6 reasons why 6sec is better than official Vine app for Windows Phone

We have 6 reasons why third-party application, 6sec, is better than the official Vine app for Windows Phone. 6sec has been around since July while the official app just came out on Tuesday. Both have the essential features of viewing and uploading Vine videos, but 6sec comes out on top right now.

We have a video comparing these two apps, so go watch it after the break.

#1 Cool gestures

Third-party app, 6sec, provides interesting gestures that aren’t available on the official app.  For example, flip over a Vine video while it’s still playing to comment, like, or re-vine. At the main timeline, you can also pinch to zoom out. On the official app, you swipe left or right to get into different sections like the notifications, explore, and your profile.

#2 Double tap to like

6sec lets you double tap to quickly like something. That feature is not available on the official app. You’ll need to scroll down and click the actual like button.

#3 Extra screen space

6sec is better than the official app at taking advantage of the screen. When you scroll down, the top bar disappears, creating more space. The top bar on the official Vine app stays in position.

#4 Themes

If you don’t like the look of 6sec, you have three themes to choose from. You choose light, dark, or black and white theme, There is no such option for the official Vine app.

#5 Multiple Accounts

Have multiple accounts? 6sec lets you switch between them quickly. That function is missing on the official Vine app.

#6 Tagging

Tagging people on Vine notifies your friends of your posts. This is one way to get more views for your posts and possibly more comments, likes, and re-vines. You can tag people on 6sec, but not the official Vine app for Windows Phone.

While we have reasons to recommend 6sec over the official Vine app, keep in mind that the official one just came out. Let’s give them time to improve the app and add more features. What do we like about the official Vine app? Well, it’s an official app.

6sec and the official Vine app are both free downloads at the Windows Phone Store, but there are in-app purchases for 6sec to remove ads or upload limits. Do you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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Mark Guim

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