AdDuplex developer interview series [Developers]

Much like our own developer interviews, AdDuplex have begun their own series but will focus mainly on monetisation and marketing. Earning revenue on Windows Phone has always been head of many debates and forms the most used excuse by developers on competing platforms. To kick-start the series of interviews, they have been joined by René Schulte of Pictures Lab and Helium Voice.

Here's a cheeky snippet of the interview:

"Yes, for some apps. In particular long running or often executed apps (like games) benefit from the ad supported model, esp. if an impression based ad network is used, where you get paid out for every minute (?) of impression.I think other apps which aren't used that often work better with the usual trial / paid model. Pictures Lab is an example for this. BTW, a good trial mode is very important. Many users don't even consider to download an app if it hasn't a trial mode."

We recommend developers who are starting out to keep an eye out for future consultations. Be sure to read up on advice and experience that established developers provide in their answers.

Source: AdDuplex

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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