The Acer Jade Primo Premium Pack is a PC in a box for €800

Acer is very much leveraging the power of Continuum with its forthcoming Jade Primo Windows 10 Mobile phone, and at Mobile World Congress we've had a glance at a forthcoming bundle that's quite literally a PC in a box.

The Premium Pack comes in a big box and contains the Jade Primo (of course), the Continuum dock, a case, a keyboard, mouse and a PC monitor. Everything you need for your pocket PC.

All this doesn't come cheap, but then it's also not likely targeted at consumers. The price in France will be €800, and we weren't able to get any other regional information. It's an intriguing prospect though, even if it's likely it'll be sold mostly to enterprise customers.

Would you buy it though? Sound off in the comments below!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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