6snap adds zoom ability for pictures and more in latest update

No official Snapchat app for Windows Phone? No problem. 6snap is the best Snapchat client for Windows Phone and probably just the best Snapchat app on any platform. Today it picked up another updated, version 2.5 that brings a few new features. Let’s check it out.

The last update for 6snap was version 2.4. If you had a Windows Phone with GDR2 or above you’d be able to view snaps without having to hold down the screen. It’s a setting and really awesome for viewing snaps without having your finger in the way. It also introduced support for new sign up security from Snapchat and improved performance. Today version 2.5 is in the Windows Phone Store and brings the following:

  • Add zoom when you take a picture
  • Add indicators to show when snaps are in pending state or replayed by receiver
  • Improve story support of videos with text/drawing  

6snap received icon

Now when you’re snapping a pic with 6snap you’ll have the ability to zoom in. This is during the picture taking process and not after you’ve captured.

You’ll also find better story support with text and drawings. Indicators have also been added to show when snaps are in a pending state or replayed by a receiver. The screenshot above shows the new icons in action. You’ll only get this functionality right now if you log out then log back into 6snap. Rudy has already submitted an updated (version 2.5.1) that will address this issue.

Overall another solid update from Rudy for 6nsap. If you want to grab the app head to the Windows Phone Store or use the QR code below. The app is free and ad-supported, which you can remove with an in-app purchase. 

Thanks for the tip Corey!

QR: 6snap

Sam Sabri
  • I'm interested how he blocked screenshots.
  • Two words - Rudy Magic (TM pending)
  • +822
  • I actually found a way to screenshot, but I wont be sharing as it could hinder the future of 6snap. If everyone using 6snap is able to take screenshots, Snapchat might pull it.
  • Are you running gdr3?
  • Yeah, GDR3 HTC 8X.
  • Physical home button by chance?
  • I don't own a WP with a physical home button, so it doesn't involve physical home button. :)
  • What does it have to do with Snapchat pulling it? I've had people who use the official Snapchat app screenshot my snaps all the time?
  • Yeah that's exactly it, you know that someone took a screenshot, as it alerts you of it. On iOS and Android, there is an API available so that when someone takes a screenshot, it notifies the other person. On WP no such API exists. I believe this is the reason why Swapchat (another Snapchat client) got pulled from the WP store. The app allowed users to take screenshots and it didn't alert the other person.
  • Ah...got it, makes sense now as to why he hasn't added it formally (since you have found a way apparantly lol). Thanks for explaining :)
  • I will add something, if snapchat finds a way to totally remove screenshot on ios7 and android, they will do it, it's just a question of time
  • Found a way as well, but nothing Rudy can really do about it imo. It's nothing the app should be pulled for, but I won't share the way either just to be sure.
  • Yeah, Rudy has done them a favour and increased their user base by bringing a better than official Snapchat client to WP.
  • Hmmm I will have to join you guys then. I've found a way around it all the way up until the last month or so. Ha im interested in finding this bypass now provides you all are being serious.
  • I can also make screenshots... using a secondary phone tp take a picture of the first phone ^^
  • When you try to take a screenshot look at the top of the screen, its something along the lines of, "can't take screenshot because of protected content." Its probably just a flag you can add from the WP8 OS library
  • Why is there no tap to focus on the front facing camera? I don't get it
  • Launch the default camera app and try to focus with the front facing camera. 
  • Sam is right, focus is not a software thing, it's hardware, it uses up to 5 lenses to manage it. Front camera is cheaper, only a sensor, no lenses to make focus, so you can't do it cause the hardware can't support it ;)
  • I've always wondered when this feature would come since he launched the app.
  • Ohh drives me crazy! Is it a windows limitation or something?
  • Nice. I sure wish Rudy could add a zoom feature to 6tag. It sucks trying to view Instagram pics without the ability to zoom in on details. Never a problem on Twitter or Facebook.
  • I think everyone would like the expention of the color bar with wite/black/brown/gray and maybe also a darker green, could someone help me to contact the editor of 6snap..