About those Zune HD pre-roll ads ...

So above is our own blurry video of a pre-roll ad on the Zune HD. This sometimes (though not always) appears when you launch of of the nine apps. (And it took 24 hours before I even saw one. Thanks, iPhone Live!)

And the question everyone (Ars (opens in new tab), DF, TiPB) is asking this morning is "Would you put up with video ads for free games?" Personally, I'd rather see something up front rather than, say, the constant pop-up ads you get in many iPhone apps. (Hey, at least they're not modal.)

Anyway, it's a little early to sound the alarm. We're not expecting anything like this on Windows Mobile anytime soon, but it certainly raises the possibility. And so ...

Phil Nickinson

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  • I voted no adds but wanted to clarify. If the game were good I would tolerate a pre-rol ad but would like the option to buy the app later and not have the add.