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Acer UK won't sell its new Android phone, but seems excited for the Jade Primo

Acer Jade Primo
Acer Jade Primo

That's what we were told by a member of Acer's UK executive team at Mobile World Congress, and at first glance sounds quite extraordinary. Android, the all encompassing dominator of the smartphone space, ignored, while a Windows 10 Mobile device comes to market. Surely not?

That seems to be the case, and for Acer at least, it seems as though the Jade Primo is the way to go in Britain. But why?

In short, partners. Enterprise partners.

It's a story we've already heard recently from HP, with the Elite X3. An enterprise focused approach to selling the phone while leaving it open for average consumers to pick one up as well. In Acer's case, you'll be able to pick up a complete package with the Jade Primo that includes a keyboard, mouse and a monitor. A package that can be sold to partners in place of a new laptop/desktop combination, perhaps.

Acer Jade Primo

By contrast, the Liquid Jade 2, essentially the Primo but running Android, will not be met with any enthusiasm in the UK, nor will it even be ranged officially. It's pretty simple, really. Why go into a market that includes the Samsung Galaxy S7, among many others. Without being harsh on Acer, one of its Android phones won't do very well in the UK. And, its enterprise partners won't want to buy the same Android phones, but they could well be taken with the Jade Primo, Continuum and the Microsoft ecosystem so many IT departments already live inside. And so this is the route the Taiwanese manufacturer is going.

Far from glamorous it may be, but the enthusiasm for the Jade Primo was evident. And it seems to hinge on the support, which one assumes is already in place, from the enterprise. You or I will be free to go out and pick one up, which is perfectly fine. No-one who wants to buy a high-end Windows 10 Mobile device will be frozen out (though regionally availability will continue to be a sticky spot). The same with HP.

So while some around the web are singing the death tune of Windows 10 Mobile already, speak to some in the industry, particularly those who actually intend to make money from it, and you hear a different song. And for the rest of us, does it really matter if enterprise props up the ecosystem, resulting in more smartphones to choose from?

It sure isn't a bad thing.

Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • Oh... Something interesting
  • aawp had a show the other day with a UK guy working in government as a guest and I found it quite interesting that he could see the potential for this technology in the enterprise space.  It does actually make quite good sense for a business.  Why buy a desktop/laptop and phone and have to secure of all these when you can effectively have one device that provides a core experience and is ultra mobile.  In business you don't care about SnapChat being missing or that the Instagram Beta is so old (yes, UWP version was reportedly coming).  You care about Office - editing documents, Outlook.  Excel.  Access to Sharepoint/OneDrive.  A good browser.  PDF viewer.  Salesforce.  Things that already exist in UWP. Viruses are never an issue.  Devices can be controlled with data protection rules and remotely wiped.  It's a much safer and more secure world, yet still one that people are familiar with and use daily. Microsoft have always been strong in business and I see that Windows 10 Mobile is going to thrive there.
  • When it comes to taking notes in meetings, doing presentations on screen or via beamer, a smartphone with continuum or Acer's solution won't really do the job. I can't see how these devices can substitute laptop/tablets when it comes to business use.
  • Have you tried it? I did, and its pretty amazing. And with corporate enviroment like terminal services and RemoteApp its even more amazing. You have all legacy apps available on your phone / monitor / projector. Anywhere, even at home.
  • I use OneNote for notes every day.  And since you can present with a different screen than on the phone, I'd say it should work.  
  • It has a physical keyboard........
  • Unfortunately Microsoft have done away with beamer which I thought was a great app to differentiate Windows from Android out iOS. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Beamer is essentially miracast with different name Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And completely different technology.....
  • No it is not the same. With beamer I could display whatever I had on my Windows phone screen to anyone, anywhere if they had internet access. This could be to another phone, tablet or PC. Try doing that over Miracast. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The powerpoint app over Miracast works very well for presentations actually
  • Fully agree with this. Miracast is a great way for putting your phone screen on a big display. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • But not surprising. Windows phones are dead popular here in the UK. I'm seeing them about as much as I do iPhones. If not more. Of course, that's W8. W10 remains to be seen. I've seen no-one with a 950 yet and that says a lot to me.
  • I have a 950 XL dual sim and also live in  the UK.
  • But you never met him
  • I agree. Here in London you can see someone with a WP from far away with those bright coloured phones.
  • Look again. It's probably the iPhone 5C.
  • Hi there Android user!
  • I think that this is / was the Microsoft long term strategy. They just decided to abandom consumers battle for cheapest available smartphone on the market, where their OS advantages doesn't play a role, and they are focusing on the enterprise customers, where iOS and Android cannot compete, as their OS is consumer oriented and has almost nothing to offer. Also it is a game changer and the future. Phone will become your very personal computing device, and as you can see from HP and Acer, they see this potential. These are the first devices, but it will mature very quickly and we will see them comming from other major players like DEll, Lenovo... 
  • It kind of makes sense, but I'm not sure MS make more money from you buying a phone vs buying a laptop.
  • A lot of of frnds have actually complained about acer laptops that the quality isnt as good as hp and others. Is it true?
  • You can find crappy laptops from any brand +640/Win10
  • Except from Apple I guess as they dont compete in the low end ;-)
  • I don't agree, the 12" Macbook is a piece of crap (for it's price).
  • It can be, but at the same time, HP is a pile of crap, in my experiences. Acer's often been more of the budget brand, so the quality issue comes from the low-cost materials and parts. My brother-in-law had an Acer that was a **** and a half, but it would run forever. My HP was OK, but ran super hot, died after a year, and HP support is the worst ever, so they wouldn't repair it. I wouldn't recommend Acer, but I wouldn't outright tell people to ignore them, if they were aiming for a budget laptop. The same for this phone--if it fits your needs, Acer's not so bad you should never try them.
  • old hp's were bad. The new 2-in-1's they are releasing are pretty high quality. My bro has one and i'm just amazed at how much HP has improved their hardware. A lot of thought went into it. The new spectre 360 looks amazing too with the oled hd screen.
  • I have always found Acer to be solid, family have 4 acers currently running and other than my current one which I bought xmas time, all are several years old and still doing good. 
  • I've used 2 Acer laptops & they both ran pretty well for pretty long. The first one, bought in Germany in 2004, was my family's primary laptop all the way till 2012 when I bought another on in India and that is only now gone in cold storage when I bought a W10 based HP Touchscreen enabled one in Australia. The last Acer one is still to be upgraded to W10 from Win7 & that's on the agenda soon. No major complaints in either model.
  • It's usually a matter of expectations and perspective, I think. There's no way a laptop would make it 8 years with me. I have a desktop to compare to, and the laptop would just be too ancient even halfway through that, and it would be unbearable. If you start with a laptop, stay with it, and don't do a whole lot, you're fine. That's how my brother-in-law is as well. Me, I use different things in different scenarios, and I use my desktop VERY heavily, so I am less accepting of a computer's aging process.
  • @AnkitGondalia, depends on the price point you shop at :). I have a hp probook 4730s which has been pretty stellar. Apart from a fan replacement, although the same cannot be said for their ac adaptors..... Lol.
  • Depends on what you're serching for... I have a low-end I3 Acer five years old that I use as a work computer 8+ hours a day, with an SSD i bought seperately and the thing works like a charm. Only had to replace the battery charger, and the battery is not what it used to be in terms of capacity, especially after the upgrade to W10, but it's still excellent value for the money...
  • I had Sony Vaio which didn't last two years. Now have Dell inspiron for six months and already showing symptoms that one morning it won't wake up! In between I had HP that wouldn't start windows Explorer so replaced it. I think big names are just illusion! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • LOL you are cursed.
  • Sounds like Windows issues, not hardware. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No try it for yourself and see Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • My last device was an Acer W700. It's a Surface Pro 1 vintage hybrid tablet. After 3 years of hard use it has an air bubble in the screen but still happily runs without issue. I still use it as a staging web server. As others have said, all companies make cheap crap. The Acer S7 was the top Windows ultrabook for a while until Dell and HP got back into the high end game with guns blazing.
  • I have a cheap acer laptop. It turns 3 years old now and never had any issues. Nothing's fallen apart, a sticker is coming loose (gasp!) and runs as smooth as the day I got it. I now runs windows 10, with no issues (straight on upgrade from 8.1). The battery hasn't degraded as much. I bought it simultaneous with a 1st gen iPad mini which, because of updates is crapping out on me. Sometimes I wish I just got a 2-in-1. As an OEM, Acer is very reliable and it made sure that all of its drivers got updated for Windows 10. I assume that it will be just as diligent in providing firmware for its high end phones.
  • When the wm will arrive? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Not sure? I thought official W10M was supposed to release in this month? Running insider build on my Lumia 520. ^^
  • November 2015, I think you missed it.
  • I really like the direction of Windows Phone right now. Windows seems ALOT better since the last update. And there really isn't anything I can't do that I miss a whole hell of alot. My 950 is outstanding right now.
  • This^^^. Perfectly true, wm10 is perfectly fine now and only naysayers say otherwise.
  • Yeah, as long as you don't mind having to reset your phone every couple of days because Groove Music won't launch, apps that can't install (Unstream crashes on the Store any time I try navigating to it), and a lot of polish issues.
  • What phone you using to get that many problems
  • Lumia 950. Every few days, for some odd reason, it just won't launch Groove. I have to reset the phone so I can listen to music on my drive to work. Unstream, that's something that crashes on the store for my 950 and my desktop (I haven't tried in a week or so, but it was going on for a month or so).
  • Don't reset next time. Instead, browse for a song with the file explorer and then launch the song from there. It opens Groove and everything is back to normal. Had it happen a couple of times on my 950. But I'm a groove-user EVERY day and it's been a sweet ride in both my vehicles.
  • If I remember, maybe. It's still a terrible solution because MS can't do something simple like launching an app right. I use Groove daily as well, and I hate it. Much of that stems from the navigation UI of the platform. I liked WP8' Xbox Music a LOT more (not the bastardized version from 8.1). I actualyl was just using it while I was out. I had a song on, unplugged my headphones, and when I did, it went from the end of a song in my playist to 3.5 minutes into the next song, which I've never had happen before. That, and the latest build has an annoying characteristic where when you unplug your headphones, it doesn't switch back to the unplugged audio stuff, it still says it's using headphones.
  • WP8 Xbox Music is still a sweet music player that I've ever used, despite the bitterness that it lacks some features. It's got better navigation (thanks to pivot), several handy features like Bio, Related Artist, Buzz (where I can watch music video from Xbox Music itself!), Album Reviews and ability to get/buy new albums within the Hub. It just really needs Gapless Playback, Seekbar (it's really ridiculous they didn't have one), and better playlist management. Also the layout and polish to the tiny details is still something I love the WP8 Music Hub experience. Too bad, they ruined it completely in WP8.1 which we want to forget about it, but because of horrible execution of WP8.1 Xbox Music makes Groove Music now a saint, which it really is in comparison to WP8.1.
  • Yeah, Groove looks great to someone who started with 8.1, but if you started with 7 or 8.0, it's still bad. Heck, I would argue that 8.1 Xbox is even better than Groove, simply because I am a person who only uses local music. I care nothing for the online stuff, so having the horrid navigation of Groove and losing Song view within an artist hurts the two thigns I liked most about the app.
  • This seems to be the big differentiator - I really like Groove but I'm a heavy Groove Music Pass user. I do have some music on OneDrive but ever since I got an Xbox Music sub (When it was still Zune) I have rarely bought a song. I know there's a lot of people who don't use the Music Pass who don't like it. Are there any alternatives like a version of VLC Media player that might work better than Groove?
  • I've stopped using Groove for a while now. Primary media player is VLC currently on my L950 XL.
  • Since the last update, I have not had any problems. And I am trying hard not to go to Preview. I am all official AT&T firmware and OS. No random reboots or freezing and I use Groove, Pandora, iHeart Radio. And I look at it constantly.
  • I have an ATT 950 and it still stutters often. Are you on the x.17.x firmware, the x.27.x firmware, the x.37.x firmware or the x.38.x firmware? I have build .107 installed
  • Every couple of days? I have to reboot my phone to get it to connect to my car's bluetooth. If I don't, it will go for half a song and then stop. (yes, I'm on .107 build that "fixes" the problem).
  • He said reset not reboot.  I am not having such problems with my car bluetooth connection.
  • I don't have a Bluetooth device to my name, so I wouldn't know of that. I'm talking just to open the app.
  • Lol... Even my L520 works very well with W10M! Hardly no resets needed! ^^
  • Is it Groove really won't launch or maybe the Audio component of W10M refuse to execute thus Groove won't run/play? I have a problem before (sometimes even on latest build) that they here is an error in the system audio that refuse to play any media and only thing you can "fix" it is to restart.
  • I guess I don't know for sure, as I don't have a chance to try anything else. However, my alarm works in the morning, so the audio is functional on that front. I then leave, try to open Groove, and it doesn't start.
  • Unless you are on old Tech - my 920 is still glitchy, slow, and a major battery drain. Probably headed back to 8.1 so I can listen to music without half of my battery gone in an hour or 2. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • @Himay333, my 920 disagrees :p. I listen to mix radio for a few hours on and off without any noticeable drain on the battery. Even though my 920 is fast approaching 42 months or so (running .107, which is just bizzare) i've been experiencing battery fatigue alot during jan and almost through out feb.
  • Try using Slacker, Spotify, or Pandora... If I use Groove, i'm typically fine, but anything else I'm hosed and have to do a reset to get battery consumption back to normal (or at least feel I do).  As far as everything else I brought up, you cannot disagree.  How many times have you gone to check on texts and waited 30+ seconds or killed the app and relaunch it? How often does the mail app crash when you're reading an email with more than just text? How many times do you hit the power button on your phone and have to wait a few seconds before seeing the numpad to unlock it? Don't even get me started on manually dialing...  I love Windows 10 and really don't want to revert back to 8.1, but the battery life is just becoming too taxing and too annoying.
  • I use spotify and Gaana and don't see any battery drain like you mentioned. Windows 10 lumia 1520
  • The 1520 has the S800 chipset i believe, the 920 has the S4. Trust me, big difference. See this article - Also it doesn't happen every time i use those apps, just when it does, the battery loses 1% every minute or two and the phone feels like it's been charging on the wireless charger (in other words HOT!).
  • @Himay333. The 1520 also has a humongous battery :P compared to the 920. Not to much better power saving with the soc.
  • It sounds like those 3rd party apps need some work to stop causing conflicts in your system. My 920 is pretty decent for mail, messages, browsing and such however I'm not depenent at all on the apps you mentioned.
  • +920
  • I haven't used my 920 in a long while, but W10M's preview didn't perform much worse on battery than WP8.1 for me when I had it.
  • This is some good news... Posted from Windows Central for Earth 2
  • Haha, Earth 2. I take it you watch The Flash? :)
  • Lets see if that HP phone will ever be released. 6 months is a long time in tech (though not in MS standards :)
  • Be old news in six months
  • At least they have time to fix the camera :)
  • Good news for us windows fans! So what's the release date?
  • Changes do need to start somewhere, sometime. Might as well be right here right now :)
  • I call that a win, got enough droids out there
  • Since this is a less than eight inches device, it means that it can have office for free?  That alone will be a good reason for enterprise to buy it.
  • In Continuum mode it will not work. Windows Central had an article about that a few weeks ago. In normal phone mode it will be free.
  • In continuum mode it will work for free, you can't edit docs in continuum without paying though (office was never free anyway!). In other words, if you just want to present a doc you prepared elsewhere you are perfectly fine with the free version.
  • I think Microsoft ought to let you use at least some of the editing features in Office with Continuum. Or at least give a years 365 subscription. What is the point of anyone buying a Continuum capable phone if you cannot edit documents on the desktop without paying an additional amount for 365? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You do seem to get Office 365 Personal with most devices still - I think making "some" editing features free has the potential to confuse the general consumer (Although, suddenly having it not work when connect to a larger display could also confuse some people)
  • This is very interesting, but I understand where Richard is coming from. So W10M will be the new BB for what this is starting to seem like.
  • And yet BB fans still have phones to buy. Or they did, I'm not sure what's going on there anymore. But so long as phones exist and developers make stuff for it, who cares if its enterprise driving new hardware?
  • I agree. It just makes me wonder if this would do anything about the app situation (I mean for apps that are preferred and/or meant for mobile), it's too early to tell.
  • Yeah. I guess the enterprise doesn't need Snapchat ;-)
  • Yet again if the phone is used outside the workplace as a primary phone by workers it will be snapchat that needs enterprise :)
  • My employer would not allow you to install Snapchat on a works phone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Agreed. 10% market share via enterprise,  would anyone be unhappy?
  • I work in an insurance company and they try to cooperate with Microsoft on new tech, the problem is Microsoft doesn't even support it's own mobile platform. I find it hard to believe companies will buy the Jade Primo or Elite X3 when Microsoft Intune on Windows10Mobile lacks so many security features.
  • The biggest annoyance for me is that the remote assistance solution they had in place via inTune (For PC) doesn't work with Windows 10, so you need to either use regular RDP or stump up for another solution.
  • I agree completely with you Richard. Even if it becomes (like full Windows) an enterprise first OS, at least it means it can continue on as an option for us fans. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • It doesn't mean only that, if people get used to a windows mobile at work they will start to use it outside the enterprise too, it's just natural, you won't convert hardcore android and iphone fans but everyone else just doesn't care much about what they are using as long it works reasonably well.
  • It would be nice to pick up some converts in the process, but many are so invested into their ecosystem at this point it's going to be difficult to pull them away (even with a superior user experience ).  Not saying it won't happen, but again - if enterprise can keep windows mobile rolling along I'm happy.
  • I converted many people. Most of them didn't even know about windows OS but now they are not missing android. I guess the app fap is only really felt in the US
  • I won't edit the app fap because I like it :D
  • Haha, I wondered if that was intentional when I first read it
  • I don't think most people are all that invested, even $100 worth of apps isn't that much when most of them are something that the user has already forgotten.
  • No, but a few seasons of a show on iTunes adds up fast. So does a subscription to google music. It all depends on what they are using on the phone, apps or otherwise. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Interested in this phone when it hits the UK, I think your spot on with the Android selling point the UK is flooded with so many Android phones already it feels as if they are getting same old. It's about time windows 10 mobile got the spotlight it deserves
  • Its quite simple, Windows mobile with continuum allows the tradtional PC oems to... 1. leverage their enterprise commercial relationships by selling direct, circumventing the carriers where they cant compete with the mindshare of samsung galaxy & iphone. 2. avoid the 100s of millions in advertising needed to make the market for a consumer device 3. sell premium phones with actual margins, avoiding the race to the bottom war against the chinese oems 4. make backend money on service contracts maintaining those phones 5. offer an attractive value proposition to the enterprise, get rid of that employee desktop/laptop & phone and their combined costs for 1 device. Android is DOA for lack of enterprise level security as well as the reasons above
  • Nicely put together :)
  • Interesting interpretation. Other tech sites said that the Android device is plan B if the Primo fails and Acer can reuse most parts of the Primo for the Liquid 2 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I spoke to the guy in charge of what Acer sells in the UK. There is no interpretation. Primo is in, Jade 2 is not.
  • If they launch this with Intel processor running Win32 apps it would be the best combo ever. Now they are taking risk having a bad review like Windows RT in the past.
  • Lol... Continuum is more like extra feature which no other mobile platform have. It more like feature when Windows RT was tablet OS with no Win32 software. But I agree that Win32 on mobile would be super! :P
  • I'm afraid that Continuum is already starting to have similar bad rep as Windows RT, especially that it lacks even Windows Snapping and windowed apps makes like Windows RT running all apps in fullscreen/maximized. Having Win32 apps would be great, I think the Project Centennial will help that but it still requires W10M to gain something to make that happen. I don't think by just having Intel x86 SoC will just magically makes Win32 works in W10M Continuum.
  • Me too
  • Isn't "Project Centennial" just a UWP wrapper around Win32 apps? So you still need an x86 machine to run the apps? They've allowed Win32 code to run in "apps" before, in Windows 8.1 they introduced the ability for us to bring in legacy assemblies from our existing applications, as long as you side loaded the app (For use within work environments) That isn't the same as a UWP wrapper, which is a great improvement, but we've definitely been able to run code from the full .NET Framework in apps before now.
  • Yes for W10 intel not true for ARM
  • This just feels good! Finally even just once! W10M goes before Android! I got nothing against android but supporter of Windows I feel warm! :)
  • I dont know why there are some ridiculous fan boys so afraid of an Windows 10 Mobile raise in the market. Don't they see that if it happens will be a very good thing for every costumer! If you are and iPhone or Android fan you'll see Apple and Google more engaged to crate better products instead of entering in a comfort zone if Microsoft leaves the competition
  • Tell them, don't know why they just hate or get scared of windows and its features already wen Microsoft is just starting
    Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • So the fat women hasn't sung yet
  • No, but she is clearing her throat
  • There's some nasty fries stuck in there!
  • Windows 10 mobile is too limited to take advantage of continuum, my patience is at its lowest right now with windows 10 mobile and I am thinking about pulling the trigger on a Lg g4 or g5. I am fed up with windows phone not going anywhere, and Microsoft not doing what needs to be done with the platform for it to be a success. Lack of apps has not been addressed. Apps and games most talked about on iOS and android are always missing and even if it's there, it's an inferior version. The last remaining hope for the platform was project Astoria and Microsoft failed again. I am not feeling to wait 3 more years for iOS apps to come. Lumia 950 and 950xl was a failure. The only way I see jade primo being a success is they can mysteriously get x86 apps and programs to install on the jade primo.
  • all of your complaints are true...but android is not any better ! used g3 for a while, too annoying to see lag with such a high speced phone. l640 performs much better...and all OS has some limitations...yes, wp has huge problem in apps but don't forget painful battery hungry issue in android plus annoying back up/restore...factory resetting phone in every month or so to keep phone running well...update fragmentation etc....converted my 5 friends from android to windows (just told them to buy l640 at 30 dollar and they did ) they all are happy even with some app OS is just amazing...the problem is still app, I agree, but I don't miss app much. 
  • As a consumer, it is true it's too limited.  But as HP is doing, a universal app that launches cloud/server based win32 apps will work great in the enterprise setting.  Really, as long as citrix reciever works over continuim, the majority of business could roll this out today.
  •   This is what everyone should keep in mnd. Don't wait for phone to support full windows programs on its own. Embrace the cloud/remote support that they are pormoting with the HP and Acer Continuum devices. Enterprise customers WILL NOT stand for this to not work well so I think by this time next year things will be working very well and we will see similar devices from other OEMs. And by then, maybe my 950 will be able to take advantage of the improvemnts to continuum.  I like building up windows 10 mobile user base in this way. All that is needed is a good internet plan  
  • Yea u can whine all u want, how many apps do u really install on ur phone that u cant find on windows anyway unless u re a tin that relies on snapchat. Well as a windows phone former user u re free to get android but don't whine about windows, we still love it the way it is Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Yay! Let google know power of Windows.
  • nm - website reply fail...
  • Why this title makes Déjà Vu, I have definitely saw this title before, not like recently, but way before. Man!
  • This will be a big success if the have win32 running. Better they add free azure desktop until they figure out this.
  • that's the plan for now it seems. azure desktop, citrix receiver, hp's solution until intel can get a x32 chip that will work on phones well.  
  • Adaptative? Why does it say that on the box lol. Did they rele mess that up.
  • First time feeling hopeful for windows 10 mobile...... Hope to read more news like this....