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6tag gets updated with new in-app purchases

6tag has been updated to include some new in-app purchases to help support future development of the popular unofficial Instagram app. These purchases include extras like enabling video upload on the platform, removing ads, or simply becoming a donor.

So if you've been wanting to remove the advertisements or to show your appreciation for future updates, be sure to check out the in-app purchases in version Hit the link below to download from the Windows Store.

QR: 6tag

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • I would pay for an in-app purchase to make instagram show my feed in chronological order.
  • I think we should hold off criticising a feature before it's been implemented.
  • Do you have a Facebook account? If you do, then you should already know that these facebook "algorithms" are complete and utter sh*t.
  • Agreed. 
  • But what i'f I've already paid for ad-removal and still see ad's since of the Microsoft bug people have told me about?   Will buying the removal again work, bc I will pay again, if it actually removes them.
  • If it's the same bug that happened a few months ago then buying it again won't help. (I'm not totally sure it will even let you) Last time this happened to me it was about a week until they fixed it.
  • It's been 4 months for me and they still haven't fixed it.
  • Rudy's got bills when I finally get upgraded to WP10, I'll be supporting him with a buy.
  • He works for microsoft. He can pay his bills
  • He works for Dropbox. Also, MVPs can't work for Microsoft and hold the status.
  • Ah fair he cant pay his bills since he only works for dropbox lol
  • If he wanted to pay his bills with revenue from his apps, he would be making them for iOS and Android, not WP.
  • WP devs make more money than Android devs. iOS devs sleep on a pile of money and gold. Big ol' troll getting tweaked by little ol' gnome. Feels good? *EDIT: Re-read the article. WP devs make more than iOS as well, on average. Wa-hoo!
  • Sure, that is totally legit, you're saying that devs make more money on wp? Wouldnt that bring the apps we dont have? So why arent they here yet? *** off
  • It makes perfect sense, if you know the industry. The numbers they're quoting are for private devs, those who work for themselves or push their own apps in their own time (consultants at day, hobbiests at night). The vast majority of coders are working for one of the development houses. As a result, those groups have to answer to shareholders. It's easier to sell the idea of targeting 80% of the market (Android) then 2%. So, they hire Java devs. It's not about the apps, it's not about the market share, it's about having developers (say what you will, Balmer was right about that). The problem for Windows is that rebooting the platform so much has made people seriously question learning the stack every time. Android, for all it's fragmentation, has had a rather steady expansion of the stack, not a changing one. So, let's take these two items (lack of private devs and a moving learning target). If you have dev who is only working a day-to-day job, they're going to either code in that language in their off time or not code outside work at all. Further, even if they stand to make more money on the Windows platforms, they have to balance if the effort of learning an entire new platform is worth it. In most cases it's not. They likely won't see the benefit of their time and effort, and financially they can't justify it. This is why the bridges were seen as a fix: Build a Windows app with the language you already know. We're seeing dividends on this with iOS code coming over, but it still requires tweaks. Android required various things (including a JRE and intelligent control switching) that affected the stability of the OS on phones. Imagine rebooting your phone 4 or 5 times a day, and possibly causing ongoing damage requiring an OS reinstall or permanent damage. Not worth it. This is also why Xamarin is not the white knight riding a horse: you're still asking devs to learn a new stack and language. Even C# devs have to learn a new stack, because Xamarin uses it's own controls and functionality so a Windows 8.x/Windows Phone/Windows 10 dev still has a learning curve. For companies, you're asking them to retrain or re-hire. Yeah, good luck with that. So, (directly) to your point, that's why we're not seeing the apps. The devs aren't here and haven't been presented a reason to come. But, as time goes on, if MS can sell Xamarin as a primary development platform we'll see more apps in Windows. In the meantime, I'm enjoying what I have and won't be going back to Android anytime soon.
  • He works for Dropbox
  • If you're good at something, never do it for free.
  • I would pay for instant-live notifications.
  • Get the new instagram app then.
  • The only working notifications with this app is... When I subscribe to someone's posts. Not having anything for a message, a picture of me, when I'm notified anywhere.. And the lags - no thanks
  • So you have an issue, cause everyone else is getting the notifications for everything.
  • Updated it on Windows Phone 8.1.
  • So.. basically this upgrade removes the ability to upload videos? I just tried to upload one and I've reached the end of the trial. The previous version didn't have this limitation. Essentially this app has turned into a pay-again service? Ok... but the article should have covered that I think.
  • It did not remove the feature for me check setting and in app but I did originally purchase the video upload
  • Yeah, me too but that isn't the result i'm seeing.   
  • No pay-again. If you already bought an in app purchase, you keep it for life. I've added a way to pay less 1.99$ instead of 1.49+1.29$, you save 30% with the bundle
  • Thanks for the claification Rudy. So either one of two things are happening 1. The in-app experience was broken on the previous version (multiple handsets) allowing unlimited video uploads.  2. The new experience is broken, for me at least.
  • Sorry, Rudy, but it definitely wants me to pay again.
  • Hello Rudy,   Thank you for your awesome app!  So... I have the $1.99 option but wonder why I cannot upload videos longer than 15 seconds? Well, the video is 28 seconds but the app stops at 15 only when I try to complete the upload.
  • Hello,    Is there a reason I can only upload 15 seconds to IG?
  • I regeret buying from you if all you are going to do is delete my question! This is now my third message asking why cant I upload more than 15 seconds of video after I paid to support the app? @rudyhuyn
  • It's a bug with the store from before, I don't know if it's fixed or in process of being fixed, but previously made in-app purchases would disappear when you re-install/restore. It sounds like it's that bug.
  • Nope. Already had that bug with the last version with showing ads. That had a work around (just tap Remove Ads and instead of taking you to the store the ads just went away) and its been fixed. This literally wants me to pay for uploading videos again. And I'm sorry, but I wont pay twice for the same thing.
  • it was always limited to upload one only
  • I love that app, its so much better than the new instagram beta
  • I bought video upload, to support Rudy.
  • Just so people know, the reason why he made video upload as an in-app, is because Instagram processes the video in an unusual format which requires it to be converted. The conversion process goes through Rudy's server before it is uploaded to Instagram Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Didnt know that, now it makes sense. Buying this app upgrade seems legit now.
  • Already paid for it like 6 updates ago...not paying again.
  • I tried a few week ago to purchase video upload...and I got an error message "Service not available". I just tried again...same message. ;-(
  • 6Tag has not worked for me since installing the Official Instagram Beta. It will open, but only display posts from the day official app was installed, and not display comments or likes and what not. The official app force closes when trying to upload video. I'm not even very fond of instagram and this situation isn't helping. I prefer to just use FB, but it has it's share of issues as well.
  • I just wish he'd concentrate on fixing some bugs that many people have reported on for quite some time now:  1) Notifications don't work.  2) Live Tiles don't work anymore (since a few updates ago).  Un/Reinstalling App doesn't help.
  • If you use the official app, it's normal that you don't see notifications, when I request notifications he server sends me "nothing new" cause the official app already receive them. Live tile is fixed since 4 weeks
  • Thanks for responding, Rudy.  I can live without the notifications becuase I do get those from the official app.  But - the Live Tiles are not fixed.  Sometimes they update, but always go back to a blank solid light blue square or a darker blue square with the 6Tag logo. I have Un/Reinstalled several times and it's always the same result.  Oddly enough - if I resize the tiles then put them back to the standard size - the Live Tiles work - for a little while.  Then, they just go back to blue squares.
  • I can repro this too. Live Tile hasn't worked for some time now and had the same discussion when you switched to WinRT tiles in 5.9.2.
    I've uninstalled/reinstalled, unchecked/rechecked background agents, resized the Live Tile, closed/opened the program and restarted my phone several times (running WP8.1 on Lumia 1020). I do see a brief flash of the tile like it wants to update, but always just shows the blank blue tile with 6tag logo.
    Still very much love the program though and won't jump ship.
  • Exactly.  They worked perfectly before the switch to WinRT - but not since.
  • Hey Rudy! First off THANKS for making this app. I use it EVERYDAY, so it's only right that I pay for it and support. Second with group direct messages my friends(All iOS users) post there, but when I click on the post it doesn't take me to the actual IG post. Is this something you are working on adding or not possible? Thanks!!!
  • I had installed 6Tag for a long time, but never really bother to see my own profile and I, through the app was following hundreds of Russians I had no idea about. I didn't think it was 6tag at first. Changed password and installed Instagram Beta instead and used it for a whole week after removing 6tag. The following remained at 334 whole week. Then again I installed 6tag just to make sure it is not Rudy's app. And within 2 days it went from 334 to 387 and I had to manually unfollow them all. Rudy is it a bug or my account got hacked. For the time being I'm using Instagram for W10M, I want to use 6tag though, his app is smooth as hell. Using Windows Central Beta for Windows 10 on Lumia 520
  • Definately not having the issue you're talking about. I think its best you reset passwords. Stop using other apps that may have access to your account. Change your email password too.
  • I've had the same thing happen.  Suddenly, I'm following people that I've never even heard of.  Not sure where the problem is, though.  Changing your eMail password as someone suggested won't make any difference - that doesn't even make anyt sense.
  • I have contacted 6tag on three different occasions about my account not working properly. I have supported 6tag since the begining. I cannot upload videos to my instagram even though I have been trying to repurchase the video upload app for months. It give me a code 805a01f4 and says the store isn't available at the moment.
  • I logged out and uninstalled the app. Next I reinstalled the app changed my password and finally was able to purchase the app. Hopefully everything works now.
  • Sounds great. I'd support development if I havent already purchased previous available package video + noads. Maybe later. Great work anyway.  
  • well, I'm using new Instagram w10 beta and it seems to be fully functional with no add and free...
  • Since a few months ago it takes about 15 seconds to load on my Lumia 830. Also, I see ads, and there's no way to contact support. I'm a paid user. Do I have to buy the app again?
  • I thought I bought an "in app purchase" to get rid of ads & enable video upload. I see from my microsoft account that £1.49 has been taken from me, but the 6tag app still shows ads & won't let me upload videos... so, I've no idea what's going on... any pointers on who to contact ?