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Acer's first Windows 10 S laptop is the durable TravelMate Spin B1

Following up on Microsoft's launch of Windows 10 S, Acer has announced that its first laptop sporting the education-focused version of the OS is the TravelMate Spin B1. First shown off at CES 2017 in January, the TravelMate Spin B1 mixes a 360-degree hinge with a durable design to survive the rigors of classroom use.

The screen on the TravelMate Spin B1 is pressure resistant, and the keyboard can resist any spills that occur. A rubber bumper also means the laptop can survive a drop or two. The screen itself measures in at 11.6-inches, and it supports stylus input for taking quick notes throughout the laptop's 13-hour battery life.

The insides of the TravelMate Spin B1 include an Intel Celeron processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage. With the Store-locked Windows 10 S on board, the Acer TravelMate Spin B1 goes on sale this month at $300 for education and commercial customers.

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  • Chrome OS HERE WE COME!!!
  • the Asian competition is much better. For 299 you could get a full W10 experience with better HW from Chuwi, Teclast or any well known or new OEM partner
  • You big from big OEM is because of warranty and services, that's why corp buy from HP/Dell/Lenovo. 
  • It's ugly as all hell, but at least it competitive.
  • Ugly and too pricey. Chromebooks ruling in the future, sad...
  • And without full Office suite... Plus Students can upgrade to full Windows for free for the next couple of months without changing hardware... Microsoft solution looks much better to me
  • This is Window Mobile all over again..........people need to remember Chromebooks now have access to the Google Playstore and all the apps.  Once again Microsoft is playing a game they will never catch up to.  They don't have the ecosystem to compete. 
  • For the education sector (and this is the target market) it is actually a good thing NOT to have access to all apps...
  • Microsoft isn't playing a game of catchup. To my knowledge not many schools allow google play access for apps nor do many people use the google play apps because they look and function poorly on chromebooks. Cause they are mainly phone apps. Microsoft is providing easy management, better battery life, and more security and still the same great win32 access. If I had Windows S I could run full office and Minecraft and Astroneer and Halowars and Pandora and Spotify and Edge and Groove and Skype and anything else in the store. This is much more a laptop that chromebooks (glorified web browser) with phone apps, because, well, this is a laptop.
  • well said.
  • Totally!
  • With apps that are not meant for collaboration and team work...
  • I am going to pick up a dell 10s machine for my 10 year old son.   I think it's the ideal thing for him.   He's using an older notebook now with win7 on it.   I think the 10 s is an ideal platform for him for watching youtube, playing flash games etc. 
  • Yeah, if you can get 1 fpr under $400 then I would say its a good laptop for a 10 year old.
  • Im sure they will be out for under 400.   I wanted to get him the 13" hp blue stream but with only 32gb of go!
  • Too expensive for what you get. 64GB of storage... Should be $199 max...
  • Wanna hear something REALLY weird?   It was announced 4 months ago!!  (check the video's date)  : And is there also a Snapdragon edition? :
  • Here in Asian countries, we don't know what Chromebooks are. We are using Windows whatever versions here from businesses, homes and computer shops..