AdDuplex launches referral program for Windows Phone developers

The AdDuplex team have announced on their blog today a new referral feature, which Windows Phone developers can now take advantage of. The advertising service is available for all developers on the platform and offers a more effective way to promote apps, while making use of any in-app advertisement positions. 

We previously interviewed Alan Mendelevich, who heads up the network, and we were also fortunate enough to meet him at a previous WPUG meetup. Should you be interested in the presentation Mendelevich provided, we covered the slides used. Back to the newly announced referral feature. To say "thank you" to those who bring other developers to the network, AdDuplex now offers a small impression bonus when referring a friend.

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As one can see from the above chart, the referrer receives 5% of the impressions served by apps developed by this user for the next 6 months. To incentivise the referral to actually sign-up using the link, they will also receive 5% more impressions, as opposed to using a normal link. Refer a number of people and you'll begin to see a substantial increase of impressions, which should help with promoting your Windows Phone app(s).

Read more about the new referral feature on the AdDuplex blog.

Source: AdDuplex Blog

Rich Edmonds
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