AdDuplex helps people help people bug people for money

A new advertisement exchange service, called AdDuplex, has recently surfaced.  Its purpose is to help fledgling developers get word of their applications out to Marketplace users.  Here's how it works: a developer creates ads an AdDuplex control to their application and includes an ad for their own product.  That control then begins to display ads from AdDuplex's network of clients, including the developer's and AdDuplex iteself.

Basically "Help other developers promote their apps and they’ll promote yours."

The more users of the service, the more the word spreads.  Think of it like an advertising pyramid scheme, without the shadiness.  The service is free, and if a developer later decides that they want to include advertisements from another source, AdDuplex allows them to do so, though it looks like AdDuplex’s network of ads remains.

Despite the snarky headline, we think it’s actually a pretty inventive way for developers to help each other get their products out there. Sign up for free here.

Source: AdDuplex

Seth Brodeur