Rode X sub-brand unveils professional USB mics and software for streamers

Rode X XCM-50
(Image credit: RØDE)

What you need to know

  • Rode has unveiled a range of hardware and software under its new Rode X brand, a streaming and gaming division.
  • The Australian audio manufacturer has introduced two USB-powered microphones and UNIFY audio mixing software as part of the new range.
  • Both the $149 XCM-50 condenser microphone and the $249 XDM-100 dynamic variant are on sale now, with the UNIFY software available under a subscription model.

Secretly developing the new Rode X range for the last three years, the Australian manufacturer is already well-known for high-quality microphones and processing equipment like the Rodecaster Pro II. This fresh sub-brand targets an audience of gamers and prospective live streamers with two brand-new USB-powered microphones and software to accompany them.

“For more than three decades, RØDE has been the go-to audio brand for the world’s creators. We have made it our mission to provide professional audio solutions to musicians, filmmakers, podcasters, and broadcasters. Now we’re doing the same for streamers and gamers.”, explains Rode CEO Damien Wilson in an excerpt from the accompanying launch PR.

Rode X XCM-50 condenser USB microphone. (Image credit: RØDE)

Firstly, the XCM-50 is a $149 USB-powered condenser microphone designed with gamers in mind and is optimized for live streaming. This professional-grade microphone features a built-in desktop tripod stand and swing mount, plus an internal pop shield and shock mount to reduce pops and other noise during recording.

You can mount the XCM-50 to a microphone arm, but the desk mount makes it much easier for beginners to start content creation. A headphone port allows latency-free monitoring with adjustable volume and a mute button ideal for privacy moments during live streaming.

Rode X XDM-100 dynamic USB microphone. (Image credit: RØDE)

Next is the $249 XDM-100 USB-powered dynamic microphone, featuring professional-grade components to deliver ultra-low-noise recordings with a high-gain Revolution preamp. High-resolution 24-bit audio at 48KHz converts from analog to digital over USB with pristine audio quality.

The same noise-filtering as the XCM-50 is included, alongside a studio-quality dynamic capsule and tighter cardioid polar pattern to reduce background noise like keyboards and mice during streams. Zero-latency monitoring is still available via a headphone jack with dedicated volume control and a mute function on this high-end microphone.

Rode X XDM-100 with Unify app. (Image credit: RØDE)

Unify is software designed to make life easier for streamers and gamers by consolidating complex audio-routing tasks into one easy-to-use app, mixing up to four USB-powered mics or other recording devices with six virtual sources into one interface. Managing sub-mixes for inputs and outputs makes for easy volume management, plus live voice effects add an element of fun alongside its studio-grade audio processing.

“The launch of RØDE X marks an exciting new era for RØDE,” says Damien Wilson.

“In addition to these two incredible microphones and UNIFY, we have a suite of groundbreaking products currently in development that are going to shape the future of audio for streaming and gaming. This is just the beginning.”

Both microphones are available for purchase now, and the Rode X Unify app can be downloaded separately from the official website with a $5 monthly or $45 annual subscription. More products are planned for the new Rode X sub-brand, set for release in 2023 and beyond.

Stay tuned for our upcoming review of the XCM-50 to see how it compares to some of the best microphones for streaming.

Rode X XCM-50

Rode X XCM-50

USB-powered condenser microphone optimized for gamers and live streaming with a tight cardioid polar pattern tuned for speech. Comes with a desktop tripod.

Rode X XDM-100

Rode X XDM-100

Dynamic USB microphone with a rich broadcast sound combined with superior room noise rejection provided by its premium circuitry. Comes with a pop shield and shock mount.

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