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Acer reportedly getting ready to unveil a 'slew' of Windows Phone in '15

A new report claims that long-time Windows PC manufacturer Acer is getting ready to jump back in on Windows Phone. The site Gizbot reports that its contacts with Acer have revealed the Windows Phone plans, which would commence in the first half of 2015.

Details of Acer's plans are still secret, however if the Gizbot article is accurate, there will be more than one device.

"We heard that Acer would never make a Windows-­powered handset again. Well, it seems that Acer is re­looking to unveil a slew of Windows Phone smartphones next year. Exact information and launch details have been kept under tight wraps, however, we've been told that the company could launch its new Windows Phone lineup in the first half of 2015."

Acer last made a Windows Phone back in 2011 with their poorly received Acer W4. It was nearly one-year ago that the company noted that they would not return to Windows Phone until market share and app selection had improved.

To add fuel to the fire, Microsoft did announce last year in Barcelona that OEM licensing would be free for Windows Phone. This announcement coincided with a surfeit of new OEMs who were reportedly committed to Windows Phone, including LG Electronics, Lenovo, ZTE, Samsung, Karbonn, and others.

However, since that time, Huawei has evidently backed out and Acer was never mentioned as committed to Windows Phone.

Reports of Acer coming back to the Windows Phone fold have been circulating for years, and for now, Windows Central is highly skeptical of the claim by Gizbot. If Acer were to announce anything, the upcoming shows at CES, Mobile World Congress or IFA would be good venues to do so.

Of course, many believe Windows 10 will change everything, due to the overlapping OS and app store. Acer, who is no stranger to Windows proper, could very well be testing the waters for the new OS and phones. Nevertheless, until we see something definitive from the Taiwanese firm, we won't hold our breath.

Source: Gizbot

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Acer is going back to Windows Phone before Sony. Tsk tsk.
  • Sony had been there.
  • I have yet to see a Sony phone with wp.
  • Sony never joined WP in the first place. And as they've committed themselves to Android, I highly doubt they'll release one. One has to assume that the conversations with Microsoft failed.
  • DJCBS:
    Since Nokia is out, no more conversations...
  • Good one. Lolz!
  • Sony did join but never released their phone. Supposedly due to the xbox games hub and maybe even Microsofts unwillingness to change the name and brand of it.
  • Yeah, they had a prototype.
  • Yeah a WP7 prototype. But since it wasn't released, they didn't join ;)
  • Yeah, you're right.. I guess the point is that if WP market share increases, at some point, its possible that any OEM will "Join"... That's the bottom line..
  • Thats like saying Sony didn't release a laptop because Windows 8 had an Xbox Game hub, Oh wait they did. Sony can release a phone with the Xbox Game hub along with a PlayStation App companies aren't relient on being fanboys, denieing the Xbox Games hub is anti-competion and is against the law.
  • I think it's only against US Anti-Trust law if you are found to have a monopoly in the specific industry.
  • When Sony mentioned the last talks about WP with Microsoft WP8 was out and 8.1 coming. With WP8.1 Microsoft removed the Xbox apps from the core of the OS. Which means Microsoft could allow Sony to replace the Xbox apps with Sony's own services. Sony probably just realised there was no money to be made because of the low user base. If I had to venture anything, Microsoft's attack on Nokia's D&S placed the final nail in the coffin of the conversations between the two companies.
  • There was no attack Microsoft held out a wad of money Nokia took it don't be mad at Microsoft for that. You can say it was all the CEOs fault I forget his name eloph or something I probably spelled it wrong but my point is you blame him and Microsoft but Nokia's board of directors approved the deal. Plain and simple Nokia just took the money and save itself don't blame Microsoft and don't blame Nokia for saving itself.
  • No it was not, that's stupid cause they make PCs and tablets Windows 8.1!
  • I'm not saying your not right about Sony being all about android but you have to think. With sony losing there ass on android phones they even admitted it themselves in there last earning report. If they can't right the ship the may decide to not put all there eggs in one basket and test the waters of WP. It wouldn't be that expensive or that big of risk cuz just like HTC did with the HTC one m8 the could use there existing android flagship and make a windows version of it it would keep cost down and the investment would be limited. Also Microsoft could sweeten the deal and let Sony install there own game hub instead of the default Xbox one a game hub for exclusive psn titles that only Sony would give there customers access to. I'm not saying that will happen but sony ain't stupid if they keep bleeding from there android devices there's only a few options try something new or drop the cell phone division all together. I would say if Sony did ever decided to try WP it wouldn't be intill windows 10 but like i said before this is all just hypothetical.
  • I have considered all those things before. However a lot has changed and there are things that one should have in mind when thinking about a Sony WP: - Sony's losses on Android come from their low end and mid-range devices. Sony can't do cheap. They never could.   - Sony has that stupid 6 months cycle which most definitely doesn't help as they don't have time to optimize production of a phone 'cause as soon as they release one, another different one goes into production.   - Windows Phone's only viable market, if we're being realistic, is the low end. Precisely the one that causes Sony's losses. They could do the HTC-move but people - apart from WP fans - seeking a high end experience, don't go for WP. They go for a more developed OS like Android or iOS.   - Sony has meanwhile decided to reestructure its phone division. They'll be streamlining their portfolio and they're focusing on high end devices.   - Sony no longer has a game hub on Android. That project was discontinued much like Xbox games for WP, except Sony actually discontinued, Microsoft just abandonned it.    - Sony has a renewed committment with Android because of the PlayStation. I can connect my Z3C to a PS4 and play PS4 games. For the same thing to be done on WP, Microsoft would have to issue an OS update that would, literally, give people more reasons to buy a PS4 instead of an Xbox One.   - Sony no longer produces Windows-based products. The VAIO division was sold to a Japanese consortium. Which means the chance Sony once had to tying their phones with their laptops more closely has passed.   I honestly don't see a scenario where Sony could make WP profitable for them. And in the end, it's all about profitability. 
  • I have to disagree on some aspects of what your saying first Microsoft didn't abandon the Xbox game hub or there Xbox games if you were actually using a WP and not a crapdroid you would notice the there have been a slew of new Xbox enabled games being released tiny troopers for example. Secondly I don't know where you get this idea the windows 8.1 is not as developed as android/ios while WP may need to catch up little with android it already surpasses IOS I mean on IOS you can't even run game emulators or bit torrent clients and WP and android you can if you ask me IOS I the least developed OS but that's by design. Plus its funny how ever time they come out with and update to try to break the jailbreakes it jailbroken two months later or sooner.
    And the last fact is your so biased against Microsoft cuz they bought you beloved Nokia d&s division that you distort the facts and try to make everyone think there opinion is stupid but like it or not WP is growing and yeah it might be at a snails pace and Microsoft has to kick and claw do every bit of it but Microsoft is in it for the long haul. Believe that and believe in Microsoft.
  • The only reason high end phones didn't do well is because Nokia had a horrific business model. Locking flagship phones to one carrier was suicide. That's exactly why Nokia tanked and Microsoft bought them out. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • @DJCBS Sony is allready relying on Records and PS4. The ship has allready made water. I would be more worried about next year's warranty on your phone.
  • It makes sense when they could never get American service providers to fit the bill for their xperia line even after the os switch
  • Do you see any playstation hud on their Android phones, no so your assessment is not valid. They picked Android and loss cause like most people they think WP was a waste!
  • Are you a troll and why you hate on WP so much if you like android I think windows central has a sister android site don't know the name don't really care never did like android to fragmented to virus prone to f*cked up and unless you got a high dollar phone almost never updated. So what is it about WP that you feel threatened about and wanna come over here and troll and talk crap I mean I see no good reason to do that besides insecurity. I was just wondering cuz this is a windows site having to do with all things Microsoft not crapdoid and yes you can call me a fan boy but aleast I stay on a windows site and don't go talking crap on and android or IOS web site just saying.
  • Well how that Android phones working out for Sony?! Not good cause they lost over $2 Billion and most people still don't know they have smart phone on Android, my friend was puzzled when I told her that Sony has Android phones. Most regular people are stuck on iPhone and Samsung!
  • I don't see sony joining wp any soon, after the xbox ps4 war. And i don't really care about third party windows phone, I'll probably always stick to microsoft hardware, due exclusive support
  • sony xperia sucks. UI especially
  • Yeah, I own an xperia for business and I confirm, it sucks real bad
  • They'll probably be Intel Phablets with cell plans for calling, texting, etc.
  • Do we know whether Windows 10's phone version will work on x64?  If so, it may really not be a stretch for the PC makers to hop on the bandwagon.  Essentially, they're just making small tablets with a cellular radio inside.
  • Sony already made a WP prototype before running WP7. Hope they make one for Windows 10.
  • Hmmm...interesting indeed.
  • I'm sensing some cool Windows 10 designs in our future. #Build2015
  • Definitely! We need some good flagship devices for Windows 10!
  • fingers crossed for a 41 MP PureView flagship device!
  • Well welcome back
  • Yahooooo!
  • Acer laptops have issues. Now experience them in beautiful tiny mode!
  • My thoughts exactly. I wouldn't touch anything with an Acer logo
  • I don't know. THe Acer S7 has been working great for my daughter and Mary Jo Foley has one and loves it. I wouldn't touch their low end models, but this high end model works and looks great.
  • Every laptop has issues. Nothing is perfect. Every phone has issues. It's part of life. I've had nothing but good experiences with Acer.
  • Yep. I have an Acer Aspire laptop which came with Windows 7 back in 2009 and now I am running the Windows 10 Preview on it and it has given me near flawless performance for my usage. Even HP and Dell have quality issues every now and then. 
  • Awesome! I can definitely agree with that because I just recently had to scrap an HP because of the issues of was having.
  • Yeah, my HP Envy x2 never made the transition to 8.1; disgraceful for a 1 year old device!
  • That should've never happened. What was the issue?
  • That sucks! I wonder why it didn't make it? Did you ever look into it?
  • I had pretty much the same experience as yours. It still works great. All I did was clean it up every year. I'm glad that I didn't listen to that sales rep who tried to steer me away from it because "it has all sorts of problems".
  • I have an Acer aspire laptop,purchased in 2008 and till date it is working awesome without any issues. I am completely satisfied with it performance literally
  • That word "Chinese" changes everything.
  • Everything Apple sells is also Chinese, as are most other mobile devices. Your point is?
  • Acer it's a Chinese company. That is the problem.
  • Lenovo is Chinese...
  • Acer is Taiwanese, like HTC.  Get your facts right.
  • Well, I get my facts from the article. Which it was changed by Daniel, who had write "Chinese".
  • So you mean "Everything" changes everything?
  • In 15 what? Days? Months?
  • It's for 2015. When you put ' before a number, it is shorthand for years.
  • It's '15. Meaning 2015
  • 2015 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • 2015 brother :-
  • Too many reply for ur post almost the same time including me ..ha ha..
  • Decades
  • Acer please launch Liquid S2 of windowsphone version in India. Fed up with slowness of Microsoft mobiles in releasing of new models .... Having a Lumia 1320 is useless .its camera us almost equal to cheap brands camera interns if resolution. Let me switch to Acer from Nokia
  • Ya I too love everything about my Lumia 1320 except for the camera, irme the only negative feature in my whole damn beautiful are so crappy I hate to even thing about the camera, gives my shudders
  • Xcuse arthjar don't think about flagship phones to do all records.... Most successful windowsphone is Lumia 520 . Bcoz people expected good from it and they got worth for their price . HTC launched desire 816 after Lumia 1320 released. But now HTC launched desire 816G , 820 ,820G .but Nokia hasn't released a single successor to Lumia 1320 . Don't you feel annoyed while there is no new phone in between L730 & L830 without huge difference in price tag
  • You bought a cheap phone, what were you expecting?
  • Why don't you buy me a phone with your money then?? Stupid bugger
  • Why would he? Why should he?
  • I wouldn't even get you some water to calm your thirst, you insightful brat.
  • @Abhishek1320:
    It's really about time those interns get a promotion.
    Do you pay minimum wage?
  • What do you mean..
  • @Abhishek1320:
    Was just kidding.
    You were certainly talking about camera internALs, but you wrote "interns". ;-)
  • Yeah... Performance wise.... I will be happy with dual core until next two years... Bcoz I use Windowsphone. Only thing is camera... At least Microsoft bring 1320 successor. So that my next phone will be WP. I just talk in love with specs of HTC desire 820 and its price tag . Need a windowsphone in that specs
  • Woof woof! Yeah baby...come on!
  • In an ideal world, Lumia software recovery tool should give you an option to install Windows 10 on any hardware for free without a restriction especially on phone hardware and on a tablet (less than 9"). This hardware could be Intel, Tegra or anything. Better still if this tool is able to clean a galaxy or nexus device and install Windows 10 on that too. Is Android really open-source?
  • Eh, I don't think so, Lumia Software Recovery Tool is a Software Recovery Tool, for Lumia.
  • Off topic- hike messenger has been updated :) with regional sticker support...awesome...
  • There is a "tip us" link for things like that.
  • Thanks mate I never knew that.. Cheers :)
  • No problem! :)
  • #2015
  • "Of course, many believe Windows 10 will change everything"... hahahahhahahahaha
    There is no other thing I can do but laugh about that!! Stop dreaming guys, Windows 10 wont change everything. They are focused in the Enterprise features, this Windows is for them.
  • If you say so.
  • I totally agree with you. Windows 10 isn't going to change much of anything. We've said each version is going to "change everything" but look at where we are STILL at. It's bogus.
  • Windows ten will be a game changer if you will stop running you mouth and wait little bit long Microsoft will show you just how committed it is to the consumer side yes right now they are focused on enterprise it is the biggest customers. But that don't mean they forgetting about the consumer side and early next year you see the consumer preview and will see how revolutionary it really is so stop acting like you know when obviously you can't even see the forest for the trees you see what is is now not what it will be when the release it. And that's a one windows the runs on everything from watches to phone to tablet to PC and even servers. It's the first truly unified OS. Just watch you don't have to believe me but you will eat your words I promise you that.
  • So we wait and see...
  • It won't change anything. Don't get mad. After the failure that is windows phone 10 expect Microsoft to give up. They should concentrate on software.
  • OMG, you hit on all the old Windows Phone fallacies. "Be patient and wait a little bit longer." "The next version will be a huge hit." "Just because Microsoft is completely ignoring the consumer market now doesn't mean they won't come in later." "The preview version will be here in the coming months!" "The next version of Windows will be REVOLUTIONARY and will change everything!" "The next version of Windows will allow universal apps!"  (They used that one for WP8 and WP8.1 too... look how those universal apps have already delivered market dominance to Microsoft!) And remember: Now that NoDo is out, WP is ready for the big time. Mango will change everything by adding LTE support. The Lumia 900 will be the breakout device for WP in the USA! WP 8 will go down as the moment everything changed for Windows Phone. 2014 will be the year of Windows Phone and the year that the app gap disappeared! WP 8.1 will transform the marketplace with truly universal apps. We've been through this before, and it's all BS. If Microsoft was serious about winning in mobile in 2014, they'd commit tens of billions of dollars to a massive, overwhelming push into the sector.  Instead, they've done a lousy job delivering late OS updates and a handful of laughable Lumias in 2014, with lousy selection on the major carriers in North America. Mobile isn't important to Microsoft.  Windows is a legacy product that milks money from enterprise, and Satya Nadella would rather you use Office and Microsoft cloud services on a platform that Microsoft actually actively supports like iOS or Android.
  • Once again and someone that don't know what there talking about running there mouth. See Microsoft ain't. Going to waste 10s of billions of dollars on something that wont work it don't matter how much they spend on advertising and stuff like that that's not how they intend to gain market share yeah they do advertise . But they don't need to spend billions on it. What your not understanding is like many others that don't grasp what a unified OS means I'll tell you. This you it is projected that 250 windows pcs will be sold and most if not all will be updated to windows 10 and windows phone gots 50 million users most if not all of them will update to windows 10 and then you got atleast as many tablets as phones if not more that will be updated to windows 10. So conservatively your talking about increasing your market share of windows phone by 300 million users to 350 million uses in about two years time pretty fast right and since windows ten is unified it will be on market share for phone tablet and PC.just like they count tablets and pcs into android market share you have to do the same for windows 10 now. So with 350 million users most developers are going to find it hard to ignore even google themselves will have a hard time ignoring windows 10. So you can hate if you want or you could shit the heck up and got follow the crowd and get android or IOS just cuz your a follower don't mean everybody is. I mean everybody thinks android and IOS are better there not its the simple fact that 95% of people are followers they get what everyone else gots with out even trying anything else out. Me I beat to the my own drum I follow no one and I don't pretend to be some one I'm not I am a WP fan boy but I don't got on android and IOS sites and hate and I also like you don't act like I care about windows and WP and then bash them so go get you iPhone and head to your herd of isheep or get a crap Droid and be a follow cuz to tell the truth I am going to be so happy once you find out how wrong you really are I love yo be right and I really don't care what you or any of them haters think I'm happy with my wp my surface my Xbox and if Microsoft stoped making WP tomorrow I would never ever ever get a android or Iphone I would get get a flip phone or maybe even a blackberry cuz at least they ain't like a##holes and everybody gots on you see I like to be different unlike most.
  • Acer will make a windows phone when Sony makes a windows phone ..never weren't they talking crap about the platform  several months ago ?
  • They sure did. The CEO got his panties in a bunch because Microsoft made the Sufrace and Acer made plastic junk.
  • No more app gap at least in India... whenever an ad of app showed in tv or paper the symbol of wp is there with android and ios... So don't wait come faster...
  • Cool, the more the merrier.
  • Whatever ACER... my Lumia 1520 is itching to get replace...
  • "...jump back in on WP..." I'll take two forms of commitment.
  • I just hate the fact that I can't send article to twitter anymore I have to copy and paste everything and shit.. I dont like sharing articles on facebook cuz a lot of my friends dont care about mobile tech, but a lot my followers on tweeter care about it, so please WP central do something about this!
  • It still writes "Windows Phone Central Rum'o'meter" Ever thought of renaming this or should this stay forever as a reminder of the good old times ;P
  • Oh boy I didn't know Acer made phones!? And even better! Window phones!? Ima get it!!
  • I'll believe it when I see it. LG was also supposed to release WPs and not a single piece of news on that. Same with Lenovo. And with Lenovo's acquisition of Motorola, I somehow highly doubt they'll release any WP in the forseeable future.
  • I remember one of Ad Duplex's montly reports definitely showed a mid-range LG phone. I think it was called the Uni8 or something like that. I'm not sure what happened to it, though.
  • Any manufacturer of windows pcs should bundle their windows phones. MS is already discounting Office 365, and many other perks. This will surely help sales.
  • I believe that most of the PC producers (Toshiba, HP, Lenovo) will launch their WP devices if Microsoft merge all the OSs under one roof because PC will mean nothing without any phone counterpart and one OS working on all types of device will force them to do so.
  • Can I just say that my Acer S7-392 is a fantastic laptop!!!
  • Acer isn't Chinese, it's Taiwanese. If they really happen to be working on Windows phones, these are probably low-end devices, but it would still be nice to add a well-known brand to the current list.
  • Why India doesn't have carrier contract phones???
  • Be glad it's that way. Many of our US brethen here are being tested for their patience due to the slow update process employed by carriers. Just too many complications to deal with. Let it be like how it's now. Even the carrier model is being re-thought of in the US, I heard.
  • Please be true, please be true, please be true
  • anything is better than htc. i'd take an acer time bomb phone over them any day.
  • Common problem in all lumias, and a very irritating one. Everyone plz plz vote and post it in as many articles as you can so Microsoft will get to know. Daniel you should write a article about this and provide a link to user voice site so ask ppl can vote!! If possible you can write to Microsoft its a bug in all lumias after cyan update!!
  • They need to release 5 at once. And flood the market to succeed
  • Hope this is true, WP needs more known brands to suceed.
  • Windows is providing a good experience on low end phones which is up Acer's street sought to speak.
  • That may be a Good move by Acer...
  • Nice. A high-end Acer could definitely be interesting.
  • Meh..
  • Acer reportedly getting ready to unveil a 'slew' of *low-end* Windows Phones in '15 There I fixed it for you :)
  • Acer reportedly getting ready to unveil a 'slew' of *low-end* Windows Phones in '15 There I fixed it for you :)
  • Sorry for thw double post. I'm using Android :)
  • Their main problem will be the camera; for me and many others the camera is the single most important factor in choosing a smartphone, and the high-end Lumias are from another planet in this respect!
  • Very cool if they come out with a range of phones!!
  • I long as it's not a range of low-end phones. I'd hate to see Acer just offer a range of phones with similar specs but with different screen sizes aimed at the lower end.
  • Did anyone here have the Acer Windows Phone 7? I never saw it anywhere...I'm not entirely sure I had even heard of it until now. Regardless, I own the Iconia W4 tablet, and I think it is a very nice device. It's a bit bulky, but it feels, functions, and looks pretty good. I'm curious to see what Acer would offer in the form of a new a Windows Phone.
  • Just a suggestion for WindowsCentral: The white on pink with your "rumor-meter" seems to wash out, design-wise. It's kind of hard to read, IMHO.
  • Hopefully it not just low end phones. i mean seriously we need some major high end phones. People don't like Apple products just because they are nice to look at. but because of their high end quality and the way Apple pushes them. Windows Phone Makers need to present this phone the same way. Hopefully Microsoft or one of their partners will start to notice that
  • But can they release a "slew" of working drivers?
  • I just went through Sony's emails and Adam Sandler didnt like it so they dropped the decision to go ahead with the phone. Nothing to do with Nokia or hubs
  • Wait, you did what?
  • You a superman or what?
  • Woot
  • Good luck Acer good choice