Adobe announces Photoshop CC 2014, updates to Creative Cloud

Adobe's flagship Photoshop image editor is in for a big update. Details of the upcoming Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 were revealed today, with some notably cool update coming to everybody's favorite image editor, Photoshop. The CC 2014 version of Photoshop is getting a new Focus Mask tool (you can see it in the video above), which will automatically select the in-focus portion of a photo so you can apply effects to just it or the out-of-focus area.

Photoshop is also getting two new blur effects in Spin Blur and Path Blur, and improved content aware fill with smarter color adaptations for better-looking patching and blending. Users will also be able to link smart objects across multiple documents, and share them all together in a single package.

Touch-enabled Windows 8 devices are getting improved smart guides, layer comps, and overall performance improvements.

Last year Adobe introduced a pilot $9.99-a-month plan for those that only wanted their photography apps, and this year that plan is sticking around (though the cloud storage for new customers is dropping down to 2GB from the previous 20GB). For that price you get the latest version of Photoshop, Lightroom, and Creative Cloud integration with Adobe's mobile apps (including the just-announced Lightroom for iPhone and Photoshop Mix for iPad). If you want the complete Creative Cloud suite, the full $49.99/month plan still isn't going anywhere.

Source: Adobe

Derek Kessler

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