6 reasons why 6sec is better than official Vine app for Windows Phone

We have 6 reasons why third-party application, 6sec, is better than the official Vine app for Windows Phone. 6sec has been around since July while the official app just came out on Tuesday. Both have the essential features of viewing and uploading Vine videos, but 6sec comes out on top right now.

We have a video comparing these two apps, so go watch it after the break.

#1 Cool gestures

Third-party app, 6sec, provides interesting gestures that aren’t available on the official app.  For example, flip over a Vine video while it’s still playing to comment, like, or re-vine. At the main timeline, you can also pinch to zoom out. On the official app, you swipe left or right to get into different sections like the notifications, explore, and your profile.

#2 Double tap to like

6sec lets you double tap to quickly like something. That feature is not available on the official app. You’ll need to scroll down and click the actual like button.

#3 Extra screen space

6sec is better than the official app at taking advantage of the screen. When you scroll down, the top bar disappears, creating more space. The top bar on the official Vine app stays in position.

#4 Themes

If you don’t like the look of 6sec, you have three themes to choose from. You choose light, dark, or black and white theme, There is no such option for the official Vine app.

#5 Multiple Accounts

Have multiple accounts? 6sec lets you switch between them quickly. That function is missing on the official Vine app.

#6 Tagging

Tagging people on Vine notifies your friends of your posts. This is one way to get more views for your posts and possibly more comments, likes, and re-vines. You can tag people on 6sec, but not the official Vine app for Windows Phone.

While we have reasons to recommend 6sec over the official Vine app, keep in mind that the official one just came out. Let’s give them time to improve the app and add more features. What do we like about the official Vine app? Well, it’s an official app.

6sec and the official Vine app are both free downloads at the Windows Phone Store, but there are in-app purchases for 6sec to remove ads or upload limits. Do you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments!

QR: Vine

QR: 6sec

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • Well what will they think of next
  • I want support Rudy yet I want to support official apps as well otherwise they'll stop supporting wp. So many apps that have dropped off BC the lack of support
  • *Spanish accent* why not have both?
    *La Bamba starts playing*
  • Yeah I use both of them. Supports both and you get options. Win/win for us.
  • Agreed. 6sec for viewing, official for uploading. At least that's my usage now.
  • That's probably how I'm going to use instagram/6tag. Instagram for uploading video (haven't paid for the ffeature in 6tag) and 6tag for viewing and custom notifications
  • Agreed
  • Microsoft has confirmed the new CEO You can see his Genius face here http://ow.ly/qPsLd
  • Simple enough: download both of them (so you can support them both), but keep using 6sec. That's what I do.
  • I hear all the talk of "supporting Rudy" by using his app.  Didn't we support him when we bought it?  How does he benefit from us continuing to use it?  Does he feel better about himself or something? What am I missing?
  • And the stop auto-play feature <3
  • Easily my favorite feature.
  • This
  • Yes! Autoplay is NOT cool when it kicks off a video at full volume while you're sitting in a conference room supposedly paying attention during a meeting... not that I've done that :P
  • that's.... not cool!
  • This is the only reason for me
  • Also my favorite feature x 920!!
  • #7 it doesn't lag like crazy
  • the first day the official vine app was laggy, its better now. 6sec does have that buttery smoothness tho.
  • Yeah get Rudy in trouble for being good :(
  • Why is the tagging of friends such an issue with WP apps? Facebook took a long time and foursquare still doesn't give you the option, something to do with the OS?
  • Not, its just that they are late to the game. These features weren't on other OS's immediately. They release the product and add features later, that way they still have a presence and users aren't waiting for an app because of a feature. Agile, pretty much.
  • I only need one reason.. Rudy.
  • +1
  • +1020
  • I hope Microsoft lets vine be able to use old videos stored on your phone so you can upload them later, same for the instagram app
  • This!
  • May be they open video/music api in WP8.1. This will also allow to send video through whatsapp etc.
  • Would love more of these types of articles.
  • 6sec beats it hands down. I hope people don't migrate to the official solution on the sole basis of it being the "official" app. You can be guaranteed that Rudy will pay his app more attention than Vine Inc. will to theirs. They'll only worry about pandering to the iOS and Droid versions, as is so often the case with WP8. Dedicated devs with a genuine passion for the platform like Rudy, are what WP needs, not the half baked attempts we're used to seeing
  • Waiting Instagram to be available, so WPCentral can make, 6 reasons why 6Tag is better than the official app!
  • Will there be six reasons why it's better? That is the question.
  • More like twenty.
  • And there is ONE reason why you will use the OFFICIAL APP - Its FREE, NO ADS, UNLIMITED ViDEO UPLOAD.
  • Ads sucks...
  • Instagram is embedding ads into their apps now. They'll just look like part of your feed though.
  • jejejejejejeje good one    
  • I tried the official vine app last night for the first time. I agree, I missed the simple yet very accessible features that 6 has. If you want a better official app, for any service, rate the app honestly and provide useful comments so they can consider them...
  • This is something that will be commonplace and one of the reasons why people bitching about official apps was annoying. More knowledge, attention, and more importantly passion was put into the third party apps, especially from Rudy. I have a sour taste in my mouth having to have begged for these apps to come to WP.
  • Very sour. Why did we have to wait thus long? I feel like they just threw us a bone so we could shut the hell up. It does feel like they wanted to reach as many people as people.
  • People bitch about official apps for good reason: discoverability for new people to the platform. It's a legit issue and a legit thing to bitch about. There is also the issue of validity for developers: if company A isn't making an app, then why should B, and why should C, etc...
  • I understand the need for official apps to raise awareness. I think I was just pointing out the obvious. We now have an official vine app just to say we have an official vine app. Its great, as will the addition of Instagram. However, its rather anticlimactic.
  • Agreed
  • 6sec also has disable AutoPlay. Auto win in my book.
  • Yep, I say lets get rid of all the official apps and just go with Mr wonderful who conveniently forgets to support his older apps.
  • "I say lets get rid of all the official apps..."
    Strawman argument. We never said that nor endorse that claim. You, and you alone, said that. We want better apps, all around. Official or third party, it doesn't matter. We're looking at what is the best Vine app. Period.
  • Wikipedia just got updated.
  • I'm still waiting for a tv show update. Having to select each individual episode when you've already seen the entire season is tedious. Let alone when you're using it to keep track of shows you've seen and its been running for nine seasons and you have to check every episode for nine seasons.
  • If im not mistaken, there is a "mark this and all previous as seen"
  • There sure is. Or you can hold your finger down on an episode and then select "mark as last seen".
  • Heck, you can hold your finger down on the show you want in your list of shows and mark all as seen. Or you can go into that show and do it season by season as well. Or the way you mentioned. All sorts of ways.
  • Well I stand corrected. Though I should get a badge for manually checking each episode XD guess I should long press stuff more often. I wonder what other features I've missed in apps? *runs off to check.*
  • 7 - you can actually see the Vines you create on the App instead of a grey square 8 - sharing on Twitter actually works. 9 - You can stop videos from autoplaying
  • There is a reason for the title to start with "6 reasons", else we can go on and on n on....
  • =)
  • I know. I was just adding some more. And 3 reason which, to me, are way more important than "double-tap to like" or "cool gestures" =P
  • So you must have put your "6 reasons" instead. Coz everyone has their own reasons to stick with a particular app... In fact Mark must have put in his article to state our "6 reasons" why 6sec is better... =)
  • I'm actually starting to like the official vine app more so now. Beenusing it since its release..... 6sec is good but I do prefer the UI of vine. Though vine does lag.
  • I think (not speaking on behalf of my company ;) official and unofficial alternatives should co-exist to deliver the best and most innovative experiences to a wide variety of users....while a larger majority of users might want to use the official one some more tech savvy people might prefer some of the extra features that alternatives provide!
  • The only feature that some people care about is having the word "official" tied to the app. They won't care if the 3rd party app is better or not. Some of us like things that just work and give a crap about the platform. 6sec is superior and Rudy gives a crap, so that's my choice.
  • As good as 6sec is, it crashes. Therefore, nullifying the cool features.
    I need an app to work, before I think about the features.
  • While i'm a huge fan of Rudy's work, the upload limit (of 1) on 6Sec is the most significant difference here. I currently use both apps. 6Sec for browsing, and Vine for uploading. Now if only Microsoft would allow me to change my Microsoft ID country so i can add a credit card and make purchases, i would stick with 6Sec!
  • You can try Xbox account migration if your Live ID is tied to your Xbox. But you can migrate only once in 3 months.
  • The third party apps are often better.
  • i prefer the official app's interface and videos load faster.
  • I actually don't like the swiping to flip cards over, and I don't like the double-tap. These UI choices really bother me in 6tag. I want to see the heart and tap it, like Instance, or like Vine (scroll? This is not a problem, you make it sound like the like button is so far away) Your points didn't address video capture and posting, which is the actual point of Vine. The ghost feature alone is worth the win
  • Not wanting to be the only person on the side of the official app, but it is only version 1, yet 6sec is at version 1.6 - of course it is a more mature app (would be a poor show if it wasn't) No one can deny Rudy is doing some good things (although I'm not convinced he is making a good name for himself or wp with the companies he is creating apps for) - however, does every other article need to be about Rudy, there are other devs just as committed to wp also doing some wonderful things (some of them are arguably better)
  • Regarding versions numbers, that kind of doesn't matter if you want to use the app today, does it?  That's like saying "I want a car today and this one  has all of these features, but next year this car will have 'em too". That's great, but I want a car today, not what may come tomorrow (or in a few months).
  • Can't disagree with you there - be interesting to see if the official app progresses as much in 6 months as Rudy does - i doubt they will, but be interesting to see how both have progressed over a period of time
  • Yup, that is the real test and I'm glad 6sec is there to show them what people want ;)
  • And not as lagged as the official
  • This is kind of a shit stirring article. I mean, we ask for official apps, we get them, and then you say the 3rd party ones are better (not disputing that in most cases they are) but still everyone complains. I just don't understand I guess. Why point out that the official apps are shit? I'm sure that makes them want to support our OS. Any who, I like both apps.
  • "I'm sure that makes them want to support our OS"
    This is the real world, not kindergarten. If we don't say it here, what will happen in the reviews for the app? Should we fake praise for worrying about hurting people's feelings? C'mon. It's not like Vine is going to read this, pout, scream "I'm going home!" and abandon Windows Phone. That's now how businesses (run by adults) react.  They support our OS because they want money and for their service to grow. If their app can learn from 6sec, then that's awesome. If they don't, at least we have another option. Official apps exist for people new to the platform who are looking for an app. That's it.
  • If it's true he can say it. 6sec for now is better than the official app. That's true and i can't agree more. I don't use Vine for now after testing both. But it stays on my phone. I'm not sure i'll use Instagram too even if i think i'll download it. Thinking like official or not official app is kind of ridiculous for me, i'll use the app that gives me the best experience for my daily usage whatever its name. If it's vine i'll use vine i'll use it. That makes me think when i used the Twitter client Rowi at the beginning, it was better than the official Twitter app and twitter made a big update to his app and now i use the official twitter app. That's it, i use the best i can and not just a name.
  • Critical features......not!
  • Its pretty raw that people would sit and say "wow! no official apps want to come to windows phone" and then when they do, they complain that there aren't enough features on it and say "just use the third party." I wouldn't waste my time making an app either.
  • So you settle for mediocre in life? I don't. Should we just not criticize companies for worrying about offending them? We should just accept what they offer, groveling that they've paid attention to us? No way, we deserve better.
  • Lol. See Daniels reply above.
    EDIT: and this reply too! Layin' the smackdown, as per usual.
  • If there aren't enough features on it, then why use it? And if 3rd party apps provide better features then why shouldn't anyone use it??
  • All I'm saying is it's a first version, and although I'm a newish WP user, I'm sure it took 6sec a few versions to get all of the features. It just didn't seem necessary to go ahead and bash them for version 1.0.
  • Oh three things that is better about the official app - 1) don't have to upload to 6sec servers first 2) Don't have to pay for upload capabilities 3) the app looks official (Including the tile) so its not like pulling out a food stamp card rather than a debit card in front of other techies. I'm sure there are six positives for each app over the others.
  • And yet you couldn't make it to the 6th. BTW, your last reason is really dumb. "Looks official." What the heck does it suppose to mean? Is there a "standardized official look" for apps? And does official mean "better" or "snob" according to you? I'm sorry but you seem like the typical snob who needs something to show off. I'm not saying that you are, but your comment made you look like that.
  • #8 Rudy
    #9 my love for person in #8
    #10............im a man :P
  • Right now, official for uploading is totally unusable for me. Totally lags out. Choppy, bitty, audio and video unsynced. Vine have taken my report and an example graciously...but since it doesn't seem like it affects even close to a significant number...what are the chances I'll see a fix anytime soon? 6sec actually isn't perfect either with upload...but it's vastly better. Wish this was the other way around I really do. When I compare both to the official on my ipad (which I won before I get any anti-apple comments! :-P ), neither stack up for me! :-(
  • He's got a fruit product! Sound the alarm! Get the pitchforks! :P
    Well, I thought we should be used to the secondhand experience by now. Well, someday perhaps we will find more parity.
  • Sometimes, I'd perhaps agree...but then as the article states, the official app was only just released, Vine have been very helpful in passing along the issue to their help department and have been speedy in fixing issues which seem to affect lots of people (problem with sign in that they resolved within a day). My problem doesn't seem even close to what one might consider "widespread". I assumed to begin with it was a problem because I have the 520...but it's not. Many 520s work fine. Also I have stated quite plainly to them that I do have an ipad and that 6sec is working just fine thus far...so these reasons all go to why they might not consider my problem top priority. Do I think issues will be resolved? More than likely. Will I whine that it's not resolved already? No. Hope my comment was seen as what it was intended to be - merely an informative answer to the article's closing question. :-)
  • Multiple accounts and tagging are really the only 2 additional features worth talking about between the 2 - the rest are pretty much irrelevant in my opinion
  • I can already see this same situation when Instsgram arrives.
  • There is no doubt. 6sec is he better app. I've been using them both.
  • Don't go pissing off official developers ;) so we never get their apps
  • If developers are that fragile, they shouldn't be developing ;)
  • ;)
  • It's not really fair to compare a 3rd party app that's been refining itself for months to an official app that just launched. Give it time. I have both because I want to support both.
  • In a way that is true. But in a way, it's false. They saw 6sec, they saw what people wanted and I bet they had MS and Nokia to assist with the app.  Regardless, it's a legit question to ask (and answer): Which is the best Vine client for Windows Phone right now. That's what we did here. It's a totally fair review and valuable if you want to use the Vine service.
  • Are there any benefits of the official app over 6sec? I mentioned a few that I thought were worthy.
  • Sure there are...and there were more than 6 reasons for 6sec too ;)
  • Then why not highlight the benefits of each? Because one has more? Silly.
  • No because if someone asked: what's the best Vine app for Windows Phone right now, we would say 6sec. No questions. I would absolutely not recommend the official app over 6sec if someone wanted the best experience.  Your reasons are odd. You say you don't have to upload to Rudy's servers "first" yet in either app, you're just uploading once--so the experience is the same. Unless you have another valid reason why uploads in 6sec is a worse experience than Vine, that to me is silly. Regarding paying, sure. But third party apps normally cost something over a "free" experience. But hey, no ads? So, tradeoff. "the app looks official", I mean, I don't know what to say here. You're concerned with what other people think of what app you're using? Are you a teenager or something? You're using a Windows Phone in public, that already seems more of an issue for "coolness" than what app you're using. What kind of judgmental pricks are you hanging around with? lol Either way, we're not going to write in an article "You'll want to use this app to let everyone know (eye wink) that you're with the in-crowd".  
  • In your opinion it is the better app. In several other posts people have differing opinions. Just like most media your putting your idea out as the right one rather than providing the facts for folks to make their own conclusions. The experience of uploading is the same but the backend is different (apparently end users should not care about that). I don't want my info on someone's personal server. I'd rather it be direct to the company who has a privacy policy. I want people to join the WP8 team. Showing them third party apps is an absolute turnoff to the general public. So yes, I want to show official apps to friends to get them excited about it. I'm 30 BTW and with the way you call everyone teenagers and kindergarteners doesn't say much for your maturity either. People have put out some valid points but you are bashing every single one that doesn't align with your opinion. Awesome attitude!
  • No, I'm disagreeing with people, not bashing them. There's a difference. Regarding "Just like most media your putting your idea out as the right one rather than providing the facts for folks to make their own conclusions. ", No we're simply listing 6 reasons that we think 6sec is a better app--we're entitled to our opinion.  It's that simple and there's nothing more to it. The world, media and our website don't necessarily conform to what you consider to be ideal. Too bad, we can't please everyone. So you disagree with our conclusion or article. Fine, you're entitled to that too. 
    "I want people to join the WP8 team. Showing them third party apps is an absolute turnoff to the general public. So yes, I want to show official apps to friends to get them excited about it."
    This has zero to do with anything here and is a total straw man. We're not saying to not download the official Vine app. We're not boycotting it nor are we ignoring it. What does anything you just wrote have to do with this article? We're not against official apps, we're for the best ones. So you want to show your friends the official Vine app to get them excited about it. Knock yourself out. Where did we say for you to not do that? We didn't even insinuate that.
    "I'm 30 BTW and with the way you call everyone teenagers and kindergarteners doesn't say much for your maturity either."
    You're the one concerned about what people think when your launching an app. You said that, not me. If you're 30 and still concerned over those things, I think you need to be a little more firm in your beliefs. There's nothing shameful in using a third party app, but in essence, that is exactly what you are claiming. I find that offensive. Huyn worked hard on 6sec and it's weird to hear people embarrassed about launching it because people look at you funny when doing so.
    "People have put out some valid points but you are bashing every single one that doesn't align with your opinion."
    Valid points? Isn't that already a biased assumption? If I thought they were valid I would not disagree with them. It is the very fact that I *don't* think they are valid that is at contention here. That is the very essence of debate.
    "Awesome attitude!"
    I can't please everyone. You disagree with this article. You disagree with me. That's fine. My attitude has nothing to do with it. If you don't want your claims or opinions challenged, don't bring them up in a public forum.
  • Your attitude sucks. Call me a hater fine I sound a dumb to you but I just started posting here. I have a little to learn from what others have to say. Sorry I ruffled feathers. On that note, this is not an attractive or welcoming community for new members to join. Look at the way @DanielRubino "disagrees" with nearly every opinion on this thread that doesn't jive with the article. Someone coming from another OS who posted a suggestion here would be ripped to shreds. Peace out WPC!
  • Some of your responses only have the intent to stir an emotional reply and nothing more. I mean, look at what you've said in this chain of threads alone: "Are you a teenager or something? [...] What kind of judgmental pricks are you hanging around with? lol" (I guess saying "lol" makes it cute). As you are quick to point out, this really has nothing to do with the argument in question. You take exception to the remark that the official app should be supported because it "looks official." I also don't agree with that assessment, but we can thoughtfully refute any statement without resorting to pot shots. So, if you don't want people commenting on your attitude, refrain from emotional/personal remarks.
  • #SNAPCHAT Maybe Rudy can do 6Chat lol
  • He's been working on 6snap
  • Oh hell no!! I was joking but I suppose I'll use it until the official comes along. For Pete's sake, WP needs to come through with apps in a more reasonable timeframe. Its a joke how slowly apps come to our platform.
  • At any rate, real time notifications on any app for WP8 absolutely suck. Neither app, nor 6tag, gives me toasts, tile counts or anything. When I jump into the app, 10 notifications. Totally frustrating....and somewhat unrelated lol
  • The thing is though, if you dislike the vine app on android or iOS, you're screwed. On WP, you get choices.
  • I hated 6sec, it was the only app that actually would crash my entire phone. Vine is much better for 6 reasons:
    •Free vine uploads
    •No ads
    •Vine has app data kept on vines to make the vine load faster than it would for first time viewing.
    •Lagless and nearly crashless(never pages for me at all, has crashed a few times, but as I said 6sec has crashed my phone.
    •Vine has faster access to other things such as what you have been tagged in and explore tab
    • Vine actually updates the vines status by itself, everytime I used 6sec it would need to be refreshed.
    •Bonus: When recording a vine if stop holding the button to record and try to make a transition, it will make a black screen transition. (search hash tag #6secvsvine to see what I'm talking about, I uploaded two vines
    6sec was good till I got the official app, but I am happy now, and it is only a matter of time before vine cracks down on 6sec.
  • totally agreed
  • Regarding "no ads" don't think that will last. They already announced that literal Vine ads will be showing up soon. They gotta make money some how. Same with Instagram. Same with Twitter.
  • They make money through all the companies, have you seen the trident layer kid vine?
  • +928
  • Well there are room for improvements. And this is one of the reason why we have "App Updates" Think about it!
  • "hell yeah! I'm gonna uninstall the official app and buy the third party app!" said nobody, ever. This is clearly an advert.
  • I downloaded the official and immediately deleted the unofficial even though I paid to upload. No reason for two apps and the minor features outlined aren't really all that spectacular. They are definitely plugging their god Rudy here is all.
  • "hell yeah! I'm gonna uninstall the official app and buy the third party app!" said nobody, ever. This is clearly an advert."
    So I guess iOS has over 1 million first party apps as no one every makes money off of third party ones? Have you not seen the sheer amount of paid Twitter apps on every platform? Or weather apps? Or RSS readers? Or email apps? Or navigation apps? The very nature of app development is about creating something superior. It's not important if it's third party or first party to its success. Whether it costs money or not is also irrelevant. Just look at all the paid email and Twitter apps on iOS yet--omg--there are free versions too. How do you account for that? Sorry, but that's a lousy argument you made.
  • I did buy 6sec and today happy about that. The fact why I havent used vine is that official app is so unintuitive to capture vines. First you pin focus icon, set focus, unpin focus icon to start capture. In the middle when need to change focus point, you pin focus icon again and set the focus, then unpin focus to continue capture. Just think about it. The only difference official vine adds is that nearly useless ghost filter. Its only made for selfies and we'd seen allot of them already.   With Lumia 1020 and camera grip all I use is shutter button, half-press to focus (middle point) and full press to capture. Easy and enjoyable...      
  • I like seeing comments under the video without having to do anything in the official Vine app. I'm torn evenly between the two though.
  • A lot of people didnt care if its the BEST App, What they want is the OFFICIAL APP. We know that there are a lot of people who are willing to jump to Windows Phone, but their first concern is lack of official apps, although if you will tell them that there are Third Party Apps. They will keep on telling that its not the OFFICIAL App.
  • You missed the point of this article. We are answering which is the BEST app. If that is of no concern to you, then ignore the article. But the sheer interaction and traffic of this post strongly suggests that your claim of people not caring is, far from correct.
  • It would be cool for Rudy boy to create something original rather than riding the coattails of these social media companies. I would not be fulfilled personally if I spent my whole life copying others.
  • Don't be a jerk. He's filling a gap in apps until official ones are released, and just so happens to be making them better than the official ones. I appreciate his work.
  • Now I know you're a hater. An envious hater :/
  • @TR3YIA The irony. You're ripping on a  for creating something that "rides on the coattails of these social media companies" even though you've created...nothing? Take a step behind Rudy then, because you're even less than him by your definition. Rudy has created other apps too (TVShow, GContacts, Counters, iDaft, Old Dial, SquarO, Letter Clock), but he decided to also write ones for popular services that were missing on Windows Phone. Most people here consider that to be "awesome". You want to degrade him.  I'm not sure that is making him look bad though...
  • He is innovating. He's bringing features to these apps that the official apps don't have. An example would be the collage feature on 6tag.
  • Better worded: it would be great for a developer to come up with an app on WP8 that everyone else would want. An official app that WP has that the others don't. No, not the Tom kitty thing or whatever but a cool new way to interact, actual innovation. Not additional features.
  • @TR3YIA Have you ever built a social network of your own? I did and I am maintaining one now, so  I know what it takes. 6sec of Rudy is superb client to known social network and that's what this article is about...  
    Do you even know what vine is?  
  • All this thing about 6tag and other apps being better than the officials is annoying me already. YOU CRY OVER STUPID APPS ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. Once you get the app you all start moaning and saying that you don't want it anymore >.> When the fact is, you'll download them anyway.  
  • So we shouldn't do comparison reviews because you find it "annoying". Got it.
  • Which "comparision"? Vine is Vine. There isn't another Vine and they can shut every other app whenever they want. Just on Windows Phone people are happily paying for things that are free everywhere else. Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds, etc. At least I prefer the original *shrug*  No one cares if WP got 6secs, they want OFFICIAL APPS. Let's not get confused, it's nice to have alternatives but official apps are official apps.
  • I disagree. 6sec is a superior Instagram app to the official Instagram app. I'd rather have excellent third-party apps than crappy official apps. Just because it's official doesn't mean that it's good.
  • Rudy forever lol
  • 6sec has the ability to use flash when u record a video
  • I wonder, why this dev get such unreasonable attention, there is alot of other devs, that also good.
  • Because he makes apps for popular services that are not available on Windows Phone ergo they become the most popular apps? They're also well designed and award winning...dunno, just taking a stab here. Why is it "unreasonable" if that is what our audience responds to?
  • The annoying part about both apps,is that neither of them actually loop the videos correctly. There's a 1 second pause at the end of every video, something I didn't experience with vine on my iPod.
  • My phone has restarted itself a couple times when using the official Vine app...
  • Am I the only one who doesn't see the need for phone gestures? It's so pointless and gimmicky.
  • I love the 6secs app UI and functionality with gestures...but Official Vine lets users upload for free! So I'll be using that.
  • Confusing non-standard interfaces are an advantage now? I must be out of the loop.
  • I downloaded the vine app, but I still like the 6sec app better.
    Vine needs to buy out Rudy and make Rudy's app as how they need to create their app.
  • to be completely honest, i noticed that 6sec had these small options that made me want to use it again. But im sick of third party apps, im so happy they released an official vine app that all what i do is watch vines all day. And lets face it, a fellow friend (iphone or android) using your phone and he wants to try vine, wont notice 6sec pinned to tile, but will notice the one and only ... official vine app
  • 6sec the best
  • I already paid for 6sec so I don't see any reason to start using Vine's limited functionality at all
  • And 6tag is better than the official Instagram app for similar reasons.
  • I appreciate the efforts of the Rudys of the world. But I'm admittedly a bit of an "official" snob. Not that I won't use third party apps (or accessories in the case of gaming). I just make rather have official offerings.
  • #7 Rudy builds better apps!
  • The same thing is going to happen with Instagram. Rudy Huyn is just an amazing developer. He's putting these companies to shame on all platforms, not just Windows Phone. Instagram on Android is not as good as 6tag. I can't sign into multiple accounts and make collages with the official Instagram app. I take my hat off to Rudy!
  • Please, its normal that 6sec is better than the official. 6sec has a long time already but vine only like two or three days. People try to bring official app makers to windows phone and then when they finally decide to be part of windows you just insult them by making comparisons . I wil lwait for the 6tag vs instagram.
  • I wanna continue supporting Rudy, we have no official instagram app, thats why we use 6tag. So when instagram comes out I will support both of them. I will support Rudy because of his effort and instagram because if we have many official apps, other apps will come too.
  • I wanna continue supporting Rudy, we have no official instagram app, thats why we use 6tag. So when instagram comes out I will support both of them. I will support Rudy because of his effort and instagram because if we have many official apps, other apps will come too.
  • It's nice to be a fan of 6sec because of the nature of Rudy developing it AND the fact that's it's better.  With that said, everyone should embrass and support the official app.  Official apps are needed for the platform to grow.
  • I tried both, and I like more 6Sec :)
  •   I would say that there's a seventh reason; updates. Because I'm pretty sure that Rudy will provide more timely updates (to add new features and fix bugs) for his app than the official app will get.
  • Given that the WP release of Vine is only Ver, I think it would be better to see a comparison between Vine on iOS/Android and highlight what is better for each version.
  • Not really surprised. A lot of people make a big deal of having the 'official' app when there's superior third party apps. Surprised people still make a fuss about official apps after seeing how bad the official Facebook apps are compared to third party apps.
  • Don't have anything against 6sec, but I put the official app in and got rid of 6sec. The official app works just fine on my 520 (granted I seldom use Vine). Just be happy that there is an official app. All the time complaining about companies not creating official apps, now people are complaining about them.