where you are provided six letters and are tasked with creating a word from those letters. Sounds simple, right?

The Windows Phone title has four gaming modes, some of which are timed, and deciphering a word from the letters provided is surprisingly difficult. It is a game of endurance with the ultimate goal being to create as many words as possible. The longer you last, the harder the game gets and it will kick your butt at times, but not in a frustrating manner.

Available for low-memory devices, 6 Little Letters is an entertaining Windows Phone game to pass the time with. While game play can be painfully difficult at times, there is an addictive lure to 6 Little Letters.

Your primary menu for 6 Little Letters offers several options that include playing the game, accessing the game's settings and viewing the online leaderboard. You will also find options to access the games help section and a link to rate the game in the Windows Phone Store.Settings are minimal covering sound options, along with the options to view more games from the developer and contacting the developer.

6 Little Letters

6 Little Letters has four gaming modes to keep you challenged and offer a little variety to things. Each mode provides you with six letters that have to be used to create a word. Solve the puzzle by creating a six letter word and another collection of letters will appear. The four modes include:

  • Classic: Score as many words as possible before the game timer expires. Each word counts as a point and with each scored word, a little more time is added to the game clock.
  • Lightning: The game timer is scaled down to 15 seconds. Score as many words as possible before the game clock expires and each scored word resets the game clock to 15 seconds.
  • Time Trial: Similar to the Classic Mode in that you have a game timer and have to score as many words as possible before time runs out. The difference, scoring words does not award you extra time.
  • Zen: If you are in the mood to be challenged but in a more relaxing manner, the Zen Mode is for you. The goal is to score as many words as possible, but there is no game timer.

Each game mode has a number of skips where you can move on to the next collection of letters. The Zen Mode has unlimited skips.

The game mechanics are universal, regardless of the gaming mode. Your six letters line the bottom of the screen with the game timer displayed below the letters. Tap on each letter in the correct sequence to build a word. If you need to remove a word from the letter, tap on it to return it to the letter collection.

6 Little Letters

If your guess is incorrect, the letters will return to the bottom of the screen. If your word is correct, you score the word and earn a point. When time runs out, the correct word will be displayed with your score, high score and an option to view the definition of the word (tap the book icon next to the solution).

Don't be shocked if you draw a blank when you first start playing 6 Little Letters. Some of the words are not difficult to identify but are well disguised among the collection of letters. Other words are just flat out hard to pick out. If you get stuck, remember you have skips to use that may save a little time on the clock.

Overall Impression

6 Little Letters is a fun Windows Phone word game that will appeal to the die-hard word game fanatic and appeal to those looking for a challenging game to pass the time with. The layout is simple and game play painfully challenging at times.

The only nit I can think of with 6 Little Letters is the lack of a scramble or shuffle feature. You can stare at a group of letters for the longest and miss the word completely. However, when you shuffle the letters, the word can jump off the screen at you. I don't think the lack of this feature ruins the game but might give you a fighting chance at success.

Overall, I enjoyed playing 6 Little Letters. Even though I struggled to get my score into double digits, it was an entertaining game to spend a little time with.

6 Little Letters is a free, ad-supported game available in the Windows Phone Store. If you give the game a try, let us know what you think of 6 Little Letters in the comments below.

Download 6 Little Letters from the Windows Phone Store

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