8525 Windows Mobile 6 Download Deadline Lifted

The 8525 finally received its Windows Mobile 6 upgrade back on Halloween -- but it feels a little ironic using the word

WC Staff
  • The windows mobile 6 download was set to expire on 02/01/2008 AT&T and HTC have agreed this will need to be extended until October 31st/2008 as approved by Microsoft). The download page has been updated to reflect this change; the expiration date has been removed.
  • W00T. Thanks for the tip, Bla1ze!
  • No worries :D
  • The link to the HTC site is dead, and I can't find anything on their site pointing to a new location; does anyone know the new link (if there is one)?
  • I agree I need the windows mobile 6 upgrade can someone send me a link?
  • Is there any other place we can get the update from? Also, can a brotha get some help with the actual upgrade using a Mac...is it even possible?? Thanks guys!
  • http://www.wireless.att.com/businesscenter/phones-devices/pda-windows-mobile.jsp;d
    all the links are there...but they're still dead. : /
  • Found another link, direct from HTC....but their own link is dead, too.... : /
  • HTC just redesigned their site, so they might have changed. Am looking too.
  • good