Acer announces two new budget Windows 10 Mobile phones at IFA

Anyone looking for a 'flagship' class smartphone will have to continue waiting, as the new Liquid M320 and M330 aren't going to scratch that itch. They're a pair of budget-oriented phones targeted at the lower end of the market.

The phones are actually available with the same hardware running either Windows 10 Mobile or Android. Acer's most recent Windows Phone, the M220, was a little disappointing on the hardware front, and these are at least a step up.

Here's what we're looking at.

Visually they're not bad looking phones, with the front camera ring breaking up an other wise plain front. There looks to be perhaps a bit too much bezel going on as well, perhaps, especially for a more compact phone. Round back there's a "gentle curve," removable battery and a DTS Audio label we're most interested in finding out more about.

OK, so Acer isn't necessarily appealing to the enthusiast, but we're never going to turn our noses up at more phones in the ecosystem. The M330 is scheduled to go on sale in the EMEA region from December at a price of €129. At this time there are no details concerning a release in North America.

We'll be getting a closer look at the new phones soon from the show floor in Berlin, so stay tuned for that.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • This status bar on top is from Android -_- oh man.
  • They made this photos rashly, that's for sure.
  • yeah i wont blame them cause windows 10 mobile isnt even finished and i doubt they tested these phones on it yet
  • Why not blame them?! we dont use linux where you can missunderstood or make mistakes like this... The battery icon never was up like this on WP since 2010. so a huge mistake that has nothing with finished or not to do.
  • Well which status bar should they have use then from which build.. wasnt even consistend on them.. might not even be the finished battery icon
  • Seriously dude? Someone photoshopped a picture real quick to report on a story. Get a life man.
  • OR they leaked something in that picture...
  • What is that ring in the back bottom of the phone?
  • lol
  • Windows 10 Marshmallow
  • I dont know. What if its running the latest build or actually A oem build of win10 mobile witch actually has that status bar ? Or what if they redesigned it S the battery symbol actually fits with the %left in it ;) think about it
  • It looks nearly exact same as android battery symbol + status bar. I doubt MS would use android's design for it as it one goes against Win10's design, and also may be copyright protected. So I doubt it
  • Cool.. Bring them on.
  • Overpriced
  • Not at all attractive.... Be it the design or the hardware.
  • "Anyone looking for a 'flagship' class smartphone will have to continue waiting" You know Richard, maybe you should read Windows Central once in a while, there'a a guy there, also called Rich, who posted 30 minutes before you did about a new high end Windows 10 Mobile device from Acer
  • Lol I did kinda think that but maybe it slipped his mind.
  • Lol, they all are attending different sessions and not reading or communicating with each other
  • Rich isn't here.
  • Haha true
  • We had this before the event. And you will have to wait for it. Primo isn't coming anytime soon.
  • Why? What's happening? Can't we get by christmas?
  • Decent budget devices. Jade Primo looking awesome though. Likely gonna pick one up.
  • Why are there 2? What's the difference?
  • Maybe one is LTE enabled or dual sim.
  • Front camera...
  • Read the table? Maybe that would help? Oh wait! It does help -_- But in the event you're too lazy a person, the M320 utilizes a relatively weaker core than the M330 and sports a 2MP front camera while its big brother does 5MP. 
  • One is LTE enabled and the other is 3g only model
  • Where does it say the M330 is LTE?
  • Looks budget, never hate such phone, they are good at daily secondary use.
  • These are welcome, but the jade primo sounds brilliant. Need to hear more about it..2016 still a wee bit of a wait
  • Way better than Shittyman *in term of design*.
  • Yea my thought xd.
  • I know that it is IN to complain about M$ design, but you went too far :). At first, I believed that a lot of people didn't liked look of 950(xl), but now I think that somebody is paying trolls to bash M$. They are wasting money, 950 is not that good either...
  • Bring em on.. More devices are needed.
  • Just today I found the M220 listed in my local online store, priced at a lowly US$ 50 (unlocked). The problem is not the price but the selling point. They listed it as 'upgradable to Windows 10' while the fact is it is not, due its 4GB internal storage. I always hate it when OEM screws up WP credibility by creating half-arsed phones, overselling them before finally putting their hands up and looking at Microsoft as scapegoat.
  • Except that on the page on MS site about all the requisites for upgrading to W10, in the mobile section, 4GB is still listed as the minimum required (with a note about the SD slot that must be present, for the 4GB devices), so if M220 has an SD slot, it may be upgradeable
  • Would that be 4Gb of "available" memory?
  • Fortunately it does have a mSD slot. But still, smartphone first-timer who are the target audience for such product, would have a very bad impression of WP if in the end W10 will not be coming to M220. This has happened multiple times in the past with Samsung's, HTC's, and even Nokia's Lumias.
  • Looks like the 950
  • Yay! /s Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This is the best sarcastic comment I have ever read, especially the last line
  • The last line qualifies for irony, not sarcasm.
  • Wow.. They look better than 950 and 950xl..cute entry level phones.. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Do these devices have software buttons that can be hidden like Lumia 535 or always on software buttons like Lumia 635?
  • High end (Lumia 950s, Acer Jade Primo) and low end (others). Does this mean no new mid range Win10 phones will be launched? Only Lumia 640 with an old SoC and WP8 preinstalled? 
  • Wow they look nice
  • Olay so they can't wonder why most people wouldn't buy these damn things... They can't complain about it either.thing doesn't even have a 720 screen.. Really?
  • December? W10 Mobile release seems to slip farther and father.
  • "Visually they're not bad looking phones, with the front camera ring breaking up an other wise plain front." I think that's the speaker ring.
  • Hopefully soon we will be able to run w10m on xiaomi. that will be a great altertative for midrange lumia IMO. Xiamoi Mi 4 running Windows 10 Mobile Build 10240
  • That M330 looks like a nice upgrade from a 530, or at least a sidegrade to get my wife's notifications/texts working again.
  • Ooh Windows 10 mobile is coming
  • Decent phones and no more
  • I like. Especially if they run WinXM, these will do well.
  • What's with the massive top and bottom bezels? Had to make the phone long enough to use with a smallish screen or something?
  • 4.5 inch screens are to small =/ 5.2 or bigger also on screen buttons =(
  • I don't know; there has been a clamoring (NOT from me, for sure!) for smaller screened phones. So for those folks, these will be nice. I suppose if these do well, maybe they'll bring a larger version along.
  • Yeah I know I just like to play mobile games so nothing under 5.2 for me.
  • Looks beautiful for a budget phone.
  • The only thing I hate is it its shape. :3
  • Nice.  More devices the better.
  • Still, they look a lot nicer in design than what Microsoft is getting ready to reveal...
  • Looks pretty good...i like it
  • This phone runs on 10240 build....
  • With screenshots like that W10M will have a really-really hard time ahead.