AdDuplex Surface 2

How would you like to win a Lumia 1520 from Nokia, or possibly the new Surface 2 Windows tablet that's to be released by Microsoft? If you're a developer, you'll be eligible to be entered into the sweepstakes after you launch an app and implement AdDuplex advertisement controls. We understand the hardware hasn't been released yet, but that hasn't stopped AdDuplex from building some hype. So how does one go about entering?

As noted above, you'll need to launch a Windows Phone or Windows app on the AdDuplex network from today (September 12th) until the end of October. The winner will be randomly selected and announced in early November, 2013. Open to developers worldwide, all that's required is to implement the advertisement controls into the new app and you're good to go. What if the hardware is not available yet?

"In such case that none of the prizes are released by the end of the sweepstakes or they can't be shipped or used in the winner's country of residence, the winner will be presented with a choice of getting a different model or a $1000 (one thousand US dollars) advertising credit to advertise on AdDuplex."

Sound good? Get coding, developers.

Source: AdDuplex