ABC for kids all alphabet free, a user friendly Windows Phone educational app

For those with small children, your Windows Phone can be a convenient way to sneak in a few learning lessons while traveling in the car, waiting on a meal at a restaurant or any other occasion you have a few minutes to burn.

ABC for kids all alphabet free is a user friendly educational app that helps your child learn the alphabet by using audio and visual aids. The app isn't going to appeal to everyone but if you are looking for an educational app to help your children pass the time, ABC for kids all alphabet free is worth a try.

Simple Layout

The main menu for ABC for kids all alphabet free can be tapped anywhere to pull up the alphabetical listing. Parental controls are available but you'll have to tap three times to pull up that menu. It's a nice touch and may prevent your child from accessing this menu. Be patient though, it can be a little tricky to pull up the parental controls. You need to make your three taps at a rather quick pace.

Parental controls cover:

  • Language Choice (English, French or Spanish)
  • Slideshow options (on/off and interval timing)
  • Audio format
  • Background music on/off
  • Pronunciations on/off
  • Alphabet sound on/off
  • Text description of the photo on/off

You also have the options to share the app, visit the developer's Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages and offer suggestions for improvement from the parental controls screen.

Learning the Alphabet

Just as the menu for ABC for kids is laid out in simple fashion, the lesson pages are equally simple. Your child will be presented with the full alphabet and when they tap on a letter, the letter will take center screen and a pronunciation of the letter will play. Tap the letter again and a picture will appear using the letter along with an audio pronunciation of the word the picture illustrates.

Arrows are at either side of the image so your child can scroll through the collection. A home button rests in the upper left corner and an audio replay button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Each letter has 4-6 images to demonstrate the use of the word, with some images having associative sound effects. I would have liked to have seen the option to turn off these sound effects because some might be disturbing to a small child (the rabbit sounds like it's about to be snatched up by a hawk).

Overall Impression

ABC for kids all alphabet free is a Windows Phone app that presents learning the alphabet in a user friendly fashion. And the more friendly the interface, the more likely your child will take advantage of the app.

ABC for kids all alphabet free won't be an app that will appeal to everyone in the crowd. For those with small children though, it may be a good way to keep your young ones occupied and teach them a thing or two along the way.

  • ABC for kids all alphabet free – Windows Phone 8 – Free – Store Link

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