Acer announces two new budget Windows 10 Mobile phones at IFA

Anyone looking for a 'flagship' class smartphone will have to continue waiting, as the new Liquid M320 and M330 aren't going to scratch that itch. They're a pair of budget-oriented phones targeted at the lower end of the market.

The phones are actually available with the same hardware running either Windows 10 Mobile or Android. Acer's most recent Windows Phone, the M220, was a little disappointing on the hardware front, and these are at least a step up.

Here's what we're looking at.

Visually they're not bad looking phones, with the front camera ring breaking up an other wise plain front. There looks to be perhaps a bit too much bezel going on as well, perhaps, especially for a more compact phone. Round back there's a "gentle curve," removable battery and a DTS Audio label we're most interested in finding out more about.

OK, so Acer isn't necessarily appealing to the enthusiast, but we're never going to turn our noses up at more phones in the ecosystem. The M330 is scheduled to go on sale in the EMEA region from December at a price of €129. At this time there are no details concerning a release in North America.

We'll be getting a closer look at the new phones soon from the show floor in Berlin, so stay tuned for that.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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