Accessibility tool EyeMine V2 releases, lets you play Minecraft: Java Edition with just your eyes

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What you need to know

  • Minecraft is an incredibly popular game accessible to everyone: students, children, and gamers with special needs.
  • EyeMine V2 is the latest project from UK-based charity SpecialEffect that allows anyone to play Minecraft with just their eyes.
  • The free software pairs with Windows, Minecraft: Java Edition, and any of many compatible eye trackers for an intuitive experience.
  • Minecraft can be played entirely with EyeMine V2 and further opens up Minecraft to players who may not use a keyboard or controller.

Minecraft is one of the most well-known and most-played games of all time, and a large part of this is due to its accessibility. Minecraft can be played by people of all ages, whatever their gaming needs or desires are. Well-rounded accessibility settings and moderation tools mean Minecraft can be used in education like with Minecraft: Education Edition, provide a safe place for everyone like with the Autcraft Minecraft server, and be played with any number of input systems like keyboard and mouse, controllers, VR, the Xbox Accessibility Controller, and even eye-tracking.

UK-based charity SpecialEffect helps players with physical disabilities play video games they love, and their latest project is EyeMine V2, completely free software for Windows and Minecraft: Java Edition. Paired with an eye tracker of almost any kind, EyeMine V2 lets you play Minecraft entirely with your eyes. The latest version is faster, more intuitive, and gives players complete control over their Minecraft experience with just their eyes.

It's always wonderful to see how Minecraft can adapt to become available to everyone, and how different people, groups, charities, and more take advantage of Minecraft's openness. You can download EyeMine V2 for free right now.

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